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Topic:Healing the Intestinal Tract Is The Foundation To All Other Healing

Stephen Heuer Synergistic Nutrition

Stephen Heuer

Having been poisoned with mercury fillings in 1976 and suffering from chronic constipation and adrenal exhaustion for 24 years, Stephen knows a thing or two about healing the digestive track. He discovered the key to healing from chronic constipation was first a thorough intestinal cleanse of any old fecal matter, followed by a specific supplementation to detoxify mercury from the intestines. Stephen learned how to remove mercury from his intestines in 1997. He took DMPS for 4 months and DMSA for 5 months. On the 9th month on the 9th dosage his elimination began to move 75% normal for the first time in 24 years. It took another 6 years to become 90% normal.
The first intestinal cleanse he did was in 1981. For 10 days he lived on carrot and grape juice some beet juice tablets and wheatgrass juice tablets. He mixed liquid clay with psyllium in a shake and drank this 3 times per day. On days 5 through 8 this old tired rubber fecal matter came out of my intestines. He felt reborn, brand new and happy to be alive again. Prior to this he struggled for 4 years with bloating, constipation, toxicity and the depression and anger this creates.

Stephen Heuer is the founder of Synergistic Nutrition. In 1990 he earned a Bachelor of Science Degree as a Nutripath, which was a Nutritional Correspondence course, much like the Naturopathic Doctor correspondence courses, just a slightly different name. He has done Live Cell Therapy, Ozone Therapy, Psychic Surgery, Visited John of God In Brazil, and Magnetic Therapy in England and many other therapies. Over these 20 years in practice his clients have improved or recovered from many conditions including; chronic fatigue, cancer, psoriasis, chronic constipation, kidney failure, adrenal fatigue, Liver problems, gallstones, depression, reproductive health, dysbiosis of the intestines, acne, skin conditions, sleeping problems, arthritis, osteoporosis, herniated or thinned discs, reproductive deficiency, menstrual cramps, memory and focus problems, mercury poisoning, autism, hyper and hypo Thyroid, gray hair, vision improvement and much more. Stephen has been in full time private practice for 20 years.

Show Highlights:

-Gut is the go to place for emotions.

-Stretching and body work enabled Patrick to see the spiritual connections underlying his gut problems.

-To treat people with inflamed digestive tracts, such as IBS or ulcerative colitis, recommend probiotics and taking away inflammatory foods such as gluten. After ingesting gluten, zonulin releases and causes leaky gut. Gluten has a similar string of proteins similar to the body’s. In autoimmune conditions, the body goes after its own tissue. Same issue with PCBs in food.

-Nowadays, a lot of grains are sprayed with glyphosate 3-5 days prior to harvest to get them to ripen uniformly. Even non GMO crops. Residue stays on the crop and when eaten, impairs gut microbiome.
Organic crops are not sprayed with glyphosate.

-Meat needs to be grass-finished, not just grass-fed. Disastrous effect of glyphosate on animals. 99% of whey comes from the pasteurized milk of cows that have been fed GMO glyphosate treated grains. One World Whey is different.

-Pasteurization denatures and causes deformation of protein. Homogenization causes fat cells to be damaged, which liberates xanthine oxidase and contributes to atherosclerosis.

-Supplements useful for healing. Intestinal Soothe (contains arabinogalactan, aloe vera extract, l-glutamine, licorice extract). Benefit of probiotics is in the peptides they produce. Bravo probiotic and Brogurt both have high number of microbial strains – Stephen has seen tremendous improvements with them.

-Hyperimmune Egg – chicken is innoculated with pathogens and produces antibodies in the egg. Is a path to immunity. Lowers zonulin.

-Anything that activates the pineal gland is conducive to a contemplative state. Fluoride calcifies pineal gland, mercury messes up the brain connections.

-Does all bread damage the gut? Make home-cooked bread from einkorn grains or homemade sourdough bread or sprouted wheat bread. See Einkorn Cookbook by Carlo Bartolucci.

-How to help the liver? Liver flushes can be helpful for releasing stones. Stephen likes phosphoric acid in the apple juice for a 3 day buildup and then flushing with Andreas sunflower seed oil in grapefruit juice. One World Whey is best way to detoxify liver. Liver detoxifies with glutathione, which whey helps make. Need alkaline bile that has food sodium. Mt. Capra Mineral Whey will increase pH, produce more bile, and dissolve stones. Also ox bile supplements helpful.

-Cleansers that don’t irritate the gut? Soluble Fiber.

-Artificial sweeteners contribute to insulin insensitivity and gut problems.

-Stephen sells the Ultimate Zapper by Ken Presner – the World’s Most Powerful Zapper. Ken took Hulda Clark’s design and improved it. Healed his multiple sclerosis with it.

-Andrea Seed Oils promote anti-inflammatory healing of the gut. Healing of Crohn’s Disease, ulcerative colitis, arthritis. Coriander oil increases glutathione levels in body by 100% in animals.

-What to do for an enlarged prostate? Sitting on the Ultimate Zapper, taking saw palmetto berry extract and Andreas black cumin seed and/or pumpkin seed oil. Raising free testosterone levels.

-Listener asks about cholestasis remedies. Bile salts, Andreas oils, Mt. Capra Mineral Whey.

-How to correct malabsorption? Due to intestinal villa reduced in number or length. Age and genetics involved. Andreas Seed Oils help reduce inflammation, maintain cell membranes. For gut health, take Andreas flax, 5- seed, black cumin, and coriander oils. Taking honey with the oil will help digest the oil and complements the antioxidant power of the oil.

-Is Stephen’s vitamin K powder natural or synthetic? Made by bacteria, same as natto.

and more!!

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Stephen Heuer with lots of great insights on all aspects of gut healing and performance, April 24, 2017

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