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Patrick loves Fridays because he gets to connect with listeners and talk about everything under the sun. Do you have a question or comment about health or well being? How about spiritual concepts? What do you think about our reality? Are we suffering from mass psychosis or being programmed? Did we go to the moon? Is the world a sphere spinning through space? Join the conversation. We have loads of fun!!

Elevations in body temperature are the body’s natural detox process. 

Toxins are oxidized biomolecules.  Come from thoughts, emotions, food, the environment.  

Damaged tissues need to be discarded through a detox.  Pain, fever, mucus are the body’s way to return to homeostasis.

Strep throat bacteria are there to clean out the throat.  Give an antibiotic, the cleaning gets interrupted.  But the bacteria resurface later.

We don’t catch things.

Is Covid a gift to bring us to consciousness?

Patrick’s healthy friend got sick in December 2019, preempting the US Covid start in March 2020.  Then had a powerful detox 3 weeks ago.  Is she getting ready for the next whatever?

If we don’t detox matter, it builds up. 

No one has all the truth.  Everyone’s contributing their own perspective.  Look and see, trial and success.

Nobody cares what you eat.

After taking info in, we must think about it and discern whether we want to believe or not and take it further.  Write it down and contemplate to keep it.

Listener wonders if Patrick’s 100° for-2-hour-temperature could be due to a dairy intolerance.

Is killing animals an encroachment on someone else’s property?

Everything is eating something else.  Killing something to eat is part of our reality.

Body has a beginning and an end.  Soul does not have a beginning and an end.

Phil asks: If we are soul, why do supplements or what we eat matter?

There’s too much money and too much debt for the whole thing to work any longer.  They create money but they don’t create the interest. 

The only people who benefit from eliminating debt are the central banks and the government.

Fred at US Coin Capitol currently has a gold coin package special and a silver coin package special.

Did Patrick experience peeing discomfort from oxalates leaving his body?

Listener asks: Was measles proven to not exist in Stefan Lanka’s case before the German Supreme Court?

Tony asks for Patrick’s opinion on fatigue and brain fogginess.

What is Patrick’s experience with pregnenolone?  Atom is the one taking it. 

What does Patrick think of chemtrails?

Thinking of a gall bladder flush?  Search ORN for Andreas Moritz, Annie Jubb, Dr. Kenneth Sutter.

Resentment is number one issue for gallbladder.  Anger for liver.

Atom takes 50 mg. pregnenolone, 3 mg DHEA, and Progest-E.  Says it enhances brain functions.

Patrick’s response to any body ailment is to say: My body is healing, I’m happy it’s going to get better.

Listener asks, if the earth was a globe, wouldn’t airline pilots have to constantly adjust altitude to not fly off into space?

Headlines Today:  Oil price is very volatile, $104/barrel today.  James Caan of Godfather dies at 82.  Wisconsin Supreme Court outlaws election ballot drop boxes.  Greenwald says Biden laptop coverup is single biggest media fraud in the last decade.  Senators Blumenthal and Graham call for hand-to-hand insurgency in parts of Ukraine now controlled by Russia.  Texas GOP wants Texas to secede.  Theranos ex-COO Sunny Balwani found guilty in all 12 fraud charges.

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