Wayne Blakely 

 Health Researcher

What Glyphosates do to the humans and animals & how you can protect yourself

Living Streams Mission has developed and manufactures a wide range of specialized liquid probiotic formulas to meet your health and wellness needs.Living Streams Multi-Blend™ (Living Streams Probiotic™) is a natural by-product of friendly bio-organisms (probiotics) that have been specially cultured and developed to produce the natural anti-infective substances the human body was meant to receive from flora in the intestinal track. Living Streams probiotics only contain organic lab certified bacteria species that are naturally found in the human body, and does not contain bacteria obtained from soil microbes.
Processed foods (for both humans and animals), lack enzymes and other nutrients which results in poor quality intestinal flora and other health stresses. Even the normal amounts of these substances that would otherwise be there are missing in most animals and people. On top of that, because the friendly bacteria are missing from the intestinal track growth of “bad” bacteria, fungus, yeast, virus and mold colonies can seriously harm health. Even if you think you are healthy, subclinical infective processes may be at work, slowly damaging your health.

Hear the story of how glyphosates came into our food system in the 1950’s

The lack of genuine bacteria in the soil is the real issue for mineral absorption in the plants

Same goes for our micro-biome…no bacteria…no minerals and the body degenerates

The lack of sulfur that gets into the brain is a key factor in depression and manic behavior and glyphosates and general lack of good bacteria are at the root cause

The Chabide and Bifido Probioitcs are the two main  Living Stream products to rid the body of glyphosates.  In our Store

Chabide, Bifido and The Perfect Molecule are the best combination for sleep

In 1936 Scientist determined the minerals were simply not in North American soils

The lack of bacteria caused the clay soils to not yield the minerals jammed in there

NPK, synthetic agriculture product are hormones, not minerals..this is what is used in commercial farming today

Wayne tells the story of his son, ten years on Living Streams and his brain is 90% matured to date…and still healing 

The Living Streams Mineral Blend has 100 minerals, 80 absorb able trace minerals and may just be the most effective and efficient mineral supplement on the market today.

Soil Based Organisms can potentially be dangerous to consume

Flora PM is suitable in  helping the body to rid itself of parasites 

Wayne talks about the work his done with cows over many years using these probiotics 

Some emails:  Detox occurs with the use of Living Streams (Multi, Flora, chabite, bífido, derma, moringa.) Please explain how they work on viruses.
Question: What to do when after weeks of having used all of the above one gets a cold sore? Which product to apply directly or indirectly on it or just wait it out?

I’ve read in a number of places that probiotics taken by mouth are essentially completely destroyed by the stomach and digestive system before they reach the intestines. What is your take on this and the new form of probiotics using a spore technology that delivers all of the probiotics to the gut.
Thanks great show. Jim from New Jersey

How would you get good bacteria back into the soil on a ranch where we spray for WEEDS and STICKERS ..????? 💃🏼❤️🐃

My neighbor has had 3 calves mysteriously diethis year. He is downstream from a farmer who sprays Round Up amd diesal on his expansive fenceline.How can we tell if gysophate is the cause?

I’ve been using the living blend…. WITH ( tasty ice cream ) as a carrier…. it manages the taste


My daughter loves the flavor of the Multi-blend so she must need it. I noticed mold in the dropper. I rinsed it out, should it be ok? Thank you

Wayne Blakely on Glyphosates on their beginning and cure and much more, October 4, 2018

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