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When Anything Goes…and Usually Does!!!

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Letting go of everything – a key to good health and good life.

Patrick shares his personal testimony for Prime Digestive Powder from Shen Blossom, Digestive Bitters from Surthrival, and Dr. Cowan’s Garden Powders.

Cobalamin tonic – maple syrup and cacao smoothing out the effects of coffee.

Being grateful for what you have.

Today’s media wants us to believe everything centers around race.

Patrick shares snippets from the New York Times and the Epoch Times about the virus.  How did they create all this hullabaloo over nothing?

As the mind expands, the soul expands.  The brain knows nothing and is just hardware.  Information comes from the soul. 

What programs our genes?  We create our own reality.  Is genetics all bogus?

Caller Mark has questions for Tuesday’s upcoming show with Santos Bonacci about the Tartarian empire and the mud flood.  They chat about food and flat earth.  Anything that isn’t mainstream is labeled conspiratorial.

Asking spirit to wake you up at the right time.

Coffee enemas – how to prepare the coffee, the right timing, and Patrick’s post-enema dream and liver cleanse experiences.

Per Dr. Stefan Lanka, Dr. Thomas Cowan, Dr. Melissa Sell, Dr. Amandha Volmer, Dr. Richard Massey – you don’t catch the flu or illness, but exchange exosomes, info, and energetics with each other.  God set it up this way so we could learn we are spiritual beings. 

Listener asks if colonics are as good as enemas.  Colonics are better, but are mainly for the colon.  Coffee enemas work on the liver via the palmitic acid and portal vein.  If you do a gall bladder flush, following with a colonic in a day or two is good.  Large intestine is the caterpillar that transforms into the butterfly.

Texas Nationalist Movement to secede from the union. 

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Don’t tangle up with someone in the inner worlds.  Has the same impact as a real world encounter.  Patrick shares his experience with an individual in both worlds.  Every person we meet, we have the opportunity to help them feel better, grow spiritually, and heal.  Spirit needs us as conduits.  We are co-workers with God.  People are there to teach us.

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