Our scheduled guest, Dr. Jennifer Daniels was not able to be here today, so we launched into an impromptu open phones and immediately Spirit arranged for a delightful conversation with Lynnie in Colorado.  She’s quite interested in spiritual matters Patrick loves to explore in his upcoming book and on the air.

Our theory is that Spirit wanted this information out there and here it is.  Enjoy.

Show highlights:

-Lynnie wants to have more spiritual experiences.  She and Patrick talk about the HU, a love song to God…..past health issues, dreams, and spiritual journeys.

-Once you have the scent for spirituality, soul is a hound for heaven.

-Telling the truth to yourself and others.

-Being authentic and having a balanced male and female side.

-Getting rid of fear – you can’t get rid of that fear because it’s not you.  You believe that fear is part of you, but it really isn’t.  The only time we have that fear is when we give attention to it.  If you think it’s real, it’s real.    Whenever that fear comes through, move away from it and focus on something else.  All that matters is your state of consciousness every moment.

-Using devices such as Patrick Flanagan’s Neurophone and the Rest Shield.  As soul, you can do anything a machine can do, without wires.  But they are tools and can be helpful.

Hour 2

-Crystal Energy and Megahydrate.  Do they structure water?  Are these needed if you have a Water Vitalizer?  This blog explains the science behind Crystal Energy and Megahydrate.

-From the beginning, there was a state of consciousness we’ll call God.  God has always had a person that has embodied this state of consciousness so they can teach others and work with others on the inner planes.  Spirit needs a physical manifestation to appear in physical reality.  It needs us to have experiences.  Spirit has love, peace, compassion, balance, beauty, etc. to manifest in physical reality.  It needs us as much as we need it.  It needs us to expand.  Expansion is what it does for a living – it’s its job.  It’s working through everything, objects, animals, humans, to expand.  Only reason for negative experiences is that souls don’t understand how the game is played.  Life is easy if we allow ourselves to flow with love.  It’s not our job to change other people.  Once we’re awakened, we realize we don’t have to participate in what has been created.

-The spiritual teacher is available to everybody all the time.  It’s right there with us.  Jesus and Buddha were here to help people manifest spirit in a physical reality.  If you ask for a teacher, a teacher will appear.

-Patrick shares his post-KLBJ experience on a hippie organic farm and how he got into Eckankar.

-The lower force is always trying to keep us trapped in our body.  Focus back on God to get out of it.

 -The easiest way to find God is in the heart of your beloved.

-California will list glyphosate in Roundup as carcinogenic.  Send peace, love, and hippie beads to Monsanto.

-Lynnie, today’s impromptu guest, has written an e-book and she also has a  great inspiring story.  Link

to her site and book below.  We appreciate her participation this morning.  May the Blessings be.

 Lynnie says: It is in PDF format as I never “officially” published it. The name of the book is 7 Simple Steps To A Crazy Awesome Healthy You!, and I just put it on my site in a place where your listeners can get it for free. It’s at the bottom of my About page – here’s the link:

Patrick and Lynnie talk about Spiritual philosophy and techniques in an impromptu open phones, June 27, 2017 ONE

Patrick and Lynnie talk about Spiritual philosophy and techniques in an impromptu open phones, June 27, 2017 TWO

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