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Scott Tips

Attorney with National Health Foundation and

Authority on CODEX

Topic: Forced Vaccinations



Scott Tips has given 4-5 speeches across Italy regarding mandatory vaccination lately culminating at an event in Austria. His upcoming article for Health Freedom News will summarize what is being done to stop this human rights (and Nuremberg Code) violation.
A California-licensed attorney, he has specialized in food-and-drug law and trademark law, but also engages in business litigation, general business law, and nonprofit organizations, with an international clientele. Since 1989, Scott has been a board member of the National Health Federation, the World’s oldest health-freedom organization for consumers, as well as the Editor In Chief of its magazine, Health Freedom News. In 2007, he became NHF President, and has been a frequent speaker for the organization and for health freedom on several continents and through many radio and other programs.

Show highlights:

-Codex establishes standards and guidelines for food, supplements, and food labeling.   FDA and USDA type of bureaucrats represent the countries.  They promote Pharma, Big Ag interests.

-National Health Foundation (NHF) is the only consumer-oriented group keeping an eye on Codex.

-Latest concern of the NHF is the dilution of organic food standards.

-The Poison Papers project shows the regulators have become controlled by the regulated.

-Need to diffuse overarching centralized power down to the local level.  Read Thomas Sowell.

-Fertility rates have dropped due to glyphosate.  Older men have higher sperm counts than young men.  All food is suspect – can’t presume any food is safe now.

-Codex is likely unconstitutional in the US, is intertwined with NAFTA.  If countries have a trade dispute involving food, Codex initiates a trade dispute panel.  WTO looks at Codex standard for a particular product and will favor the country following that standard.

-Ractopamine is a muscle-growth altering drug fed to 80% of US pork, but it is banned in 160 countries.  Drug requires 2 weeks for clearance, but is withheld for only 1 day so pigs don’t lose their gains in weight from it.  In 2013 the US won permission for Codex to allow a residue level of it.

-Who are the good guys?  If vitamins and minerals – US is the good country.  If contaminants in foods – EU, Russia, India, Iran, some Latin American countries.  NZ and Australia are the worst.

-Codex delegates change over time, which requires continual education by the NHF.

-The US gets delegates from other countries to promote their agenda.

-Russia needs to increase birth rate.  They realize the fertility rate drops tremendously with glyphosate, so they’re good at opposing glyphosate.

-GMO labeling in the EU depends on the product.  GMO products are prohibited in the EU, with some leakage around the edges.

-Italians are resisting vaccination laws, which are unconstitutional and violate treaties.

-3 exemptions in most states to vaccinations: medical, philosophical and religious.  In California, legislator Richard Pan spearheaded the removal of philosophical and religious exemptions, and medical is rarely granted.  Doctors get persecuted by the state board if they grant medical exemptions.

-Herd immunity from vaccinations is a false concept.  Need to have the actual disease to acquire immunity.  Most people aren’t immune to childhood diseases any more.

-If vaccines are so effective, why are you so afraid my unvaccinated child will hurt your vaccinated child?

-By the time vaccinations came around, the targeted diseases already had a decline of 95-98% in the mortality rate due to improvements in nutrition and sanitation.

-Having measles makes you more resistant to cancer in later life.  Scarlet Fever, TB, and the plague don’t have vaccines and they went out of existence in many countries.

-Juan asks about a connection between forced vaccinations and the Affordable Care Act.

-Vaccines lack integrity.  Full of poisons, nanoparticles.

-Italian research scientists Gatti and Montanari discovered all pediatric vaccines in Italy contained nanoparticles, such as inorganic metals, which bind with proteins and aggregate.   The only nanoparticle not sourced from the vaccine material was tungsten carbide, which comes from the needles, and could be removed by subjecting the needles to an ultrasonic bath, which manufacturers don’t do.

-A lot of junk science out there, which Codex delegates base their decisions on.  One example is terminating studies early because preliminary research showed deleterious effects from a longer period of exposure.

-Sylvia asks if any countries are against forced vaccination?  Texas is still safe, but current legislation is trying to remove the non-medical exemption.  Canada (except Ontario and New Brunswick) is safe.

-Europe doesn’t allow home schooling and mandates childhood vaccinations.   Italy now mandates 12 vaccines across the country.

-Any hope for President Trump?  Obama wasn’t independent.  Trump associates himself with neocons.  Katherine Austin Fitts said the election was a choice between a crazy man and a career criminal.  Does any president have a free range of action?  The government seems to be able to do what it wants.

-Do what you can at the local level.  Don’t drink the Kool-Aid.  Question everything.

-High success rate with pure GcMAF, but Britain ordered it destroyed.

-Glyphosate use requires increasing applications of pesticides and herbicides because superweeds have developed.  Now being applied as a dessicant to aid harvesting.  It destroys the shikimate pathway, which our microbiome uses.  Increase in gluten sensitivity because of glyphosate residue in wheat.  Glyphosate also disrupts the sulfur pathway.

-Biggest danger is war, because government grows after war.

-NHF depends on donations.  Their successful stop of the dumbing down of supplements in Dusseldorf was possible because one person donated $1,000, which enabled Scott to be there.


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Scott Tips and how The Boys attempt to control our freedom of choice with health matters, October 12, 2017

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