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2022 Will Present Us With the Biggest Challenges in Human History

Traumas creates a mechanism in the body.  Soul -> mind -> body.  Rework the trauma in your mind to clear the effect in the body.

Our body makes exosomes to share what we’ve learned with others.

In 2022, we’re called on to get out of old paradigms and thoughtforms.

An Eck master says Richard Maybury’s laws are the essence of spiritual growth.  Do all you have agreed to do.  Do not encroach on other persons or their property.

Myriad of health benefits from Lactobacillus reuteri.   Improves wrinkles, libido, sleep, appetite control, bone density, SIBO, oxytocin release. 

Make a special l. reuteri yogurt at 100 degrees for 36 hours to amplify the number of CFU 12X.  See for directions.  Get L. reuteri from BioGaia Gastrus tablets.

NMR Lipoprotein panel actually measures the number of small and large LDL particles (LDL-P).  Classic cholesterol panels just calculate LDL (LDL-)C, a fictitious number that doesn’t differentiate between large and small LDL.  NMR Lipoprotein Panel also measures HDL, VLDL, triglycerides, total cholesterol.

Chinese fireworks display was just a hologram.  See Patrick Timpone’s Facebook page.

Listeners comment on Andreas Oil high quality.

Listener says Amazon limits positive comments on Robert Kennedy Jr.’s book The Real Anthony Fauci.

VAERS captures only a miniscule percentage of actual deaths and injuries from vaccines.

Many positive comments from listeners about Melissa Sell’s understanding of the body.

Worry and angst can create anything in the body.  These “diseases” are teaching us that we need to trust in God.  Explains the mechanism for instant healings.

When will organized medicine ever realize its foundations are bankrupt?

Tam has strange flu-like symptoms along with Tam’s family.  Why are some detox symptoms more dramatic than others?  How deep are you choosing to detox?

Pfizer asked for 75 years to produce safety study of the jab.  The federal judge said they had 8 months.

Fauci said we now need 3 jabs to be fully vaccinated.

Epoch Times said scientists have discovered why people lose their sense of smell with Covid.

China blames Omicron for why computer chips aren’t available.  Is China in on the economic reset?  Trump said years ago we needed to make our own computer chips. 

TPTB’s new favorite word is insurrectionist.

Is Trump swampy?  Did the boys let him in?

Can they force you to do anything other than pay taxes?

Supreme Court justices displayed stunning lack of facts about Covid in oral arguments today.

Lew Rockwell article: 376 ways wearing face masks is harmful.

Is the moon plasma?  Is the moon a reflection of earth?

What are anxiety attacks?  Are we reacting to old engrams?  Get quiet twice a day to examine thoughts.  Pain persists because we resist.

BioGaia Gastrus containing l. reuteri is available from Amazon and other retailers.

How widespread are supply chain shortages?  Are you seeing empty shelves?

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