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What Is The “Council For Inclusive Capitalism?” It’s The New World Order

The idea that there is an agenda for global government among the financial and political elites of the world has long been called a “conspiracy theory” within the mainstream and the establishment media. And sadly, even when you can convince people to look at and accept the evidence that banking institutions and certain politicians work together for their own purposes, many folks will STILL not entertain the notion that the ultimate goal of these power mongers is one-world empire. They just can’t wrap their heads around such a thing.

People will say that the establishment is driven by greed alone and that their associations are fragile and based only on individual self interest. They will say that crisis events and shifts in social and political trends are random, not the product of deliberate engineering. They will say that elitists will never be able to work together because they are too narcissistic, etc.

All of these arguments are a coping mechanism for the public to deal with evidence they cannot otherwise refute. When the facts become concrete and the powers-that-be admit to their schemes openly, some people will revert to confused denial. They don’t want to believe that organized evil on such a scale could actually exist. If it did, then everything they thought they knew about the world might be wrong. (continue reading)

Brandon’s website is  Wild Bunch Dispatch.

Video of Council for Inclusive Capitalism and the Vatican. 

Anything you ever heard about conspiracy theories, Illuminati, New World Order, the Vatican – it’s all true.

WEF – more a think tank.  Council for Inclusive Capitalism (CIC) – more about implementation.

How could you not trust the voices of the Council for Inclusive Capitalism? 🙃  They’ve been groomed over the years for positions of power.

Communists came up with the term capitalism, which is not the same thing as a free market.

CIC are socialist entities complaining about capitalism.  These are the people that have all the money.  Are they really going to give up power?  They’re centralizing more power for themselves, while trying to convince us that they’re saving us.

Free market – no one controls it, the market controls itself.

Woke Capitalism – most corporations are part of it, all around the world.  They’re pushing woke ideas – green new deal, gender fluidity, carbon control and taxes.  Taking orders from the CIC.

Corporations as a collective could make most of the changes they want without help from the government.  Government by corporations for corporations.

COVID seen to be “a great opportunity to initiate the reset”.   Did they initiate it?  If not, they took advantage of it.

Disney has always been a bit strange, but now they’re out in the open.  But we’re seeing pushback.  They can’t force people to watch and spend money on them.

They’re scared of the idea of alternative media pushing their own products.

Disney is gutting old favorites and turning them into vessels for their woke ideology, saying you can only consume our propaganda.  You’re not allowed to escape.  Indoctrinate them while they’re young.

Elites are narcissists who always miscalculate their influence and how much people dislike them.  Constant self-absorption and self-interest.  Lack of empathy.

Journalisms want a seat at the table.  Have become sycophants for the elite.  Is all editorial now, espousing establishment opinion.  No investigative journalism.

The market for screen writers wants mostly woke material.  Fortunately technology opening up ability to make self-produced, low-cost media.  E.g. YouTube.

Conservatives mistakenly focused on politics and missed the inroads on culture.

Will preppers be the kings of the castle?

Will they pull off a mid-term variant?  Would it work if they did?  It would have to be truly deadly.

They’re employing a scatter-shot tactic of 20 different crisis events and throwing them all out there to see which one sticks.

Similarities to communist regimes of the past.  Their outcome was genocide – is that our future?

Climate change predictions have all been wrong.  They say the ultimate threat is human beings, because all the predicted dangers are man-made.  “Help us save ourselves” is the meme being implemented right now.

Vatican is heavily involved in CIC.  Are they overestimating the influence of the pope?

Digital currency – CBDC – is the real plan.  To be implemented in 5 years, says head of Mastercard.

Would take a serious crisis event to force that switch, says Brandon.  Would be a Hegelian Dialectic solution.

FED involvement was the start of long-term economic crises.  They were short before.  We’re now in stagflation.

40 trillion dollar deficit doesn’t include unfunded debt.  Losing status of world reserve currency means foreign countries dumping dollars and more inflation.

Foreign countries no longer limited to the petro dollar.  They don’t need the dollar because they can buy oil elsewhere without using dollars.

CBDC will be tied to a social credit system.

China has set the stage for other economies to survive.

China-Russia alliance has been building for years.  They’re been preparing for some kind of crisis.

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