Patrick Timpone

The Mind, Body, & Soul Connection in Healing 

From time to time our host, Patrick Timpone, enjoys sharing ideas about spirituality, health and how the mind, body,and soul all work together. Join us for an enlightening and spirited hour. Your questions, comments, and phone calls are encouraged.

Show Highlights:

-Patrick’s awareness of the impact of food on appearance started in 1978. Read “Are You Confused” by Paavo Airola. Started dry brushing.

-In 1983, had a “light in a tunnel” experience; asked what will happen to his parents, his dogs, his family if he kept going? Told that they would not exist.

-In 1986, introduced to his spiritual teacher in Eckankar, Harold Klemp. Eckankar is a non-exclusive non-denominational spiritual path, fostering awareness of divine spirit.

-A few years later, had some health problems, realized it was so he could learn how to get rid of them. Had been stuffing stress into his stomach and intestines his whole life. His colon crisis was a wake-up call.

-Having a body is a blessing. It’s a canary in the coal mind, to let us see how our state of consciousness affects everything. Being happy, fun, and loving with ourselves fosters that on the outside world.

-Whatever we chose to believe is happening in our body, we’re confirming that it’s okay. Accepting gray hairs vs. telling our body that our hair will return to its natural color. It’s an experiment. We can turn genes on and off, can revert cancer cells.

-We have been unconscious about not knowing that what we believe is affecting our bodies. The body works in concert with our state of consciousness.

-Reversing low thyroid because you’ve been doing herbals and iodine but also because you’re changing your consciousness about it.

-Sit and do nothing for 15-20 minutes every day. Watch what happens. Will increase awareness of how it all is.

-We use the effect to make changes, which results in us doing the same thing over and over through many lifetimes. Get off the hamster wheel and do something different.

-Planet Earth is more evolved now than it’s ever been in its state of consciousness.

-Doodle was scratching furiously, turned out to be fleas. Patrick had assumed she didn’t have them – he hadn’t looked carefully enough. After he prayed for information, he was given the answer. We have to be patient and listen.

-Divine Spirit helps us to feel better, be healthier, to have more energy, to prosper. Contemplation on God is highest form of spiritual practice we can do. Be responsible for our own spirituality.

-Find out what you react to, how your body is wired. Make the connection between what your body is telling you and what you’re thinking or feeling. Don’t get caught up in pharmaceuticals to mask feelings.

Patrick Timpone on Soul, Mind, Body connection and our state of consciousness, May 9, 2017

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