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Who came up with the idea of a spinning globe? 

Unable to conceal the existence of God, so instead they’re trying to conceal the creation of God.

This earth is unique in creation.  Stars are created by God.  If it’s concealed, man won’t seek God. 

The Big Bang theory of creation presupposes there is no God as the Creator.  Which means there are no rules from God.  This results in people behaving without rules and harming others.  So government is created and protect the innocent.  The core is concealing the existence of God.

Hiding God brings tyranny.  At the core of the global earth belief is hiding God.

Heliocentric model began with Pythagoras 500 B.C.  Freemasons hold Pythagoras in high esteem.

Gravity was necessary to explain spinning earth.  Spinning creates centrifugal force, which would cause objects to spin off the earth via centripetal force.

Centripetal force is gravity.  If earth is a sphere spinning 1000 miles/hour at the equator, objects should weigh more going from poles to equator.  It doesn’t, stuff weighs the same everywhere.  And in actuality, stuff weighs a fraction of percent less at equator because of atmospheric pressure.

NASA is showing CGI photos. 

We’re born in sin.  Only way to be a spiritual being is to be born again.  We’re dead spiritually until we’re made alive by God and born again.

What is the Coriolis effect? 

How is there a north and south pole on a flat plane?  There is no south pole.  It’s ceremonial.  There is a north pole in the center of the flat earth.  Antarctica is at the periphery.

How can Polaris track earth when it’s stationary over the earth?

Polaris is embedded in the firmament.

Stars rotate and come back to the same spot after a year.  Time-lapse proves it’s the stars that are spinning, not the earth.

If earth was revolving, stars should be in an arc.  NASA says we’re spinning 1000 miles/hr to the east, yet stars travel both east and west on time-lapse photography.

Where do rockets go? 

Is there a Van Allen belt? 

Radio waves supposedly bounce off the ionosphere and bounce off back down to earth.  Yet astronauts can supposedly transmit radio waves through atmosphere.

Is the moon solid or plasma? 

Google Earth turns flat earth into a globe.  Turn it 360 degrees and you won’t end up in the same spot as starting.  They’re using software to conform into appearance of globe.

In-Q-Tel is a CIA operation.  NASA is an intelligence operation – it’s mind control of the masses.  Need to keep the scam going.

Why can’t Hubble be turned around to take a picture of earth? 

Satellites are tethered on helium balloons.  Elon Musk’s launches are CGI.  Tires on a Rover would explode in space.

Why won’t they go back to the moon? 

Everything is spiritual in this world, touches on your spirituality. 

Exchanging evil things for good is an abomination.  They say you’re interfering with a woman’s freedom if you oppose abortion.

Roe v . Wade was made on same basis as the Dred Scott decision, which justified slavery.

Talmudic Judaism wants to influence you into their doctrine.  It manifests as communism, which is atheistic.

Judaism uses old testament as window dressing for their own traditions, which are memorialized in the Talmud.  Freemasonary is an arm of Talmudism.

You can’t claim to worship God if you reject Jesus Christ.  Talmud says Jesus is boiling in hell in excrement.

Satanism wants you to worship creation rather than the Creator.  God is a spirit which must be worshiped in spirit, not via icons.

They don’t want you to understand you were made in God’s image. 

All alien contact is with the devil.  Or a fraud.

Without idea of spinning globe, one of millions in an infinite universe, they couldn’t pull off COVID scam.

Numerable reasons why COVID pandemic was a scam.

Open VAERS reports number of deaths.  42% of reported deaths occurred with 48 hours of receiving the vaccine.

They control the money and thereby control the governments of the world.  Bill Gates is just one of the minions.  Rothschilds are far more powerful.

They’re putting us through a conditioning process.  2 steps forward, 1 step back.  Vax, masks, lockdowns.

They’re trying to take firearms away from the people.  Mass shootings are a contrivance, a façade. 

Christchurch video shows shooting through a windshield, but the windshield didn’t break.  Then New Zealand made it illegal to show that video.

How will we end up? 

Mark of the Beast

Digital currency will control what you buy and if you can buy.  They can turn off your account.  It’s the new tyranny.

Who would have thought people could be forced to be vaxxed? 

No emergency exception to constitutional rights.  The government didn’t give those rights, they are God-given, granted by the Constitution.

Jefferson got life, liberty, and happiness wrong.  Happiness was originally property.

Can prove scams of JFK assassination, 911 and COVID.  Problem is the corruption of the enforcers of the law.

Space race scam to make people believe we were going to land on the moon.

If they can fake you out with their scams, and make you believe there is no God, they’ve got you.  But once you get it, and know why they’ve spun their lies, they have conspiracy doubters as a relief valve.  Like Trump.

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