Patrick Timpone

Ways To Be In the World But Not Of It

Patrick announces the streaming of the World Freedom Alliance on the home page of One Radio Network.

He recommends reading Harry Browne’s How I Found Freedom in an Unfree World (1973). It gives us clues about how to be in the world, but not of it.

Dr. Lorraine Day states that there are hazardous nanoparticles on the swab for the PCR test. Patrick wants more evidence before he has her on the show.

Dr. Thomas Cowan and Dr. Andrew Kaufman have no evidence of these nanoparticles.

“There’s nothing that can hurt Patrick unless I allow it in,” affirms Patrick.

Atom writes in, “I’m a science denier. It’s all a movie. Follow the beam of light back to the projector and the projectionist.”

What role does detoxification play in health?

Why is the alleged-President Biden allowing so many illegal immigrants to enter the U.S.? Why is Biden issuing so many Executive Orders?

“All of these Executive Orders are going to cost you money.”

The Fed’s money-printing is causing inflation. “We don’t really know how much is out there because they stopped telling us.”

The socialist agenda is to give people money so they can be controlled.

How can we protect ourselves from creating disease in our body by being involved in all this chicanery?

Gandhi had it right. He knew he couldn’t fight the British and win, so he used a different strategy.

A boycott is the easiest way to resist without creating karma. A boycott is “the cleanest way to resist.”

Dreams work out karma on the astral plane.

How can we help others to “get it”” How can we get others to “wake up?” Patrick will be doing a show with Gerald O’Donnell and Dr. Melissa Sell on this subject.

John from Erie, Pennsylvania, phones in to say, “So much information, I can’t keep it all straight.”

Patrick explains Atom’s way of “eating on time” to John — soaked almonds and tree fruit for breakfast, meat and vegetables at midday, and fish and root vegetables at night.

Patrick quotes David Wolfe: “Only take advice from people who are getting the results you want.”

Randy in Iowa phones in about feelings of isolation. Patrick and Randy discuss ways to find like-minded people. “Love purifies everything” is the highest solution.

Is all the Great Reset’s craziness ever going to roll back? Randy comments, “I haven’t seen any rollbacks since the 1930s.”


What about mask-wearing? What’s the difference between North Dakota and South Dakota?

“There’s always a way. I live by that. Even if you don’t know the way right now, talk to God. There will be a way,” advises Patrick.

“God doesn’t take sides. God doesn’t do politics.”

“We are the creators.”

Joseph Campbell, in his book, The Hero’s Journey, describes the Hero as going through four stages: the Orphan, the Wanderer, the Warrior, and the Martyr.

Atom writes in, “Martyr means WITNESS. Etymology is fun.”

“Unconditional love is the path out,” says Patrick.

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