Moses West

Providing Clean and Safe Drinking Water Using Sustainable Atmospheric Water Technology

Moses West Foundation™, is driven by a single goal; to provide drinking water to people in need.

The Moses West Foundation is committed to advocating for social, environmental, and Economic justice of a basic human right: Water. WE will place this innovative and sustainable technology into the hands of communities and connect organizations that will do the most good in advancing self-reliance. Our focus includes a vision to educate every level of society in the practice of sustainability for their communities in the face of current and future water, food and energy challenges.

Atmospheric water generators make 500 gallons of water per day.  Water comes out cold and pure.

Generator cleanses the air and then condenses it to make water.  Machine parts are food grade and antiseptic.

Units are used in military operations now.  Water needed for life, but is expensive to transport, heavy, and availability subject to long vulnerable supply chains.

Nonprofit foundation is at  Donations buy a machine and a community receives the machine and training to run it.

Components and labor all from the US.   Unit provides a lifetime supply of water.

Smallest unit is $89,000.  If humid conditions, makes 300 or more gallons per day.  Need to have separate storage for the water generated.

Runs off 220 v. for home use or to government electrical specifications.

Price reduction will be available with mass production in the future.

Moses’ commercial company, AWG Contracting LLC, builds units for the military.

Humidity in the air rises markedly in non-daylight hours.  Can program machine to only run at night.

We are in our new normal.  Water sources are drying up.  Lake Mead will never be full. 

Unit supplied 5000 families with water after Hurricane Maria disrupted water supply from Puerto Rico to the island of Vieques.  Ran on a diesel generator.

Lance asks about a small unit for an off-grid family of 4 in Escondido, California.

Moisture in the atmosphere is the largest supply of fresh water.

Natural phenomenon of condensation that happens in the sky is what happens in the machine.

Drawback to desalinization is the brine.  It gets pumped back into the ocean now and kills everything in its path.  We would kill the oceans if desalinization was used as a significant drinking water source.

Dead Sea is dead because there is too much salt. 

Areas have become brackish after fresh water was drawn off.  E.g. Biscayne Bay in FL, parts of Australia, parts of Texas.  Will happen in more areas.

Moses first saw an atmospheric water generator in 2012.

Multiple companies in the world do this.  Moses is only person with expandable units.  Water in his machine never comes in contact with coolant.

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