Patrick Timpone

The Body is Not Physical and with a Deep Understanding of this Fact, You Can Learn to Heal Any Issues and Stay Youthful for a Long Time

Looking and seeing from a spiritual perspective, based on Patrick’s experience.

He subconsciously created painful conditions, heartburn and sciatica, so he would not give up on finding out how he created them.

Stretching and body work to let go of images, thoughts, and engrams.

Intertwining of energy between soul, mind, and body brain.  They’re separate after death.

Thinking “my thyroid is low” makes it low in the body at that moment.

We can create cancer cells by worrying.  It’s usually who is the matter with you, not what. 

Disease also results from buildup of toxins.  Parasites and buggies show up to clean out the body.

Buildup of stress and tension from daily living which can be released by physical and spiritual exercises.

Gift of awareness from getting cancer.  Spiritual issues at the root of disease.

The body is not physical.  The molecules are moving quickly. 

Soul puts out more light when less trauma and engrams in the body.

Believing in age is an illusion.  A false premise that we have to age.  We get to chose what we want to believe.

Something is permanent only if it’s permanent in heart and soul.

How to fix a mental construct?  Realize it’s not you.

German New Medicine works by finding a trauma.   The traumatic event is our reaction to what happened.

Disease happens because of ignorance of the spiritual law that we are soul, captain of our ship, and writer, producer, director of our screen play.

We know that we know.

Yes, they are trying to kill us.  But It’s all a control mechanism.  Viruses are made up and never been proved to cause anything. 

As spiritual beings becoming more awake, we can see through their attempts to control us.

Why do we create these diseases?  In the case of Patrick’s sciatica and heartburn, to learn how he created it, so he can help you learn how to uncreate it.  Same for us. 

Body is trying to heal.  When we damage tissue through worry, angst, fear, the body tries to encapsulate damaged tissue.  Can start cancer.

How do we get rid of an image or feeling?  Understand that it’s not us, that it’s not physical.

What we expect is important.  Give ourselves the best life we can.  Give 110% in reaching our goals.

Spirit loves to be expressed through fun ways through you. 

Divine spirit will give us everything we want and to be as happy as possible.

When you ask spirit for something, tie that something into something that will help others as well.  Share what you have to help others.  Wish others to get what they want.

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