Patrick Timpone

It Takes A Long Time to Get Young

The places where the globalists have heavily programmed the population will be more dangerous to live in.   

You’re only hurting yourself if you try to help the programmed people.

Delta plus Omicron spells Media Control.  Anagram of Omicron is moronic. – great website.

Biden jokes that Fauci is president.  The White House goes totally dark at night.  Press conferences are on a sound stage.

NY Times is #1 for globalist control of newspapers.

Is Trump just one of them?  How can a good person promote the jab?

Gov. Abbott of Texas and Texas legislature passed bill stating Facebook and social media are not allowed to censor people or cancel an account because of violating community standards.  An Obama-appointed judge overturned the law.

How to take nasty-tasting stuff to minimize the taste.  How to tell if something you’re taking is good for you.

NY Times story: A new generation of Covid treatments will soon be available.  Pfizer and Merck pill treatments to have physical AND psychological benefits.  Promoted as reducing your fear.

The controlled opposition, e.g. Dr. Mercola, Del Bigtree, believes in the virus.

Charles Munger of Berkshire Hathaway says markets are crazier now than during the dotcom boom.

How to do a coffee enema.  Listeners recommend Optimal Health Network for coffee enema info and products.  Also the Gerson Institute.

Researchers behind The Convex Earth video wanted to prove the earth had a curve.   Spent 7 years and they couldn’t.  For $30 billion a year, why can’t NASA show us a photograph, not a painting, of a global earth?  The moon is plasma, not solid.  No one landed there.

Falsity of heliocentric earth theory underlies the many other lies that have followed over time.

Listener asks: Does the body need nutrition because we think it does?  Dr. Barre Lando says we get 75% of what we need from the ethers.

Do people have problems from lectins because they have a poor microbiome?  Instant Pot pressure cooking to reduce lectins. in Austin sells pastured meat products.  Based in Spicewood, TX.

Nathan asks about detoxing.  Patrick expounds about building our terrain.

Per Charlie Sewell, constitutionally, Roe vs. Wade only applies to two people, Roe and Wade.,

Patrick loves 4 movies: Love Actually, About Time, Four Weddings and a Funeral, Notting Hill.  All written and produced by the same people.

What is going on in Hollywood?  Unwinding started with Cosby and Weinstein, Me Too, then Covid, pedophilia, adrenochrome.  Hollywood is cooked.  Good opportunities elsewhere opening up for newcomers.  People like film, and they need product.

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