Stephanie Arnold

Global Thought Leader and Author of 37 Seconds

Stephanie knew she was going to die.

She spent months preparing herself, her doctors and her loved ones.

No one believed her.

Then, moments after giving birth to her son, Stephanie died.

It happened exactly how she knew it would.

What she didn’t know was that using her voice would save her life.

In 37 Seconds: Dying Revealed Heaven’s Help, Stephanie recounts her determination to survive and return to her husband, children, and family. Through her unbelievable experiences and journey to recovery, she shares how she was able to triumph over trauma and find new meaning in her life.

Had bad premonitions 9 years ago at 20 weeks into pregnancy after diagnosis of placenta previa.

Foreshadowing events occurred during pregnancy.  She was petrified for 3 months.  Nobody including husband believed her premonition of death.

Had a C-section.  Baby was fine.  Seconds later, she had an amniotic fluid embolism and flatlined.

Resuscitated, received 60 units of blood product, placed in medically induced coma, transferred to surgical ICU.

Is 0 negative, normally wouldn’t have had enough blood, except anesthesiologist stocked extra blood in crash cart because of concern after Stephanie’s response during last phone call with her.

Went through a therapy experience.  Hypnotized and regressed what had happened.  Made video tapes under hypnosis with her therapist of what she thought happened.  Had a NDE, people had a glow, an inviting ambience, seeing people she knew who had passed.  Given messages to pass on from her deceased uncle.   With the tapes she relived everything exactly as it happened.

Went back to the doctors and showed them the tapes.  They were astounded at how they matched the reality.

Spirit and body are two separate parts tied together with an umbilical cord.  

Impact of death doesn’t hurt.  It’s pleasant in the moment.  But she didn’t want to stay there.

She survived because of her free will.  Used to be a low voltage person, was an empath, feeling their life and death situation.  Now a high voltage person.

Her children have learned of triumph over trials and surviving.  Because of her awareness of being in this body in this world, she wants her experiences to be authentic.  Some people don’t want to be seen through, so harder to be casually social.

Needed heart-to-heart talk with husband about her experience.  He now believes her. 

Communication with her husband was totally different than her right brain experience.  He had a different state of consciousness than Stephane.

Had spiritual death experiences as a child.  She continues to have premonitions.

We all have the opportunity to listen and change our lives.

Her book is 37 Seconds.  Now on Tik Tok.

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