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Super Gut

The bestselling author of the Wheat Belly books brings his next big, game changing idea – how the human microbiome is evolving, and potentially wrecking, our health, and how we can fix it

Wheat Belly was a breakthrough, informing readers that the wheat and grains we consume today are not the same wheat and grains of our ancestors and were making us overweight and sick. In Super Gut, Dr. Davis takes his research and findings a step further and shows that because of our highly processed diet, pesticides, and overuse of antibiotics, our guts are is now missing so many of the good bacteria required to be healthy. As a result, many of us have lost control over health, weight, mood, even behavior.

The ancient bacteria that keep our gut in alignment and our digestion easy have been dying off, replaced by harmful microbes that don’t serve to keep us physically healthy and mentally fit. With cutting-edge research, Dr. Davis has connected the dots between gut health and modern ailments and complaints. There are entire species of microbes that have disappeared, creating health issues that were uncommon one hundred, or even fifty, years ago. A major consequence is SIBO (small intestinal bacterial overgrowth), a silent and profound epidemic, which affects one out of three people and is responsible for an astounding range of human health conditions

Super Gut shows readers how to eliminate bad bacteria and bring back the missing “good” bacteria with a four-week plan to reprogram your microbiome based on research and techniques that not only get to the root of many diseases but improve levels of oxytocin (the bonding/happy hormone), brain health, and promote anti-aging, weight loss, mental clarity, and more restful sleep. Super Gut explains the science clearly and includes more than forty recipes, a diet plan, and resources so you can pinpoint your gut issues, correct them, and maintain your long-term health and well-being.

Super Gut reveals how virtually every aspect of our health is fundamentally influenced by the vast array of microscopic organisms living upon and within us. Dr. Davis makes it clear that so many issues related to living in our modern world challenge this relationship and set the stage for illness. But the good news, as Super Gut so eloquently portrays, centers on our newfound ability to improve the health and functionality of the vast array of microbes upon which we depend. It’s clear that we can manipulate this relationship to our advantage. And Dr. Davis shows us how.” — David Perlmutter, MD, author, New York Times bestseller, Grain BrainDrop Acid

Over the past 50-100 years, industrialized agriculture and food, overexposure to antibiotics, as well as chemicals in our diet and environment, has dramatically altered the human microbiome, turning it into something that is almost no longer human. These disruptive changes pose silent dangers for health (1/3 of Americans are affected in its most severe form but usually remain undiagnosed), increasingly ignored by a quick-fix society eager to buy into dietary fads but unaware of the turmoil within.

The answer to our gut and overall health problems isn’t found in the latest version of a ketogenic diet or some new “superfood,’ reveals bestselling author Dr. William Davis in his newest, groundbreaking project, SUPER GUT—we desperately need to reintroduce our bodies to the microbial species that once lived in our ancestors, while pushing back the army of microbial interlopers that have taken their place.

We’ve nuclear bombed our guts.  Loss of good species and increase in the number of unhealthy stool microbes.

Antibiotics and lots of other agents take out our microbiome.  SIBO affects 1 in 3 people.

Loss of Lactobacillus reuteri, an ancient strain.  L. reuteri helps the body make oxytocin and has many other specific beneficial effects.

Replenish it with yogurt fermented for 36 hours at 97-100 degrees starting from pasteurized milk or other medium.  Don’t want to ferment yogurt at temps above 106-107 degrees F. 

Directions in Super Gut book, WheatBelly.com blog, and upcoming DrDavisInfiniteHealth.com and the InfiniteHealth circle.

Pick and chose desired microbe for the effect you want.   Myriad health impacts from loss of specific microbes. 

Home use of Aire device to detect hydrogen gas in the breath. 

How to reverse fatty liver?  Insulin resistance and endotoxemia are contributing factors.  To fix, eliminate grains and sugars to reduce triglycerides.

Cholesterol doesn’t cause heart disease;  it’s a marker.  Cholesterol test is bogus.  Best test is NMR lipoprotein panel.  Most important measure is the number of small LDL particles.

What causes myocardial infarction and clogged arteries?

Conventional “optimal” medical therapy (statins, aspirin, low fat, exercise) is ineffective.

Calcium Scan score is important for tracking progression.  Get rid of factors creating small LDL particles.  Want Trig < 60, HDL > 60, LDL <200.

Diet is profound in cutting cardiac risk.  Fat is good.  Reduce insulin resistance by reducing grains and wheat.  Organ meats are terrific.

Olive oil (oleic acid) is extremely important for microbiome.

Einkorn wheat has 14 chromosomes.  Modern wheat has 42 chromosomes.  Impacts how it is metabolized.

As soon as humans started eating grains, dental issues, arthritis, other diseases of civilization emerged.

China and Italy populations, which have high grain consumption, have high diabetes rates and are acquiring western diseases.

LDL is a calculated measurement using the Friedewald  equation and doesn’t tell particle size.   HDL is a good indication of lifestyle and stress.

Difficulty of getting health messages out if they’re not part of the pharma modality.

Health risks eliminated if HbAIC < 5.0.

Dr. William Davis website article on how to make lactobacillus reuteri yogurt: https://blog.undoctored.com/lreuteriyogurtstepbystep/

This website shares an improved method for making l. reuteri yogurt.  https://www.luvele.com/blogs/recipe-blog/new-improved-l-reuteri-yogurt-method

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