Patrick Timpone

It’s Like Watching the Fall of Rome Internet Style

“It’s just like watching the fall of Rome, only with the internet.”

Patrick talks about the recent Dr. Stephanie Seneff interview (April 13, 2021), and all the havoc glyphosate does to the body.

What does non-GMO really mean? Is glyphosate in non-GMO orange juice?

What’s behind the Covid-19 Relief Plan payments? How is the money being created and where is the money really going?

Patrick demonstrates some simple meditation techniques anyone can do.

What is the body? What are we looking at in the mirror? Is the body an accumulation of lifetime over lifetime?

“You are the culmination of every lifetime you’ve ever lived,” says Patrick. “You better like your body because it’s totally your creation.”

Why can’t psychedelic drugs (marijuana, magic mushrooms) further spirituality?

Atom writes in, “Many non-GMO crops are sprayed with glyphosate as a ripener and as a desiccant, not just as a pesticide.”

Why is the Covid virus not real? Why do so many people lose their sense of smell from the alleged virus? Is it from the PCR test?

What is the reality of the PCR test? How is it manipulated to the advantage of the Great Reset?

Patrick reads some of the things he’s posted on Facebook. He’s currently out of Facebook jail. It’s only a matter of time.

Why is movement so beneficial for your body? Patrick is lifting weights and walking with them.

Are there nano worms in face masks? Patrick plays a video of Max Igan searching for them with a digital microscope.

“This whole world is just one big microbe. How would you ever figure out what to kill and what not to kill?” asks Patrick. “There are much better ways to maintain a healthy body. The less you mess with Nature, the better.”

Why is the control of electricity so important? Why is the Texas electric grid in trouble in April? What’s going to happen in June and July? What’s behind the Texas power scare?

A listener writes in about muscle testing. How accurate is it?

Atom writes in, “Muscle response testing is only valid if subjected to double-blind and even triple-blind testing, something 99% of muscle testers never do.”

Dr. Fauci’s job is to keep you wearing a mask and keeping you inside. “These guys are never going to give up.”

How can we tell the difference between a virus and a detox reaction? Why does mainstream science have it all backwards? Is the Hundredth Monkey effect involved? Is group karma involved?

“There are just no accidents. Whenever we’re saying things are ‘good’ or ‘bad,’ we’re going down a black hole,” says Patrick.

“How do you say ‘Yes’ to Life? Make no room for ‘No.'”

Shawn from Seattle is going on a road trip. Patrick invites him to visit.

“Trust in God but tie your camel.”

Trust in God and tie your camel and the cause of disease with Patrick Timpone, April 17, 2021, ONE

Trust in God and tie your camel and the cause of disease with Patrick Timpone, April 17, 2021, ONE


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