Show highlights:

-Patrick shares his saga of trying to find out why Doodle has been itchy.  Antibiotics, an anti-itch med, and probiotics for her newly discovered staph infection seems to be doing the trick.  Sometimes they’re what is needed.  D suggests shining a red light on Doodle.

-Vicks VapoRub is helping loosen lung congestion in a lady previously treated with chemo.

-Ellen, a dental hygienist, is doing the Dr. Ellie protocol.  She says 3 is what she’s been taught is the normal number of the periodontal pocket gap.   Former guests have said pressing as hard as you can on teeth keeps them longer.

-Prolonged chewing on parsley and cilantro stalks or root vegetables improves circulation to teeth.  Primitive peoples chewed on tough roots and it kept their teeth healthy.

Hour 2

-Atom says aloe is ideal in the evening or very early in the morning for cases of hypoglycemia.

-Listener asks: What do you think of C60 charcoal?

-To find a particular guest on ORN, enter their name in the search box on the ORN home page.  Or click on The Show in the banner and look through All  Shows by Date or All Show by Category.

Chef Frank Giglio was a ORN guest on 10/19/17.  His recipe for liver pate:  Saute onion, garlic in butter until caramelized, set aside.  Add more butter, cook liver until medium rare, set aside, deglaze pan with red wine and cook down.  Then blend all up, adding a stick or two of butter, thyme, rosemary,and sage.  Pour into a jar and refrigerate.  Eat with bread or a cracker.

-Matthew had a ear block from wax for a week.  He resolved it by sticking his ear close to a Philips 150 watt infrared lamp for around 10 minutes, and his ear was working again the next morning.  Also worked for him again a few months later.

-Maria is suffering from eczema all over her face and arms with extreme itching.  Try red light therapy, fresh aloe or Stockton Aloe sold by ORN here.  Apply urine to the skin.  D suggests raw virgin coconut oil.

-Back pain due to arthritis in the vertebrae, pressing on the spine.  Try body work.

-Patrick was toying with taking pig thyroid, but decided he didn’t want to be seeking a certain body temperature.

-Atom says disc problems almost always work themselves out.  The less done the better.

-John highly recommends Healing Psoriasis: The Natural Alternative by Dr. John Pagano, available here.  Also PaidaLajin Self Healing ebook by Hongchi Xiao, available here.  All medical conditions are due to blockage of meridians.  Slapping and stretching improves circulation and brings the sha to the surface.  John recommends a Chinese remedy ointment for dermatitis containing Yiganerjing available here.  It has natural ingredients and really alleviates itching.

-Lynn adds that researchers say the thermometers that were used to establish 98.6 as the normal temperature were a bit inaccurate.  Researchers say that using today’s thermometers, the normal body temperature is actually 98.2.

Hour 3

-John shares more on what the book Healing Psoriasis recommends, including cleaning up the diet, detoxification, and herbal teas (American saffron and slippery elm).  Activating powdered probiotics by putting them in a liquid medium makes them more potent.  Culturing EM microorganisms in molasses.  Chats up doing paida lajin and various positions and exercises.   Patrick feels more benefit from paida lajin than he ever had from yoga.  He suggests an exercise to gauge your biological age.

-Probiotics containing Lactobacillus rhamnosus GG have been shown to help skin conditions.  Can also apply a yogurt face mask.

-Atom says eczema is invariably caused by stress.  Hypnotists routinely “give” people temporary eczema, going so far as to spell words with it on body parts, making it appear and disappear at specific hours.

-Patrick says stress is soul in a body that is not content in the moment in their body.


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