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Publisher of Gold, Goats n’ Guns Newsletter

Tom Luongo is a former research chemist and writer on markets, culture and geopolitics.  He publishes regularly on his blog, Gold, Goats ‘n Guns at as well as the Gold Goats ‘n Guns Monthly Newsletter which provides a portfolio strategy for retail-level investors to make sense of today’s global/macro environment.  His work can be seen regularly on such sites as Zerohedge, and The Duran. Mr. Luongo is also a regular contributor at Money & Markets, Strategic Culture Foundation and edits the Ultimate Wealth Report monthly newsletter for Newsmax while also contributing to Financial Intelligence Report. 

The old rules of investing don’t work anymore, according to Tom Luongo. Navigate correctly during these times of chaos or you’ll suffer the consequences.
“I’m a global macro guy, not a day trader. Be right more often than wrong.”
Luongo’s newsletter reflects more of a quarterly perspective than a weekly one.

How do financial charts make sense when everything is so manipulated?

What are the “changing narratives” of investment?

There’s a psychological aspect involved in buying and selling. What determines the ratios of buyers to sellers?
“Who’s smarter? The smartest guy in the room or the room? The room is smarter.” This is one of Luongo’s most important guiding principles.
What’s the problem with money not entering the economy even when excess money is being printed? What happens when people stack money instead of spend it? How can you possibly read this kind of thing into a chart?

What happens when interpretive pattern recognition is irrelevant?
Why is Tesla a hedge fund acting as a car company? Has Tesla managed to overwhelm reality? Is Tesla at least for now “smarter than the room”?
Why isn’t gold selling at a higher price when so much money is being printed? Are people trying to buy tomorrow’s goods with yesterday’s prices?
What happens when confidence is undermined in the currency?
What is a “crack-up boom,” and how close are we to it?
A dollar is definitely not a custodial asset. Is bitcoin a custodial asset? Why is its price so volatile?

Patrick asks, “When gold rises to $5,000 an ounce, would it make sense to sell it and buy T-bills?”

Why are “The Boys” moving us away from currency into digital money?


Are we doing post-Keynesian economics? Is this the biggest Ponzi scheme ever?

Patrick and Luongo discuss the taste of goat meat. (After all, the title of Luongo’s newsletter is “Gold, Goats n’ Guns.”)
What is the game plan of the Great Reset? Can they really shut the internet down? Do they have the faintest clue about how the internet actually works?

The Great Reset is all about “central planning.” Do these “central planners” think we’re all a bunch of morons? Will they accelerate the very thing they’re trying to stop?

Schools are being used to brainwash the upcoming generation. They’re being used to break our children’s spirit. Are they creating a new version of the Soviet map turned into dystopia?
Is the worst-case scenario of Klaus Sxhwab’s dystopia the Killing Fields of Cambodia?

Do these central planners really think people cannot think their way around Universal Basic Income? Do they really believe people won’t figure out indirect exchange — the old food stamps for booze barter?
Are traditional banks “going to be thrown to the wolves”? Are Google and Apple going to replace them? Is it because of what the tech-savvy new generation saw the banks steal from their parents in 2008?

The central planners want us to live like third-world Africans. When you lose your home and don’t have any toilet paper to wipe your butt, they figure you’re under their control.

Our currency is already 95% digital. “I only write one actual check a month,” adds Luongo.

The central planners of the Great Reset want the power to choose who is going to live and die, and who is going to eat and starve.
How is the Great Reset tied in with the Green New Deal? Why is electricity so important to both?
Why is electricity and the “inefficient flow of energy” so important to the Fourth Industrial Revolution?

What is the flaw in the Great Reset’s master plan? “The room is always smarter.”
It’s not East versus West, as we are led to believe. It’s US versus THEM.
What’s the greatest fear of the elite who have all that power? It’s the loss of all that power and potency. Power makes these central planners stupid and lazy.
The central planners want to “save the Earth from the virus of humanity.” What is Luongo’s best antidote? “Be your own …” Be your own what? Be your own dot dot dot — anything! Be your own central bank, etc.
Can you own nothing but custodial assets? Is it advisable to return to a Robinson Crusoe economy? Or can barter help us from being in a Mad Max scenario?
For the present, Luongo’s best financial advice is, “Be in assets that are going to do well in this environment.”

The “deliverance” from these lunatics who are trying to take over the world is in the details of this information-packed One Radio Network show.

Tom Luongo with interesting insights into all things monetary including the great reset..worth it…March 23, 2021

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