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Andrew Gause may just be the top man anywhere for the highest quality analysis into the world of money we all live in. Andrew is a currency historian, an internationally recognized expert on the United States monetary system. He’s written two books, “The Secret World of Money” and “Uncle Sam Cooks the Books”. You can order these books as well as speak to Andrew personally. As a One Radio Network listener, you’ll have highest priority in his phone time. His # is 800.468.2646
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Show Highlights:

-We went from financing our government with tariffs to financing it with income tax; Andrew talks about establishing the Federal Reserve Bank and the creation of the income tax

-Patrick has a Eureka moment in understanding how the Internal Revenue Service got it’s name

-How’s Trump doing? He’s won a couple more states, but can he win Ohio?

-The draw of Mr. Trump? Honesty

-More about the war on cash

-Stock market update: Short squeeze. Andrew explains

-Patrick plays a funny clip from 2008 of Jim Kramer; is there anyone dependable out there giving good, sound investing advice?

-New American News: Andrew tells us about a new news program

-Countries implementing a ‘basic income plan’. There’s nothing like putting your citizens on the dole ;(

-Andrew explains why he is an unapologetic nationalist and believes in non-protective tariffs

-Rejecting globalism, Andrew wants to go back to the 1950s. He explains why

-Andrew talks about the camel’s nose under the tent and the Hegelian Dialectic regarding privacy. A listener sends in this comment:Regarding the FBI’s attempt to force Apple to give them spy code, if worse comes to worse, Apple could always relent and work on producing the code, but never actually reach a final release. Or they could “accidentally” put in a few bugs into the code so that it does not work. Or they could put a backdoor into the backdoor so that consumers could disable the spying feature.

-Comment from a listener:It appears as stated on the US mint website that silver eagles are legal tender:

Many also argue that they numismatic, which allows the mint to sell them for a premium over their face value, as collectable.

Some also argue that pre-33, and pre-64 are not numismatic under law, and are not protected by any law. Can Andy cite the laws for us please?

Comment from a listener:While it makes total sense to me to bring back tariffs in order to stem the outflow of American jobs, this article has a different view. Would like to hear your comment on the following article on the Foundation of Economic Education(FEE) site, the gist of it being:

It’s simply not true thattradedevastated the US economyand wiped out millions of jobs. Employment hasshiftedwithinthe US economy, out of industryinto service jobs, and manufacturing has shifted around the globe, aligning production with the comparative advantages of each country’s labor and capital markets.

The resentment stoked by nationalistslike Trump and Sanders isbased on a nonsensical proposition, a mirage of high-paying blue collar jobs stolen by conniving foreigners, whichwe could reclaim if only we had the will to wage a trade war.

Bernie Sanders Anti-Foreign Crankery- A Vesuvius of Tribalism and Economic Illiteracy

-Question from a listener:A well-known prognosticator, Bo Polny, following a cycle, he says dates back to the 1760’s is calling for “triple-digit silver in 2016. Does Andy think this is possible and under what scenarios ?

-Question from a listener:If the presidential contest ends up with Trump vs. Bernie and Bernie wins. What major changes for the USA does Andy see happening?

and so much more!!

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andrew gause and the real world of money, march 9, 2016, hour one

'Andrew Gause and The Real World of Money – The Bankers Are Running the Show and They Decide On the Winners and Losers – March 9, 2016' has 1 comment

  1. March 9, 2016 @ 3:13 pm Laurie

    Does this mean they (the bankers running the show) will find a way to eliminate Trump from the race ultimately?


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