Patrick Timpone

How to know what is the right diet for you?

See how you feel, look, and poop.  Do you have energy to focus, do what you want to do?

Most of what doctors have been taught has been made up.

Watch the Bitchute link for Dr. Tom Cowan’s ORN 10/31/22 interview.  Visuals of cell structures and Dr. Cowan’s long list of structures and functions in human biology that don’t exist.  E.g. Immune system idea is made up.

Patrick is building muscle with X3 bands.  With weight lifting, you lock up muscles, which tear them.

With X3, you keep the bands tense and never take pressure off the muscles.  Builds core strength.  No soreness.

Stay productive and engaged in something you want to do to avoid being sucked up by the matrix.  Keep growing spiritually.

Focus on how to have a happier life, not on what the matrix is doing.

10/31 is last day for 20% off colostrum sale at Surthrival.  Use TREAT20.

Bacteria are there to clean up things.  The healing is what hurts.

2 am solar time is liver cleansing time.  Do a cobalamin tonic at liver cleansing time to clean out the carbon.

Do a coffee enema at 12 hour liver shunt time, which is 2 pm solar time.

Patrick’s favorite milk thistle is Eclectic Institute raw freeze-dried milk thistle.

Is Patrick becoming a fathead?  Likes snacking on raw tallow.

What are The End Of Days?  Patrick thinks it is consciousness no longer working.  Need to interpret holy books like the Bible or Bhagavad Gita from a spiritual perspective.

To achieve Agenda 2030, no need to crash the economic system and do Mad Max.  Just make people unhappy with the current system so they’ll want digital tokens.

Listener wants to hear from a guest with a heliocentric perspective.  Patrick says he’ll listen to someone that can give evidence for that belief.

Is the bioweapon lab theory all made up?

Create a false paradigm and you can get away with anything.

David writes: The only thing worse than not knowing the truth is denying it.

What is procrastination about? 

Taylor appreciates Patrick’s approach.

Listener asks if Patrick knows about secret history of Tartaria? 

Electric cars – they just want to control you.

What is Elon Musk all about?  Starting a council at Twitter about what can be posted.

How to reprogram ourselves to be successful?  Figure out what you want to do and do it.

When we ask sincerely, what is the best thing to do now?  Get quiet, stay there, and it will come in. 

Become self-reliant so we can learn how to create what we want.

The more prepared we are, trusting God, not fearing, less chance of the crazies and disease getting in.

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