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That Crazy Pharmacist


Steve has lots of experience and research on the use of very low dose Naltrexone for “Auto Immune” challenges.  Hear some of the real life stories.

Snapshot_20120507_2As a Semiconductor Product and Process Engineer who had excelled in his career because he understood the need to ignore the myths, rumors and legends that become associated with products and their specific problems, Steve had lived and died based upon the collection and analysis of hard, verifiable objective evidence.
However, after changing careers to become a pharmacist 13 years ago, that healthy skepticism was replaced by a blind trust in the system and the purity of the information we were provided by the drug companies, the FDA, and other authoritative sources.
But when his wife was told she was a Stage IV cancer patient a 24 hours a day hunt for solutions began, because he knew conventional treatments offered nothing better than palliation and eventual death.
The path of his investigation took him directly through the heart of deception and suppression in a way that made it impossible to turn back, and bashed his naïveté on the rocks of experience in a way that altered Steve to the core.
Applying the same rigor to studying the practices of the most historically successful alternative cancer Docs that he had previously applied to understanding circuits that were implanted into people or sent to outer space, he began to sense patterns and convergences between these practitioners who had operated independent of each other because of work load, geographical distance, and their existence within different time frames.
As time passed Steve became so immersed in the practices of alternative medicine and alternative cancer practitioners that he found himself unable to withdraw from the study.
And, as such, unraveling and understanding the connections and commonalities between these practitioners has become his passion.
Many of the findings from his 4+ years of intense study are documented on his website,, and he has recently started a consulting company (a Pharmacist to talk to…, llc) that is dedicated to providing authoritative information to patients in the manner that only pharmacists can so that cancer patients don’t have to lose valuable time rediscovering the information that has been hidden from them.

Steve sent us some links so you may do further research on LDN

Here’s a link on several cancer experiences with Alpha Lipoic Acid and low Dose Naltrexone

and another with Alpha Lipoic Acid and LDN

Reversal of signs and symptoms of a B-cell lymphoma in a patient using only low-dose naltrexone.

We start off talking about Aspirin for use in Cancer issues and also the daily baby aspirin docs prescribe for blood and heart stuff

The source of Aspirin is not Willow Bark as most believe

Is it better to let the fever go or knock it down with this and that

Steve tells about the Spanish Flu Epidemic of 1918 and how the various immune systems dealt with this virus

We then dig in and we mean “dig in” to the ins and outs of Low Dose Naltrexone, aka  LDN.  It is a fascinating med that at very low doses has some quite remarkable stories of healing attached.

Denise from Dallas, long time MS patient calls in after just two doses of LDN.  Hear her story

Steve tells us about Dr. Burton Berksen M.D. PhD and his LDN protocol that utilizes Alpha Lipoic Acid, and Vitamin B with the LDN

Here’s a link to Dr. Bergson’s website.  He’s in New Mexico and we’ve invited him to come on the show.

Steve tells us a story with his dog that was about to cross over to another realty that was transformed by LDN

It appears LDN re calibrates the immune system and initiates a more functional Cell Mediated Immune function – paralleling what Dr. Thomas Cowan explained to us a few weeks ago during his show on Vaccines.

The role of endorphins and the immune system and Cancer regulation

The potential role of LDN in canines

Steve talks about the liver’s function and liver cleansing and detoxing

Emails came in on these subjects and we asked Steve about:  Birth control pills,  coffee enemas, does taking thyroid medicine down regulate the thyroid?  What does Steve know about Telomeres, Food poisoning


Pharmacist Steve Mitchell on Low Dose Naltrexone and more, September 6, 2018

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