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US sanctions over Russia are a nail in our coffin.  Including other countries in our sanctions violated international law.  Undermining rule of law.

NATO wanted Russia to join NATO in 1991.  Story about failed Gorbachev coup, Yeltsin in interim, and Putin come to power.     

Documents show Clinton part of getting Putin in and communist takeover. 

People behind Putin are far worse.  The communists are still there.

Putin criticized by Russian hardliners for being too nostalgic about Ukraine, the root of Russia.  He didn’t want to destroy it.

Ukraine not a nation before 1991.  Area east of Dnieper River was always Russian empire.

Yeltsin forced out of power over fraudulent transaction at Bank of New York in July 1999.  He picked Putin to succeed.

Biden administration is controlling Zelensky.  Zelensky told not to negotiate.  Said Ukraine would rearm with nuclear weapons.

It’s a war for climate change.  55% of Russian economy is fossil fuels.  West wants to cut off ability of Russia to sell fossil fuels.

US wanted to invade Syria because Syria wanted to run a pipeline.

US invasion of Iraq is old story of projections that US will take out the dictator and the people will cheer and support the US.

Invading countries take out the power grid first.  Putin only now is taking out the Ukrainian power grid.

US blew up the Nordstream pipeline.  A drone was discovered, Sweden not saying whose it was.

The problem is having standing armies.  US second amendment was supposed to enable a militia.

They have to always demonize Russia.

Every prior leader has always sought world peace.  Only the opposite now.  Not one leader is talking peace.  They just want war.

They need war because the financial system is collapsing.  They plan to default on debts and start over again.

Kissinger is very smart.  Every president since Nixon has invited him to the White House except Biden.

US history of false flags.  They never tell the truth about anything.

Removing Russia from SWIFT gave China the go ahead to initiate their CIPS financial system.

Ukrainian Nazis horrified even the German Nazis.  Deep-rooted hatred between Russia and Ukraine.

Even the IMF refused to give Ukraine money until they cleaned up their corruption.  Major area for laundering money.

Minsk agreement that NATO would stay out of Ukraine.  Donbass supposed to vote and form their own republic then.

US started the civil war in Ukraine in 2014.  US wanted Yanukovych out, forced protests and new election.   Attacks on Donbass started then.

November 7 is US election but also a critical time for the Ukrainian war.  Will there be a false flag before the election?

US, UK, France, Turkey warned by Russia that Ukraine will set off a dirty bomb. 

Armstrong’s SOCRATES computer and its successful predictions.

Japan has 2nd largest sovereign debt.  Will fall before the US does.  Uncertainty created about their financial system, so capital comes to the US.

FED creates money when it takes in debt.  Yellen is shortening the yield curve.  Biden is increasing expenditures dramatically.  Bank needs a balance sheet to buy debt.  Debt increasing so fast that banks can’t buy debt.  Yellen will buy 30 year bonds from the market and then issue short term debt as a swap.  Is making the Treasury more susceptible to interest rate changes. 

Phase 1 was repo crisis.  US wouldn’t sell to European banks.   The first crack in confidence.

Now in Phase 2. Crack in confidence in government debt itself.  Phase 3 is a complete collapse.  They go into war to get out of this.

Housing crisis – people trying to get out of certain cities.  People paying cash for high end properties – trying to get money out of the bank.  Worry about dollar being cancelled, digital currencies.

Core economy doesn’t collapse first.  US will be the last to go.  Sometime from 2028 to 2032, we’ll have a new currency.

Not looking for a 1929 crash.  Dollar will be the last to fall.  Market will be soft going into first quarter of 2023.  Then choice of buying government bonds or buying equities.  Other currencies are being hit even more.  Financial stress increasing dramatically in 2023.

If war perks up in Ukraine, capital will come to the US.  Will be like WWI and WWII.

Europe is defaulting.  They will try digital currency first to stop the default.

Hyperinflation in Germany started when people saw their money in the bank wasn’t safe any more.  This behavior will repeat.

70% of people think the US is going in the wrong direction.

In 1981 interest went to 14%.  Will that repeat?  US is central bank of the world.  Powell realizes that raising interest rate raises debt in dollars.  Emerging markets are blowing up.

How is Middle East affecting the dollar?  Not much.

Biden is worst president the US has ever had.  Pissed off Saudia Arabia, crippling fuel supplies.  Shutting down fossil fuels before having anything in place. 

They don’t care.  They want to destroy capacity and end the ability to produce energy.

Hubris of the US will have karmic consequences.   Like Athens of days gone by, arrogance started Polyponesian War and destroyed Athens.

Klaus Schwab rivalry with Martin Armstrong.

Gold has lost its mobility.  Better to have old silver coins, 1964 and back. 

How confident is Armstrong in long term survivability and safety in bitcoin?  Under 5 out of 10.  Concern about power grids, which are first thing attacked in wars.  Look for tangibles and things of limited supply.

Do not trust the government.

Armstrong’s new book, The Plot to Seize Russia.

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