Patrick Timpone

Patrick urges people to watch the Stefan Lanka video he just finished playing before today’s Open Phone Friday show.

He plans to play it all weekend. There is no virus. It’s all part of a spiritual awakening.

Nothing can “get” you. Davos created this worldwide pandemic. “This whole Covid thing is beginning to fall apart.”

People are being misled by blaming Wuhan for a virus that doesn’t exist.

There’s nothing out there that can get you. So what’s really going on?

What about pneumonia? Is a virus or bacteria involved or is it grief?

What about heart attacks? Is it because you’re not happy and the hate leads to trauma.

“God is One. God is everywhere. All is One. There’s just no way God is going to create something that will hurt us,” says Patrick.

Germs are not the problem. What about the terrain? Is it created by something we think?

Why are Fauci and Gates being “thrown under the bus”?

Patrick is out of Facebook jail again. How long will it be before he’s censored again?

A listener asks about vaccine side effects before pregnancy.

Lynn from Tucson compliments Patrick about how he “nudged” Dr. Janci Lindsay about the “virus.”

“The germ theory is killing people. It’s a big lie,” affirms Patrick. “Thought manifests into physical reality. When we think the body can hurt us, we’re questioning our own existence.”

A listener asks, “If germs, bacteria, and viruses exist, how can they not make us sick?”

Patrick explains how Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer’s German New Medicine shows the brain-body connection that has been proved over time on a physiological level.

“God is within you, not separate. Remember the bumper sticker from the seventies? ‘Wherever you go, there you are,” says Patrick.

Is there a time lag or instant healing? Can time exist without space?

Atom writes in, “There is no time, so we live all of our lives simultaneously. Jane Roberts got that one right in her series of “Seth” books.”

“We’ve always been around. We’re co-workers with God. Do what you love,” advises Patrick.

A listener writes in, “Life is but a dream, shaboom, shaboom.”

A listener asks, “How do we know JFK rigged the elections?”

Kevin from Sydney writes in about Judy Mikovits and vaccine corruption. Patrick explains why he’s not interviewing guests who believe in the germ theory.

Paul asks, “What’s your take on Rudy Giuliani, who took down the Mob?”

A listener writes in, “Martin Armstrong is a brilliant forecaster. Have him back.”

Patrick talks about tongue color and acid-alkaline balance. Patrick and Atom will be discussing this Monday, June 7, 2021.

Diana asks, “Should I worry about sitting next to vaccinated people at work?”

A listener requests having Dawn Lester and David Parker back on One Radio Network. They critique both the germ and gene theories.


A listener asks about the World Trade Center disaster: “If the building came down, where did it go?”

John writes in, “All vaccines should be destroyed immediately.”

Atom writes in, “Climate change is created by thinking. One year Adano Ley had us sing, ‘I’m Dreaming of a Green Christmas,’ and it was the warmest year in hundreds of years.”

Nobody wants to work, so many states are stopping the extra unemployment benefits.

“Move to the red states. They’re not socialist. Get out now before they destroy everything,” says Patrick.

Patrick concludes today’s show by playing a Haley Reinhart video that Michelle sent.

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