Steve Falconer

Steve Falconer is one of the two men behind the very popular Bitchutechannel Spacebusters. When the Coronafraud hit the world early year 2020 the channel shifted its focus to deal with the fraudulent germ theory on which the whole Coronacircus and big Pharma is based upon. In this interview Steve presents the hard facts and reasons why the 150 year old germ theory is false and how it is even possible that so many people have been fooled for so long.

See his germ-theory-busting films on Spacebusters at Odyssey or or Rumble.

Life in Copenhagen comparable to Huxley’s Brave New World.

Can’t use a stimulus of injecting money to stop inflation.

The Danish way.  Free education and medical care are actually a loan at exorbitant interest rates of taxes that will be paid to the government.

Debunking germ theory an outgrowth of

Mind control is in our language.  E.g. videos going “viral”.  “I caught the flu” when you didn’t catch anything.

Getting strikes in Facebook from replying to a comment.

Same board of directors on medical insurance companies as on Blackrock and Vanguard.  There’s a reason these are Fortune 500 companies.

This is The Big One in the financial world.  Collapse of monetary system is happening now just as in prior times.  Quantitative Easing always a short term solution.  They’re trying to hide the problems.

They’re afraid of the small amount of people who know what is going on.  The elite know we’re having an awakening.  They’re ready for it.  What’s their plan?  Turn the asleep people against us.

New World Order will maintain us now until big earth changes happen.  Why Agenda 2030 – what will happen in 2030?

They can see what you’re doing on blockchain currencies.  Don’t want them, want private currencies.

Apply the question why to everything you hear.  Do we know the truth on a deep level? 

Sacrifice comforts and fun to learn what is going on.  The sheeple won’t.  The awake do.

Living a life of quiet desperation.  Lethargy coming from despair.  Leads to illness.  Brain tells the cells you’re under threat.

Controllers want people to worry and not take positive action.

Do something for yourself and others.  Don’t worry about it.  Insanity is worrying about something that doesn’t exist.  There’s only now.

Emotional experiences from realizing the earth isn’t spinning around the sun.  The gift of the present.

Be an activist not a pacifist.

Don’t swim against the current.  Relax and let the stream take you onward.  We are the stream.

There is peopling here.  Thinking in terms of is-ness. 

Internet provides an opportunity for exponential intelligence.

It’s easy to debunk the ball model of earth.  But the flat earth theory is also a theory.  Need evidence.

Prokaryotes (single-cell organisms) are the same today as 4.5 billions years ago.  If they didn’t change, how can evolution be valid?

Did the Freemasons bring in the heliocentric model?  No, the Jesuits in the 1500s brought it in as part of introducing a calendar.  Read The Zodiac and the Salts of Salvation by Dr. Cary and Inez Perry.  Jesuits created a fake universe to create a fake time.  Want us to think everything important is out there and not in us.

J.K. Rowling and the fake universe of Harry Potter.

We’re a part of God, now.  Not that we are God.  Why don’t evildoers suffer now?

Are moon and planets solid or just light?  They’re holographic.  Look at aisling717.  She demonstrated holograms are colder.

Most of NASA’s budget for physical materials is for helium weather balloons.  NASA works with the black budgets.

Polaris stays in a fixed position.  Big Dipper goes round and round.  King Arturus – knights of the round table, the bear.

If earth is a simulation, it’s a fat earth simulation.  If it’s not a simulation, it’s a flat earth.

Steve Falconer – Part One

Steve Falconer  Part Two

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