The “One Size Fits All” Global Vaccine Agenda


By Edda West

Now that the pervasive “one size fits all” vaccine agenda has captured all governments and regulatory agencies to do its bidding, the push to vaccinate every human being on the planet is reaching a fever pitch. What many people may not realize is that the current drive for vaccine mandates and removal of exemption rights is a global agenda. Coordinated by numerous international health agencies, it’s happening all over the world.

The World Health Organization (WHO) recently declared ‘vaccine hesitancy’ as a top global health threat not because vaccine hesitancy is driving infectious disease outbreaks, but to motivate health officials to ramp up vaccine mandates.

Taking their cues from ‘on high’, governments are all too willing to trample our basic human right to bodily autonomy and our informed consent right to refuse unwanted medical procedures.  A carefully orchestrated global dragnet is steadily steering us toward vaccine mandates, hatched by a cadre of global health entities and fueled by the pharmaceutical industry’s strong arm lobby efforts to convince governments to adopt vaccine mandates.

Under the influence and directive of groups like the Global Health Security Agenda (GHSA) launched in 2014, governments are emboldened to quash basic human rights to avert fictional, non-existent global health threats. Children’s Health Defense recently reported that the GHSA has 67 member countries and Canada is one of 10 countries on its “Steering Group”. Its purpose is to “elevate global health security” as a top priority and to make the world “safe and secure from global health threats posed by infectious diseases.”

Included in this mix are the military and intelligence security apparatus which are funding research into the online Health Wars, creating algorithms and statistical modelling to figure out the extent of vaccine resistance globally and how to counter it. Nelle Maxey was inspired to investigate these activities and wrote a fascinating analysis of these nefarious projects.

The Health Wars is an analysis of a massive propaganda piece about “antivax” Facebook pages. It is basically a justification for online censorship of these groups. As the author of the analysis says, “When you read their study, you’ll see why I was so moved to action. There are references to terrorism, hate, and child sexual abuse in various other studies by these same authors. Now we are lumped in with these groups. Note also the…ever present, primary propaganda assumption that all the sites they title anti-vax show “distrust [of] expertise in medical science”.

The irony of it all is expressed in the conclusion of Maxey’s analysis: “…the magnitude of the blowback against a public who are increasingly questioning vaccines is simply a measure of the state’s realization that they are losing their own self-proclaimed war. The system’s inability to ever, ever admit they are wrong and have no right to force medical treatments on anyone for any reason,  is bringing about their own demise.”

The rhetoric emanating from these groups would have us believe that infectious diseases pose an imminent threat to global health and that accelerating vaccine uptake is the solution. There’s little talk or incentive to implement the “tried and true” basic measures needed to create good health – safe water supplies, access to good nutrition, sanitation, decent housing. These are THE foundational public health measures that dramatically reduced mortality from infectious diseases prior to the advent of mass vaccination programs. Rather than invest in basic health measures that work, vaccination has instead, been adopted as the silver bullet that will fix all the world’s ills while at the same time increasing profits for the vaccine industry.

As vaccine hysteria ramps up, ignored is the decades old data that exposes the dark underbelly of the vaccine agenda as a tool of colonialism that results in health injuries, susceptibility to other diseases and increased risk of death.

Dr. Peter Aaby’s decades of work in Africa found that,

“DTP [vaccine] was associated with 5-fold higher mortality than being unvaccinated. No prospective study has shown beneficial survival effects of DTP. Unfortunately, DTP is the most widely used vaccine, and the proportion who receives DTP3 is used globally as an indicator of the performance of national vaccination programs. It should be of concern that the effect of routine vaccinations on all cause mortality was not tested in randomized trials. All currently available evidence suggests that DTP vaccine may kill more children from other causes than it saves from diphtheria, tetanus or pertussis. Though a vaccine protects children against the target disease it may simultaneously increase susceptibility to unrelated infections.”

At a recent symposium Aaby said,

“Most of you think we know what vaccines are doing, but we don’t !” 

This in-depth analysis by Children’s Health Defense names the international players and “stakeholders” driving the mandatory vaccination agenda and cautions that,

“Legislators who are contemplating new mandates but are still willing to exercise a modicum of independent judgment should recognize that we are in a situation with “echoes of WMD” [weapons of mass destruction that justified the Iraq war], that “there is no international emergency” and “policy is being hi-jacked.”

CHD’s probing article is a sobering reality check and takes the concept of an “interconnected global network” intent on vaccinating every citizen, to an entirely new level.  We learn that myriad public and private “advisory partners” are also in on the push for unified action on vaccination.  These include various United Nations (UN) agencies, UNICEF, the World Health Organization (WHO), the World Bank, the African Union (AU), the European Union (EU) and many more.

The key driver and ‘kingpin’ of the accelerating global vaccine agenda is the Bill and Melina Gates Foundation (BMGF), and their brain child GAVI or Vaccine Alliance, launched in 2000 to increase and improve vaccine delivery globally. BMGF is the world’s largest private foundation with more than $50 billion in assets. It uses its vast financial resources to steer an elaborate network of “partner organizations”, including non-profits, government agencies and private corporations and is intimately tied to the pharmaceutical industry.  It is the second largest donor to the WHO next to the U.S. government.

The Gates Foundation’s $10 billion investment in the Decade of Vaccines’ ushered us into the darkest period in medical history, now poised to eliminate our most basic human rights. Between 2010 and 2020, this obscene amount of money was intentionally directed at creating the vaccine propaganda machine that has got us to where we are today.

The propaganda ploys and techniques unleashed by the ‘decade of vaccines’ has inflicted incalculable harm on the people of the world by inciting hatred, marginalization, vilification and demonizing of vaccine resistors.  It has silenced all dissenting voices in the media and imposed an ominous pall of censorship that forbids any questioning of vaccine safety. It persecutes the scientists and researchers who are discovering mechanisms of vaccine injury and suppresses the new science that reveals how vaccines damage growing brains and the immune systems. It censors all information that refutes the vaccines are “safe and effective” mantra. It has succeeded in the complete capture of governments, regulatory agencies and politicians.

It is during this ‘decade of vaccines’ that we have reaped the bitter harvest of philanthropic wealth wielding its power against the people, against truth, against honest science, and against health freedom.

At the same time, and since the tripling of the childhood vaccine schedule starting in the late 1980’s, we have witnessed an unprecedented decline in children’s health, represented by frightening surges in chronic and debilitating illnesses, neurological disorders and autoimmune diseases. Never before has a generation of children been as sick or debilitated as is our youth today.

In the U.S.  where religious exemptions are being abolished, even disabled, neurologically fragile children who could die from vaccine adverse reactions, and have valid medical exemptions,  are now being kicked out of school if they aren’t fully vaccinated.

As Robert Kennedy Jr. & Del Bigtree point out in this dynamic interview chronic debilitating diseases have risen more than four fold since the mid 80s.   All of the illnesses that are rampant in this generation of children, are listed on vaccine product inserts as observed side effects of the vaccines.

For American kids back in 1986, only 12.8% had chronic diseases. That number has grown to 54% among the vaccine generation (those born after 1986) in lockstep with the expanding schedule.”

While chronic disease statistics in Canadian children aren’t as clear, our nearly identical vaccine schedule leaves little doubt a similar decline is happening here as well.

As a child survivor of The Holocaust, Vera Sharav, founder of the Alliance for Human Research Protection warns us to beware of medicine marching in lockstep with government

“What makes the Holocaust unique is that at every step of the murderous process, medical doctors & medical institutions endorsed and lent the veneer of legitimacy to mass murder of millions of civilians. The stark lesson to be learned is that medicine can be weaponized when doctors join forces with government & deviate from their personal and professional ethical commitment under the Hippocratic Oath – “First, do no harm”. 

“Clearly, these industry-funded pro-vaccine collaborators in government, the media, and academia cannot withstand open public discussions about evidence that supports safety concerns about the children’s vaccination schedule. They won’t engage in public debate because their science is rigged, it can’t stand up to independent scrutiny. So they cling to hackneyed categorical pronouncements that will not convince parents who have studied the issues, and gained knowledge about the risks. Informed parents won’t turn a blind eye to the children who need to be protected from a ruthless struggle to maintain high profit margins”, writes Sharav.

Vaccination is THE most pressing environmental, political and health issue of our time. Vaccines are powerful biological drugs that carry a risk of injury and death for some. The unproven safety of injecting these complex bioactive compounds and their ability to derail normal brain development and damage the immune systems of our children is well known. It should arouse alarm signals in every parent today. The impact of injecting these substances into the fragile and vulnerable micro-environment of our children’s bodies makes it a critical environmental issue.  The fact that worldwide, the pharmaceutical industry, in partnership with governments and health regulators, are now poised to forcefully colonize and control our children’s bodies with these biochemical drugs makes it the most compelling political issue of our time.

“Caught in a web of deceptions vaccine stakeholders are resorting to strong-arm police tactics to silence once and for all, those who challenge them. What is at issue [and under attack] globally, is both freedom of choice and freedom of speech — a very dangerous combination.

~Vera Sharav

Isn’t it long past due that we draw a line in the sand on this web of deception and lies?

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