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We have an in depth conversation on the growing consensus from “Reliable Sources” that fish in the ocean generally are not a problem of passing on mercury to mammals.

Our first introduction to this science is from Professor Boyd Haley, foremost expert in mercury toxicity during this 2009 interview, one of over 2,500 free shows on this site…just for you.

 2009 Interview with Dr. Boyd Haley on Mercury

We wonder, speaking of the ocean, this fish consumption plays into Atom Bergstrom’s work on Yellow Fat Disease and Atom replies

Many autopsies have been done (starting before the American Civil War), showing the ravages of progressive lipofuscinosis from cod liver oil (and later fish oil)— Waxy Yellow Fat Disease, Brown Heart Disease, Brown Bowel Disease, etc.

Eating the entire fish protects against it.

Fish head soup is a Longevity Tonic capable of neutralizing Yellow Fat Disease.

Why the idea of  “I am in a hurry” is totally an optical collusion and makes matters worse…always

Patrick talks about the daily protein benchmark that may be a useful guide given to us by Dr. Marlene Merritt on Thursday’s show

Dr. Merritt also talks about her experience with Dr. Ellie Phillips protocol, that she’s been on for seven years and recommends to her patients.

Patrick’s experience of the how and why of stored emotions in the body….and just how it works

Alan writes in regarding his communication with and sulfur surfaces once again as truly important

I have been using sulfer about 5 years. Yesterday Dr. Rich Olree (the source for Charles Walters book, Minerals For The Genetic Code) wrote me the following about sulfur.

“A new paper came out describing how to regenerate telomeres, and when they release the sequence it was in the language provided by minerals for the genetic code. It only consisted of six letters and when I run it through the program it indicates that chlorine and sulfur are the two most important minerals for regenerating the telomeres after genetic activity.

If you look in the book minerals for the genetic code that chlorine and sulfur the common denominator is the gallbladder. Chlorine is governed by the gallbladder and sulfur eases the energy from three burners to the gallbladder. So sulfur seems to be possibly a link between iodine in relation to three burners and chlorine to the gallbladder


Open Phone Friday with you and Patrick and goodness knows who else these days :), March 23, 2018 ONE

Open Phone Friday with you and Patrick and goodness knows who else these days :), March 23, 2018 TWO

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