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Patrick tells his story of the cause and the cure of a sore throat he is experiencing this morning.

Spoiler alert: It is best to do nothing as the body is healing and not sick

Pain is a sign the body is healing.  Best not to take anything that will interrupt the process

Body Clock ala Atom Bergstrom is an authentic technology that is real and usable.

Fresh Orange juice at Spleen/Pancreas time, 9-11 AM Solar is superior time for OJ

Heart attacks most often occur at lunch time 11 to 1 PM Solar time

Patrick and Hanna discuss the new female superstar, Mila who has thousands of followers online and makes a bunch of money.

Mila is a computer generated image, nothing more.

As a screenwriter, Patrick gives his insights into the current writers and actors strike and much of it is about AI, and concerns over it taking over writing screenplays and actors loosing roles in movies.

Patrick thinks this is a Godsend for him, personally as the more unreal Hollywood gets, the more his authentic stories will resonate.

Hannah talks about her experiences with a book, Patrick’s favorite, “The Flute of God”

Some emails

Spot on! Yes, symptoms of so-called illness and diseases or sickness are from the body needing to detoxify and get back into homeostasis. Toxemia and the body being out of homeostasis produce symptoms of “sickness.” Those symptoms are the body’s healing process and shouldn’t be interrupted. The healing can be helped along but with only natural, wholesome products, NOT pharmakia

Patrick, I just sent a one-time PayPal gift of $100 and set up a monthly $20. I really appreciate your work and wanted to help with the finances. Keep it up brother! It’s always good to keep learning and that’s what you provide

Hope both you and your girl are keeping week in the TX summer heat. Thanks for everything you do

Left Brain is male … right Brain is female
Left Brain is Lucifer … right Brain is Jesus
Left Brain is master … right Brain is slave
Not your body left and right.

You had great researchers on your show like  Eustace Mullins, Alan Watt, Jordan Maxwell 10 years ago or more and they all explained what was coming. Are you surprised now that the monster is here and they were right? Or you have been expecting this craziness all along? I’m just curious. I personally knew so I am not surprised at all, I am just amazed because I thought some 90% of the people would fall for it, not 99%+.

part one

part two

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