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Patrick loves Fridays because he gets to connect with listeners and talk about everything under the sun. Do you have a question or comment about health or well being? How about spiritual concepts? What do you think about our reality? Are we suffering from mass psychosis or being programmed? Did we go to the moon? Is the world a sphere spinning through space? Join the conversation. We have loads of fun!!

Synchronicity by spirit keeps us on our toes.  It presents things in our consciousness so we can look and see and find truth.

Trying out a low oxalate diet.  Eating muscle meat, organ meat, fruits, fats, bee pollen, honey.  Adding baking soda per Dr. Robert O. Young.  It all seems to help.  Brings clarity.

The Matrix is like a video game.  It’s there to trick us into playing. 

What’s going on out there usually doesn’t have bearing on our life unless we invite it into our consciousness.  What you see is a replica of your state of consciousness.  We choose what we want to play with.

Measles is all made up.  What is the evidence for it?  1950’s Enders paper proving it was fraudulent.

Doctors’ treatment of chronic disease is a scam.  ER docs do good work though.

A computer model of DNA was made to prove how it works.  A computer in-silico model of COVID 19 was created recently.  But in reality, virus has never been isolated.

Sudden Adult Death Syndrome – a disease created to explain injection deaths.

How to clear out ants from the kitchen?  Apply rosemary oil at their entry point; spray ants with soapy water, apply cinnamon to them.

No controlled trials linking meat to cancer.

How did humans get here?  After God spoke Cain’s punishment for killing Abel, Cain, the son of Adam and Eve, told God, “whoever finds me will kill me” (Genesis 4:14).  Who else was there that could kill Cain?

Does diatomaceous earth get rid of parasites?  Patrick says no.

Musk met with Twitter employees, implemented rule change.  Said Twitter standard should be more than to not offend.

Wondercide – from all natural plants, safe spot-on applicator for pets for fleas and ticks.

Iron in spinach is nonexistent.  Supposed high iron content was a misprint in a government document.

They have to keep printing more money to keep the Ponzi scheme afloat.  Buy gold and silver coins.

Caller Sean from Seattle says gold and silver is the worst investment.  It’s a propaganda scam.  Hedging is the biggest failure in the world.  Advocates taking money out of bank and stuffing a safe with $100 bills.  Create a skill you can offer to someone.

Listener says gold and silver is the only real money, and it’s foolish to debate them.

Kidney meridian controls bones and teeth, extends to the toes.  Stomping feet helps the kidneys.

High copper foods: Oysters, liver, shrimp, cashews, chocolate, mushrooms, sunflower seeds, potatoes.

June 21 is the summer solstice.  Start something big that day.

Big oil dump today – down $8.  Is it the work of the plunge protection team?

It’s all planned.  They’re always pushing levers.

Will they do a nuclear war?  Ukrainians say their top target for use of US missiles is the Crimean Bridge built in 2018 connecting Russia to Crimea.

Listener appreciates the amazing, unique, fascinating consciousnesses the world is made of.

Be careful of internet Indian yogic promotion, it’s out of balance.  Too much passive female, not enough male.

Woke culture of diversity.  Good market now for LGBTQ+ screenwriter scripts. 

Origin of religious precepts about not having sex before marriage.  Are morals about control and guilt?  Is sin the big lie?  Karma vs. sin.

Listener thinks rebounding compresses the spine.  Patrick says it doesn’t.

Listener Anthony asks for Patrick’s thoughts on chemtrails.

Elon Musk’s plan to incorporate Bitcoin and currency into Twitter.

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