Gerald O’Donnell

The Founder of ARVARI and a World-Renowned Remote Viewing and Influencing Expert


Gerald O’Donnell at times may not use some of the terminology you are familiar with, yet trust us when we opine that Gerald has a level of awareness and experiences that are gifts to all.


Gerald O’Donnell is the founder of The Academy of Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing (ARVARI), and a world-renowned Remote Viewer who was employed for several years by a Western intelligence agency. He has been recognized as a visionary in mind-consciousness research and remote viewing and influencing. Gerald is a certified Hypotherapist.

Since 1997, Gerald has dedicated his life to guiding his students in harnessing the highest levels of creative energy so that they can rapidly manifest their innermost desires.

His healing and empowering meditations have helped thousands of seekers turn their thoughts into reality and begin their tranformative journey towards Oneness.

Remote Viewing So Powerful that It was Coveted by Intelligence Agencies

Back in the 1980s, Gerald was recruited by a Western European intelligence agency to join their ongoing program of Remote Viewing (sensing) of targeted locations.

The agency had initiated this covert operation to counter the remote sensing activities of the well funded, fully-functional extrasensory perception unit of the Soviet K.G.B. and G.R.U. (Soviet Military Intelligence).

At the agency, Gerald taught Special Forces, anti-terrorist units and Intel operatives advanced remote viewing and sensing techniques. Through his coaching, the intelligence operatives were able to dramatically highten their “inner intuitive faculties” that allowed them to sense potentially dangerous situations beforehand and foresee the general outcomes that they could encounter in their Probable Future.

He also trained these operatives in the powerful “inner art” of defusing many of these dangerous and untoward situations arising in their proximate personal Probable Futures either by avoiding them, deflecting them, neutralizing them, or, most powerfully, by changing their outcome in advance (Remote Influencing) by using special energized mind powers.

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The theme of this show asks the musical question, “Why are we here?”

Gerald tells a lovely story of his son being in a car accident and his experience with him on the other planes as his son was making his way back home to God.

We go through difficult times to learn learn lessons.  When you are going through some really tough stuff, remember God must really love you…a lot.

Experiencing  a state of consciousness that is a magnificent light with no beginning and no end

A sure way to connect with Spirit, our essence, is to first believe It exists.

The misconceptions and confusion around what we call “money” range far and wide in physical reality

The body is a thought form.  Plain and simple.

It is a time in Human history that many Souls are yearning to wake up and thus creating trials and tribulations to push them into more awareness

Some emails:  How can I utilize Divine Spirit to assist my body in healing?

Was Gerald going to tell us how to find a mate/the one?

A heart murmur was detected during a physical exam in a young person. Then, after more testing, a Cuban doctor explained the issue as follows: the high “Gothic arch”-shaped roof of the mouth created a resonance within the body that got picked up as a heart murmur by the medical test. Can your guest explain how and why an anatomically raised palate may play a role in increasing frequencies and awareness and consciousness in a person?

i had a near death experience several months ago. my family makes fun of me as i saw no bright light. Instead my consciousness was in a long tube that extended down from the urgent care table as i worked my way back to the table with my body. Just wondering what happened…? i hope you say that i am somewhat normal…?

Does Gerald have any regrets in presenting and collaborating with Corey Goode?

Is your guest familiar with soul contracts and how to interpret them? How exactly does he understand “regeneration” being present in 2 of the 4 bodies in someone’s soul contract.

Ask Gerald, what is the rumble noise in my head. I can flex some muscle in my head by my ears and create a rumble sound. Thanks, Another Day In Paradise!

I was in a yoga class recently doing a meditation exercise and felt like I was drifting off and getting very relaxed.  Time was becoming irrelevant and imperceptible and I was having something like a dream and as soon as I realized that I was in a different place and remembered the yoga class, I felt like i came crashing back into my body and I physically felt like I got knocked in the head and my brain felt like it  shifted inside my skull.  Is this normal, and how can work toward staying in the moment when doing this type of soul travel?

Gerald, what do you sense or see when remote viewing our next 6 – 12 months in the global financial sector? Do you see more people going into crypto currencies and if so, is this a good solution?

Gerald, what changes, challenges and good do you sense as our world awakens from its consciousness slumber?

What can we do individually to help ourselves and others awaken and connect with Source/God on a deeper and more meaningful level?

Have you remote viewed the gnostic “Archons”, and if so what advice do you have for us about that level of reality?

Gerald O’Donnell on Remote Viewing, Spiritual awareness and Why are we here?, July 30, 2019 ONE

Gerald O’Donnell on Remote Viewing, Spiritual awareness and Why are we here?, July 30, 2019 TWO

'Gerald O’Donnell – We’re Proud To Present a Soul Who Has Been There, (AKA Here), and Has Truths to Share -July 30, 2019' have 8 comments

  1. July 31, 2019 @ 12:26 pm Carli Bauzá-Feliciano

    I was able to listen live to part of the interview between these two luminaries yesterday. Downloading now and very excited to listen to the rest.
    Thank you, Gerald and Patrick, for your efforts in raising the consciousness of our civilization, you rock! :)


  2. July 31, 2019 @ 12:29 pm 'dekeh'

    You have some minor ERRORS in the opening of this, like “Hypotherapist.” should there be an “n” between ‘p’ & ‘o’?
    Have sent messages to you to find out if when enrolling do we get a set of DVD`s or is it over the net?

    Thank you “TIA, CU L8R” “LoneWonderer”


  3. July 31, 2019 @ 12:53 pm warren mandseth

    Much love to both of you. That was a wonderful interview. I have checked out The Portal course on Geralds site and am going to order it. In the course description there is a sample meditation (module 3 of 25 or so) so I tried it and was definitely down into theta brainwave state when it was over. The description says that you can even achieve Delta state (deep sleep) and still be aware. This is I guess visiting with your unconscious and talking to your soul etc. People should be aware that they are more vulnerable to dark entities when meditating and should protect themselves when doing so. I have recently started using the 12D Shield method I found at and have confirmation from my intuitive coach that it works. She tried to connect with my auric field like she has been doing for months and couldn’t after I had shielded. You can watch a five minute youtube vid here Which runs thru the steps to do it. This shield can also be expanded to include house and property and locked in permanently. Awakening starseeds (like myself) are increasingly under attack and that will probably get worse before it gets better. Much love light and luck to all.


  4. July 31, 2019 @ 1:42 pm Roberto

    OMG Gerald O’Donnell sounds like an Irish name but he speaks English like a French-Canadian.
    He also sounds very groggy like he has a permanent hang-over.
    “The power of the eternal is infinite.”
    A TRUE truism!


  5. July 31, 2019 @ 8:46 pm Ernestine

    Thank you Gerald and Patrick for this wonderful interview. The energy was high frequency- felt a bit like having an upgrade only by connecting to the energy!
    Blessings Ernestine

    May the road rise to meet you.
    May the wind always be at your back.
    May sun shine warm upon your face,
    the rain fall soft upon your fields,
    and until we meet again
    may God hold you in the hollow of His hand.


  6. August 1, 2019 @ 8:33 pm Greg

    I almost didn’t listen to this podcast…I thought it a bit too far out there. But I did listen to it, and I must say I am taken aback. Great interview. I don’t understand a lot of it, but I hope to…..The Carpenters….really…..just kidding…I believe that was the first album I ever bought, with my lawn mowing money. I think I was 13. Great Show Patrick.


  7. September 22, 2019 @ 1:52 pm Sun Streak

    Hi! As always, interesting conversation. Still, although I have used mr O’Donnell’s The Portal audios for last two years and I have mostly positive experiences from those guided meditations, I can’t understand the message from The One (although in my opinion there is no The One. It’s just another concept developed by humans. By my understandings we are projections or/from supremely/infinetely intelligent The Void/The Nothingness to explore and experience ourselves in this Illusion – that’s why we created this “playground” called The Creation) he repeteadly asks “why” you humans do this and that, at the same time saying that humans follow certain mind programs… Is the One corrupted or affected some outer stronger force for asking such questions??? It’s a fcking clear that all humanity is manipulated on the Earth, between reincarnations to the Earth and after physical deaths on the Earth. If you don’t understand this, I recommend you to read a book “Unbounded! (Vol.2): Exploring Spirituality through MindWalking” where participants/patients describe through their sessions of memory recall technique MindWalking how they and all humanity are manipulated by certain forces from higher realms. Also I recommend you to read this message:


  8. October 26, 2019 @ 11:16 am Iris Turner

    OMG, Best collaborative conversation I have ever felt or heard. I LOVE You both. So GreatFull to have been pointed here. Close to You and getting closer…Big Love and Thanks


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