Patrick Timpone

We’re Way Deep Into Orwellian Territory

Listener asks: Will we have WWIII?

Tom Luongo doesn’t think the stock market will bomb.  Will go sideways for a while, but European money will be coming into the US market.  But Tom is putting his money into gold and Bitcoin.

The US dollar is up big time.

Ukraine selling 277 million in war bonds to settle interest on other debts.

Little known Ukraine industry Cryion that is threatening to make semi-conductor shortage worse.

Are bacteria and “viruses” really helping the body by cleaning up damage?

Would an electric or hybrid vehicle be a good purchase now?  Be aware of high RF readings.

Frank says to look at Title 50 of U.S. Code, the War Powers Resolution.  Also talks about French Court saying death from a COVID jab could legally be considered a suicide. – a good website for Russian-Ukrainian news and more.

US announced sanctions last week against Russian oligarchs.

US Senator-VA Mark Warner concerned about Russian misinformation.  Asked social media to prohibit Russian propaganda.  He considers anything supporting or discussing Russia’s side as propaganda.

Is there any hope for the US?

How to treat angry, strong hives?  Skin is usually a detox pathway.  Liver is seat of anger. 

In one case reported in a medical journal, magnesium stearate was linked to hives.

Zoe asks about son claiming to have ADHD.  Know who you are from a spiritual perspective.

The problem of people being taught thinking they know what they’re doing.

Carol asks if it makes a difference if raw, grass-fed milk comes from vaccinated cows? 

Listener asks how to detox their parents from the COVID jab.  Skin brushing, sauna, milk thistle oil, coffee enemas, good pooping.

Listener asks: If COVID-19 virus doesn’t exist, why do they say it was released from a lab?

Milk thistle for gut upset – oils from Andreas Seed Oils, or capsules.

Euro delegates walked out on Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov’s speech at the UN.  No wonder Putin has finally given up on negotiation.

Breitbart says Russia pummels Ukraine’s second largest city.  More disinformation.

Actress Patricia Arquette asking Texan voters to vote out Texan governor Abbot.

Even George Stephanopoulos says Biden has lost his cognitive ability.

All Biden has to do is to tell Russia we won’t let Ukraine be a NATO government.

The wild card is China’s Xi Jinpin.  They have more gold than they say.

Russia is not in debt.

State of the Union tonight at 9 PM EST.  Talking about Climate Agenda and Build Back Better.   How much will it hurt to watch? 

For more geopolitical information:, Alex Jones’,

Andrew asks: Where do we go from here?

Carol says more is coming out about Putin’s reasons for invading Ukraine.

Isn’t it interesting how the pandemic is suddenly over?  It was about control and subjugation, not health.

HEB grocery chain store in Dripping Springs, TX initially required masks.  Dropped mask requirement a week ago.  Did Patrick’s letters make a difference?

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