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Shakyamuni Siddhārtha Gautama, also known as The Buddha said the three most important things is life are:  Pay Attention, Pay Attention and Pay Attention.


We chat it up with Ellen in Portlandia who is having fun with Barbara Frank’s parasites go away products.  (See her show page for more details).  Ellen says Hubby is working on a bald spot and she’s loving the Rose Face Cream.

Patrick is doing the face cream called Rose Cream and the lotion in his hair every day.  He says it looks like more natural color is wanting to come in.  He found the Para Cleanse (internal)  very powerful, so discontinued it for bit until tummy settles way back down to super tummy.

Patrick’s first Bast experience was easy, fun and fruitful  Here’s a video he found quite useful on doing a Basti Enema 

The easiest way for a sought after name or memory to come in to our state of consciousness is to let it go completely and just wait.

Western modern medicine is simply looking in the wrong places for memory issues

Patrick is on a muscle building program so listeners and Atom offer some ideas on this 

Hear what the three most important things in life are as given by Shakyamuni Siddhārtha Gautama also known as The Buddha.

More chat about Vitamin D supplementation and pushing down the thyroid function

The newest milk fad is Donkey Milk..however Atom says: 

Yogis drank donkey’s milk to hibernate.  No other food conserves more Prāna.   Donkey’s milk is closest to human milk.

We get into how believing in time is what initiates the body to “age”

On our subject of gaining muscles and weight Atom says: 

Weight gain has a lot to do with breathing.  Prāna can be weighed   Breathe like a crocodile, not like a lion, to gain weight.

Breathe like a lion to sculpt muscle (bodybuilders call it getting defined, ripped, shredded).

Other emails:

Hi Patrick, can you please update us on your experience with Anne Frank’s products?

We talked about Perlcium being a very good natural way to help the teeth grow more bone near the gum line.

What was it that Dr. Seberger was using to treat mold? Are you familiar with this? Can we self treat with that or must a doctor be involved?

What do you have in your brain trust on building muscles?

For starters, drink cold water immediately after workouts.

Eat goat cheese (or sheep cheese) on Essene bread for lunch.

BUILDING muscle usually means Less Is More (the Peary Rader Rule) — two intense (but not overlong) workouts a week.

(Some power lifters train only once a week for a few weeks during their competitive season.)

SCULPTING muscle usually means working out every day of the week.

Some bodybuilders sculpt muscle by working out twice seven days a week. This only works for folks with strong recovery mechanisms.

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Open Phone and Email Friday with You, Doodle and Patrick, September 13, 2019 ONE

Open Phone and Email Friday with You, Doodle and Patrick, September 13, 2019 TWO

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