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We all have what the Quaker’s called, “The Still Voice Within.”, some call it “My higher Self.”. It is you, Soul, made of Divine Spirit guiding your every move and all we need do is “Listen.”

“We posted a great show with Morley Robbins yesterday,” says Patrick.

For the first time, there will be a One Radio Network weekend show tomorrow (Saturday, Oct. 3, 2020). Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi will be the guest. Patrick reads a list of Dr. Bhakdi’s qualifications.

Dr. Bhakdi’s book is banned on Amazon, but you can purchase it through the publisher. So is Dr. Tom Cowan’s book.
Tom Luongo will be Patrick’s guest on Sunday, Oct. 4, 2020.

President Trump and the first lady tested positive for Coronavirus. Patrick explains the details.
Patrick quotes Richard Maybury: “America is not the government. America is the people.”
Patrick details One Radio Network’s improvements.

Patrick is experimenting with Thailand Thyroid-S, seeing if he can raise his temperature. Here’s the info in case you wish to check it out:

Sriprasit Pharma Co., Ltd.
Klongsan, Bangkok 10600
Tel : 662 437 0343-5#1535
Fax : 662 438 8060
Email :

A listener wants to know what Patrick thinks about the New World Order’s Great Reset and Agenda 21.

“We get all of the information that we need for everything in our life.” Patrick expounds on this spiritual principle.

“We’re omnipresent. As Soul, we know everything.”

“We’re not separate from Soul. We’re not separate from Spirit.”
Patrick gives guidance about how to listen to these things and how to act on them.

Patrick plays two videos about Coronavirus — two interviews with Dr. Scott Atlas, an advisor on the White House Coronavirus Task Force.
COVID-19 is less dangerous than the average flu virus.
Patrick discusses the Plan behind the “virus.”

He also discusses the Trump-Biden debate and its implications.
Patrick reads two of Atom’s e-mails relating to Corona fines and treatment.
The globalist media has been all over Trump from the beginning.

Patrick discusses the cod liver oil he’s taking. It’s part of the Morley Robbins protocol.
Patrick describes the Federal Reserve Bank’s “Fed coins” and other control mechanisms.

“It gets more and more Orwellian with every passing day.”
Patrick reads Atom’s e-mail about cod liver oil.

Patrick went to the farmers’ market on Wednesday, and bought desiccated pig ears.
“And Dr. Jennifer Daniels says pig ears are like the best source for collagen.”

Dr. Tom Cowan’s latest book, The Contagion Myth (with Sally Fallon Morell), is available on his website.
In Patrick’s dream state, Sharon told him to keep his beard. Sharon (out of the dream state) comments with an e-mail.
Patrick discusses the dream state and Soul Travel.
He talks about his screenplay and our lives as our personal “screenplays.”

Patrick talks to Mark in Copenhagen, Denmark.
They discuss Coronavirus, comorbidity, individual realities, self-reliance, the Matrix, and other subjects.

Mark talks extensively about his plans to live on a boat off the grid.

Patrick and Doodle and You with Open Phones and Email Friday, lots of esoteric, spiritual insights you just won’t find anywhere else, October 2, 2020 ONE

Patrick and Doodle and You with Open Phones and Email Friday, lots of esoteric, spiritual insights you just won’t find anywhere else, October 2, 2020 TWO

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