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Show highlights:

-Discussing Dr. Ellie’s dental hygiene recommendations.  Xylitol throughout the day.  Closys (which is chlorine dioxide), Crest Cavity Protection toothpaste, Listerine, ACT.  No brushing with baking soda or salt because they mess up the pH and microbiome of the mouth.

-MyPerioPath Salivary Diagnostic Test by OralDNA Labs determines your levels of the 12 bad oral bacteria.    Look at OralDNA Labs Provider to find the closest one to you.

-Atom says xylitol is hydrogenated (using nickel) from birch xylose.  Toxic, especially to the liver (and fatal to dogs).  More dogs die from xylitol than from chocolate.  The xylitol in food (cherries, plums, strawberries, oats, corn, cauliflower, mushrooms) is natural.  The xylitol from corn husks and sugar cane bagasse is also hydrogenated with nickel.

-Eric says people that use the gum and mints are okay, but use of granular form causes stomach problem.  Dr. Ellie responded that the stomach problems are from xylose being hygroscopic and pulling saliva in from the salivary glands.  This saliva is very alkaline and supersaturated in minerals.  If xylitol is taken with food, hygoscopic effect in the mouth is nullified.  If a person has leaky gut, xylose causes more water to be drawn into the stomach, causing loose stools.  Xylitol in the gut feeds probiotic bacteria and heals the lining of the colon.

-Question about how to use turpentine.

-Patrick reacted very badly to his sugar/turpentine dose.  Was it a reaction from bad buggies?

-Anti-parasite agents:  Pumpkin seeds, colloidal silver, diatemaceous earth.

Hour 2

-Whiteness of teeth is determined by their mineralization and the light reflecting on them.

-Dr. Gerard Judd, author of “Good Teeth, Birth To Death”, doesn’t like fluoride in any form.

-Charles says no need to swallow xylitol.  Take 1/4 tsp of xylitol granules, swish it around in the mouth for a few minutes, and then spit out.

-Atom says Listerine increases bad actors in the mouth by a factor of 10, according to Dr. Joseph Phillips, DDS, MS.  But tests show Dr. Ellie’s method works – are there tests to support Dr. Joseph Phillips?

-Garry asks about taking vitamins with sulfur, as some recommend.  Sulfur is very persnickity -don’t add other agents when taking sulfur.

-What foods contain fluorine?  Steve reminds us of Atom’s 6/5/17 recommendations for dental health.  Take sharp cheddar cheese, Swiss cheese, and/or Monterey Jack cheese, along with garlic and purple onion, and chew on that around 6:16-6:30 PM solar time (kidney time).  Fluorine from the garlic vapor and the chlorine form the onion combine to form enamel as this is the same chemical composition of pyrex glass.

-Nancy tripped and landed hard.  Has bone chips now and can’t bend down on her right knee.  Eat chicken feet, which are loaded with collagen, or bone broth or Great Lake Collagen.  Atom says to put ghee on the knee.  Make a decision concerning the woman, or if a decision has been made, throw it in the cosmic compost heap.

-Nadine Artemis at Living Libations introduces Royal Rose Honey Mask.  Upcoming new book.

-Aloe says aloe every evening is thumbs up.

-Andy will be on next Tuesday talking about cryptocurrency.  No show on Wednesday.  Andy will be on Thursday again.

-Atom says kidneys work like electric eels – generating both DC low voltage and high voltage.  Kidneys resonate (geometric body resonance) with knees, ears, thumbs, and middle toes.  Stamping the feet help both the knees and the kidneys via Impact Sonics.

Hour 3

-D says Baobab has plenty of calcium and Vitamin C.  A perfect food.  Order through ORN store.

-Atom says rebounding has boundless benefits for the kidneys, especially when cross-crawling.  After doing jumping jacks, always finish with a couple minutes of cross-crawl.  The right kidney is the Door to Immortality in Chinese medicine.

-Kit Campbell said no mushrooms.  How about medicinal mushrooms?

-Atom says right kidney is the “sexual kidney”.  The Circulation-Sex Meridian used to be called the Right Kidney Meridian.  Dentists were among the first Americans to experiment with acupuncture over 100 years ago.

-Dr. Ellie replies to concerns about artificial colors in Listerine.  Need to compare benefits of pristine teeth to downsides of dental restoration toxicity and the short exposure to Listerine ingredients that get spit out.  Leave toothpaste on teeth before using Listerine.  Only need 10 seconds swish.  If it burns, something has damaged the protective biofilm.  Start with very short times and build up to 60 second swish.  Can take 6 months to build up a healthy biofilm.

-Atom says mushrooms are one of the best things for the teeth.  They evolved into endotoxin assassins, and a toxic bowel is a lower-deck cause of upper-deck tooth decay.

-Karen finds that using her Relax Far Infrared Sauna keeps her more flexible, helps her relax, and her muscles ache less.  The sweating is ridding her of toxins.

-Rami Nagel “Cure Tooth Decay Now”says phytic acid is number 1 anti-nutrient in grains.  Blocks minerals.  Eliminating phytic acid helped serious tooth decay.

-Atom says bugs abound in the rotting material on the forest floor, so mushrooms learned to kill in self-defense to survive.

-D wonders if doing Dr. Ellie’s protocol is what is helping Patrick’s tummy?

-Clip of Alan Greenspan.  Current low interest rates are a historical aberration.  Market is about to break, but can’t predict the timing.

-Having 2.25 quadrillion (2.25 thousand billion) dollars of derivatives has created vulnerability.

-Steve says Robert Scott Bell has a colloidal silver and aloe protocol to heal the gut.  Is it wise to take colloidal silver internally?

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