Susan Bradford

Author of Royal Blood Lies

Written by investigative journalist Susan Bradford, Royal Blood Lies takes the reader back to days of ancient Rome to reveal the origins of the “divine right (rite) to rule,” and why those who held claim to this right posed a threat to the world’s would be rulers. The author documents how the elites established and used international spy networks to win wars and conquer nations and how populist revolutions, religion, and wars were weaponized against the people. Steeped in the philosophy of the rational Enlightenment, a warrior-merchant class came to dominate the corporate and political establishment, with some amassing fortunes in the trillions of dollars. With the secrets of rulers encoded in the works of William Shakespeare, Royal Blood Lies documents the origins and practices of a secret cult that came to rule humanity and follows the rise of the East India Company which became a powerful force for global imperialism that laid the foundation for the Great Reset and China’s Belt and Road Initiative to fulfill an ancient Roman agenda. Understand these secrets will empower readers so that they can take back their power as a free people. As usual, Susan’s book is packed with fascinating information and new reveals! Susan’s website is:

Investigative journalist Susan Bradford explains how our “democracy in America is an illusion.” She has been in the “belly of the beast,” exposing the machinations of the global elites in her books for a long time.

Patrick asks how Bill and Hillary Clinton had so much power that they could intercept her visa approval when she was offered a job in London.

How deep does the rabbit hole go? How are the Clintons involved with the Rothschild family?

How is Bill Clinton related to the Rothschild bloodline? What about Hitler, Stalin, and Churchill? How extensive is the Rothschild network?

How did the Rothschilds gain control over the Royal Family and the Vatican? What did it have to do with the East India Company?

What does the House of Hanover have to do with the Royal Family? What is the role of the Hanoverian monarchs in Britain?

Is the Rothschild bloodline on top of the food chain? How they did they acquire so much power? What is their strategy for taking over the planet?

What did the 1941 Lend-Lease Act have to do with MI5 and MI6, the British intelligence services? How were they involved in the formation of the American Central Intelligence Agency? How are these international spy networks used against the common people?

What is the New World Order’s plan to resurrect China, and reduce the United States to a welfare state?

Why are the elite sending corporations to China?

What does Black Lives Matter have to do with Saul Alinsky and the Rockefeller family? How are they advancing the socialist agenda?

A listener asks if Trump was part of the Rothschild conspiracy.

Was Donald Trump part of the Deep State? What part did the Zionists play in his administration? Did the Zionists engineer the voter fraud? How was the Leonardo Company in Rome involved?

Is Jared Kushner part of the swamp? What did he and Eric Schmidt develop?

Does Hollywood, the CIA, MI6, and Mossad work together to promote the same agenda?

How was Julia Child associated with the Office of Strategic Intelligence? What about Peter Sellers?

Susan Bradford exposes the Facebook narrative, detailing how NSA was responsible for its creation.

Elon Musk is promoting the technocratic agenda of his Canadian grandfather.

How did so many people suspend their critical thinking to believe in the coronavirus scam? What does corona have to do with the Crown?

Are the Jehovah’s Witnesses involved in the New World Order? What part do the Moonies play?

Are people waking up and pushing back? Can thousands of years of Satanism and Babylonian magic be exposed and overthrown? Is the Light finally overthrowing centuries of darkness?

Investigative reporter Susan Bradford with great information on who “The Boys” (are as we call them), and where the bodies are buried, March 29, 2021

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