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“This is my passion, to understand how I fit in, how you fit in, how we fit into all this, and thus the name of the show this morning is “How to Be Free in an Unfree World,” opens Patrick.

Is what’s going on in today’s financial world a 2008 Redux?

What has changed since 2008? Have things actually gotten worse?

What’s really going on with the Fed? Is Fedcoin the next step? Will al our money be moved to a blockchain?

Is a One World Dollar a major objective of the Great Reset? Will this be tied into a Social Credit Score?

As Andy Gause used to say, “If you had a magic checkbook, and you could write all the checks you want and nobody would say anything, would you give the magic checkbook to somebody else, and say, ‘Write me a check for a million, and give it to me, and I’ll pay you back with interest'”?

What’s going on with the Millennials? Would they rather stay home and have the government take care of them?

Are people waking up to this fake pandemic and fake news and fake demonstrations?

Are we headed for Universal Basic Income? The “Boys” don’t want us to think critically about what’s going on.

“Anyplace where they’re censoring people, they are the Swamp. They are globalists, they are internationalists; they support everything that you and I know is just not a good thing,” observes Patrick.

“How do we wake up and smell the coffee?”

The “big story” out there is about a lab-created virus: “lab leak, Wuhan leak, Fauci leak, Rand Paul leak.”

“Trust me, folks, there ain’t no virus. They didn’t release anything from some lab. This whole thing is just part of the scamdemic,” according to Patrick.

Jeff Bezos is buying MGM for $8.45 billion. What does this mean for “content going out into the world”?

“If you want to survive and be free in an unfree world, you cut the cord on your cable television,” advises Patrick.

Patrick is at the tail-end of writing “The Real World of Money,” based on his 25-year association with Andrew Gause.

Patrick hired a script-doctor to advise him on his screenplay. He explains why his session didn’t go that well. He was advised on what “sells,” not on what he wanted to convey.

Screenwriting is the same as anything else in our Cancel Culture: you get in trouble whenever you stray off the reservation.

Patrick describes how he “strayed off the reservation” when he worked at a New Orleans radio station. It started with refusing to do a commercial endorsing Bunny Bread, and things went downhill from there.

Patrick reads some headlines. It’s a good time to invest in gold. What about silver?

How serious is inflation going to get? What’s the actual rate of inflation compared to what we’re being told?

Carol writes in about what an owl represents to American Indians.

Patrick reads an article about Rudolf Virchow and cell theory. It relates to the paradigm shift in the understanding of viruses.

What does Patrick like about Dr. Tom Cowan’s work?

How do you become invisible? In what reality do you live?

There’s no way anything can hurt you unless you believe it can.

Patrick plays an Edward Snowden video.

Sarah comments about people still wearing masks even though it’s not mandatory.

Chris from Pennsylvania writes in about his sulfur-related dream experiences.

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