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Some Souls get ill because they are simply tired, confused and want out.  Others look upon “Disease” as an opportunity to see how it was created.  Our job is to get well and be there for the first group when they ask..but, not before.

The surest way to get out of the pattern of the subconscious driving our existence, is to bring things into conscious awareness and then poof..they are gone, if we are tired of them.

George in Oceanside has had a divine inspiration enter his being after listening to Dave Stetzer and tested his Wi Fi and it was banking out a reading of 10,000 and the safe level according to Russian researchers on this setting is  10

We talked about super stretching the neck in all directions and it link up to all parts of the body.  Atom sent in a couple things on neck stretching:

Stretch, Baby, Stretch!  Not stretching in certain directions is an Old Chiropractor’s Tale.
J.F.K.’s personal physician (Dr. Janet G. Travell) used Trigger Points to loosen his back.
Trigger Points are actually acupuncture points, which are MOBILE, not stationary.
So-called “Traditional” Chinese Medicine can’t handle the idea of wandering acupuncture points!


Thanks to Steve for sending this in
Neck, waist (including lower back), wrists, and ankles all reflex to one another — important hormone centers.
We talked about how when one Soul increases their awareness of What Is, all Souls move up as well.  And chatted about the Hundredth Monkey idea stemming from this
From Atom:
The Hundredth Monkey Effect involved monkeys washing sweet potatoes on the Japanese island of Koshima.
It was popularized by author Lyall Watson in his 1979 book, Lifetide: a Biology of the Unconscious.
As per usual a couple folks asked Patrick and The Dr. Ellie Protocol
So are you only doing the pearl powder for tooth paste?
Or are you still doing some of the Dr. Ellie protocol?
Cindy in San Diego asks Patrick the foods, supplements and other things he does for Doodle

Get ready for 6G Technology — being developed 20 miles down the road from us at the University of California at Santa Barbara.

The Usual Suspects are “behind” UCSB’s 6G Project …

“DARPA [U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency] is funding 40% of the JUMP research efforts, while a consortium of companies pays 60%. Core companies are Analog Devices, ARM, EMD Performance Materials (a Merck KGaA affiliate), IBM, Intel, Lockheed Martin, Micron Technology, Northrop Grumman, Raytheon, TSMC, and Samsung.”


Open Phone Friday with You and Patrick for Friday, July 27, 2018 ONE

Open Phone Friday with You and Patrick for Friday, July 27, 2018 TWO

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