Patrick Timpone

Saying No to Fear and Obedience

Show highlights:

How do we say “No!” to fear and obedience?

Patrick explains Soul-Mind-Body, and how trauma and aging plays into the action. “The body and mind is a thought; just one thing.”

“We spend lifetimes thinking we are mind.”

What if there were no conflicts in a movie? “How long do you think you’d watch the movie?”

We’re involved in the Hero’s Journey. It’s the Kali Yuga, and the Elite are trying to kill us, and we get to go through the experience.

What is the big misunderstanding about the “bad guys” in the movie? What would happen to the Great Awakening if the “bad guys” weren’t part of the plot?

How do fear and obedience tie into the Hero’s Journey? “It’s a long movie, thousands of lifetimes.”

Patrick talks about the political correctness of “you go, girl” and “hot chicks.”

What is vaccine shedding? Does it exist and should we fear it? “There’s a lot of fear porn out there.”

How do we create our own reality? Do we create everything?

John Wong phones in from New York to talk about Joel Skousen’s book, “Strategic Relocation, North American Guide to Safe Places.” (Joel Skousen was last interviewed by Patrick on Feb. 24, 2021.)

New York City ranks “Zero” in Skousen’s book, so John is considering moving.

Patrick is considering living in the Great Smoky Mountains after talking to Forrest Rivers (interviewed by Patrick on Apr. 27, 2021).

Patrick and John discuss living off the grid, including drinking water, water filters, and portable power generators.

Patrick is getting Fiji Water delivered for emergency storage ever since the “Great Texas Disaster.”

“Your show is actually Timpone University,” compliments John.

“We create all diseases so we can learn how to get rid of them,” says Patrick.

Atom writes in, “I’ve been in the Great Smoky Mountains hanging out with R.J. Reynolds at Sufi “boot camp” for six weeks. We hiked all day looking for the 300-foot waterfall on his property, and never could find it. We only found some 100-footers.”

Patrick plays a video of Celine Dion singing “All By Myself.” Her key changes are remarkable.

A listener writes in, “When striking a match, the sound comes before the light, as it does in physics. The director yells, “Action!,” and the light show begins.”

Patrick looks back on what he learned from his sciatica, heartburn, and “great colon reset” experiences

“Pain is just the body trying to heal.”

A sticky-note on Patrick’s computer reads, “Love Purifies.”

Patrick ends the show by playing one his favorite songs by Karen Carpenter — “I Need to Be in Love.”

Patrick and stop feeding the best elite with fear and obedience, April 30, 2021 ONE

Patrick and stop feeding the best elite with fear and obedience, April 30, 2021 TWO

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