Andreas Moritz

Natural Healer and Author of The Amazing Liver and Gallbladder Flush

Andreas makes an eloquent argument as to why we all need to flush our livers to rid ourselves of stones – and most of us have several thousand. He also discusses the Sun’s healing role in Cancer.




I had a book in my possession for the last two or three years called “Amazing Liver and Gall Bladder Flush”, very, very interesting book. And I got to kind of know Andreas Moritz through this book and contacted him and he’s on the line right now. He is a nice gentleman integrative medicine man is his main tag. He has studied in Ayurveda meditation, Yoga, nutrition, iridology, shiatsu. For over 30 years he’s had a great deal of success with terminal illness with his people. He’s written this book “The Amazing Liver and Gall Bladder Flush”, “Cancer is Not a Disease”, and “Timeless Secrets of Health and Rejuvenation”. He developed Ener-Chi which is a system of healing using ionized stones. His Web site is If you’d like to learn – we get lots of calls on Andreas about gall bladder flushes and liver flushes so this would be a great book. I assume it’s still in print probably on Amazon maybe.

Andreas: Very much so. It’s everywhere it’s in 10 languages. It’s all over the world. It’s going into China now and…

Patrick: Wow!

Andreas: …Japanese.

Patrick: I really enjoyed your book because I’ve done plenty of these myself and you really laid it out in a very clean efficient and neat way. Tell the folks why it is important to clean the liver and the gall bladder.

Andreas: Well liver is really one of the most important organs in the body. It’s a factory it produces an enormous a number of different substances including cholesterol which is a stress hormone and it is a healing hormone and it is an ingredient for most hormones in the body and also half of the brain and even part of the heart. So the body has to make it and uses it in order to manufacture bile. The bile is necessary to digest your food. If you don’t make enough biles normally your body has to produce a quart and a half of bile a day in order to successfully properly breakdown the food into nutrients that are then absorbed into the bloodstream and nourish and nurture your cells in the body. Now when you don’t make enough bile then that poses a huge problem for the body because bile is also responsible for activating digestive enzymes from the pancreas, if you don’t make a bile you are not able to use those enzymes to digest your food with.

Patrick: And what activities decrease bile flow?

Andreas: Anything from anger, stress, from eating inappropriate foods that are not physiological. That means these are foods that are never grown by nature they are manmade foods artificially produced foods or artificially sustained foods that contain a lot of preservatives. Then the kind of beverages that we call drinks or beverages…

Patrick: Yeah.

Andreas: …but people drink all the time like soft drinks…

Patrick: So then back to…

Andreas: …use a lot of stones.

Patrick: …to the liver. So then are these foods that aren’t physiologically natural they’re the producers of the stones and the stones have blocked the pathway for the bile?

Andreas: Correct. It’s a massive network of bio ducts in the liver. It’s almost like a massive tree and it has branches and smaller branches and smaller branches and the big trunk. The big trunk is the common bio duct that comes out of the liver. And so the billary tree can get clogged up very easily by what John Hopkins University calls Intrahepatic Gallstone. The stones they are very soft they are made of mostly cholesterol. Most of them look green like peas. They have almost the shape of peas and they’re soft to the touch so they’re putty like if you squeeze them and they come out. But these stones are very obstructive so they block the bile flow and that means they also block the exit for the liver to eliminate toxins and [inaudible 04:41] substances. So if the liver is unable to remove the toxins from the bloodstream because the bio ducts are blocked up these toxins they are backing up in the blood. And then they enter the connective tissue which is the soft tissue that makes up all the organs and systems in the body. So when you don’t eliminate those toxins properly they start accumulating there and they basically suffocate the environment of the cells and the cells can no longer get enough oxygen. You mentioned oxygen it’s vital for the functioning of cells if the cells don’t get enough oxygen they eventually have to mutate into a different style of functioning which we call cancer or malignancy.

Patrick: Yeah.

Andreas: And that is a really end stage of the body trying to safeguard itself, protect itself.

Patrick: So then the liver has an amazing job. I guess it is correct to say it’s the largest organ of the body, well other than the skin.

Andreas: Physically…

Patrick: Yeah.

Andreas: …it is obviously the most dense. And it’s a soft organ it’s mostly sort of blood. And so in fact the liver cells are completely surrounded by blood, particularly when you sleep.

Patrick: Oh. And can we say then that with the on sought of different chemicals in the air and the food and the water plastics and whatever, that the liver in the 21st Century must really be on top of its game sort to speak.

Andreas: Absolutely.

Patrick: So then these stones would be very, very, detrimental to our health.

Andreas: To the cells functioning. And I mean you have 60 to 80 trillion cells in your body and all of them totally depend on how the liver functions.

Patrick: Wow!

Andreas: And there’s not a single function in the body that doesn’t depend on the liver. That’s why you can develop a huge number of illnesses from digestive orders to simple appetite problems, ulcers and the stomach nauseas feeling, vomiting, depression, impotent, hernia, flatulence, difficulty breathing because if the liver bio duct gets congested the liver becomes large and presses against the diaphragm. Then you cannot get deep breaths anymore and once you have diminished oxygenation of the cells because of that then that again makes you more prone to develop cancer and other illnesses.

You know infections that people have is again related to the liver. High cholesterol obviously because the liver makes cholesterol and it’s the blood vessel works and the liver are getting congestion because bio duct blockage then your body can no longer retrieve enough cholesterol. The liver can no longer retrieve enough cholesterol from the blood stream and it starts building up in the blood stream, and not many people have cholesterol. Heart disease is very much related to the liver. Most brain disorders pancreatitis are definitely related to the liver, anything that is related to circulation and that includes virtually every part of the body. Alzheimer’s disease, cancers, kidney diseases, chronic fatigue syndrome, osteoporosis, knee problems, shoulder problems, joint problems, gout.

Patrick: It’s amazing.

Andreas: Asthma.

Patrick: That’s amazing.

Andreas: There’s literally not a single disease that is not directly related to bio duct congestion.

Patrick: That’s amazing. And if you’ve just joined us – Andreas Moritz sorry to interrupt you sir but we’re coming to a break – if you’ve just joined us Andreas Moritz said that the way these stones get formed in the bio ducts is from inappropriate foods, essentially the standard American diet we’re sorry to say in most cases, and is it wonder that there’s so much illness in our country if what he said is correct and there many, many books and experts and people in the field all over the world who concur with Mr. Moritz. And sir if you hang in there we are going to break for the news. My name is Patrick Timpone and back in a flash.

It’s 36 after the hour with Andreas Moritz. My name is Patrick Timpone. Just a quick little thing here before – I don’t know if it’s political – but your host has never been shy to speaking up, but there are things going on that I need to comment on just real quickly is that I heard on the radio on the way over here. That a court in California has ruled that people cannot home school in California, of course it will be overturned because whether they want the kids to go to the public schools so they can teach them socialism and God knows what else they teach them and teach them how to be not illiterate. And now they’re going to want to tag all the cows and then horses are next people if you want to have to tag your horses the US Government tells you to tag your horses and they’ll probably get to dogs and then they’ll want to do it electronically and God knows what else.

We’re getting to the point I believe in our culture where we the people are simply just going to have to not do what they say. You don’t have to find them you don’t have to get guns and you don’t have to try to elect somebody because the Republicans and Democrats are all alike, except for the likes of Ron Paul. So they’re all the same they’re not going to change anything but we the people are simply going to have to say no we’re not going to do it or don’t even say no just don’t do it. They tell you to do something just don’t do it. What are they going to do go to 270 million American homes and tell them to tag their animals?

And I think it’s going to get to the point where even with taxes, which are unconstitutional, illegal, immoral and over the top, all kinds of taxes and unnecessary if you understand how money works, then we’ll simply someday we’ll just stop paying. What are they going to do? What are they going to do? Do you think all the army people are just going to come to everybody’s house and take your house because you’re not paying? American soldiers won’t do that. These people are out of control. All of them Democrat, Republican they’re all the same except for somebody like Ron Paul.

All right 6:38 my name is Patrick Timpone News Radio 590 KLBJ. With Andreas Moritz one of the most important thing you can do folks is to take care of your health, to stay healthy, get strong, stay strong, stay well. The government insurance its all BS they’re not going to take care of you, they can’t take care of you. The insurance can only really help you if you break your bones and stuff which is nice to have insurance because this healthcare system can put you back together better than anyone in the world, anyone in the world. So taking care of yourself is key and that’s why we do this show and we talk about your health every Saturday 6:00, talk about your money, critical, critical once a month the last Saturday of the month.

Andreas Mortiz we’re going to take the calls in a second but you had laid out a very interesting paradigm how important it is to keep the liver, gall bladder clean because of the inappropriate foods that many of us eat and the culture eats and preservatives chemicals I would presume. Does that also include many of the grains and starches that are over consumed in your opinion?

Andreas: Well certainly many of the refined foods they are no longer usable by the body so the body has to just find ways to discard them. In discarding them that means decomposing and fermenting them or putrefying those kinds of foods that are not useful for the body and therefore remain indigested. When the body is decomposing it engages bacteria to the job, the dirty job for them. And so the toxins and poisons that are generated as part of any fermentation process will be absorbed into lymphatic vessels. They are known as Cisterna Chyli Vessel around the belly button area right in the middle part of the abdomen. And these vessels they become swollen they become endemic as they’re trying to accommodate and surround those poisons with fluid, with lymphatic fluid. And so that part of the body starts to extend it becomes enlarged and that’s typical belly tummy that people complain about when they start first putting on weight. And gradually the lymphatic congestion progresses to other parts of the body via the thoracic duct that runs right from the belly button area all the way up to the throat. And that’s where joints it bends to the left and joins the bloodstream. So when the body is unable to remove or gets exposed to so many foods that are fermented or putrefied like cadaver type foods, animal flesh foods, then the body will have to succumb to these poisons somewhere down the line. And wherever these poisons accumulate more than in other places and the lymphatic congestion progresses to the point that the body cannot even get rid of its metabolic waste products like lactic acid, uric acid, urea, amino, it’s like urine trapped in the environment of the cells. And that is fitting material where it starts to call destruction of the cells. And so wherever that happens first you will have a symptom. You go to the doctor he says “Well you suffer from this illness” and he basically puts you online for receiving drugs or something else that will suppress those very same symptoms which is nothing but a survival mechanism in the body.

Patrick: Yes.

Andreas: It’s a healing response to bodies desperately trying to go back to balance and the disease, what we call disease is the way for the body to do that. Inflammation, for example, is a healing response we call it an illness.

Patrick: Yeah. His name is Andreas Moritz. He’s an integrative medicine Aruyveda, mediation, Yoga, nutrition, iridology, and shiatsu. He’s been at this over 35 years, he’s traveled around the country, the world and actually he’s talked with Heads of States around the world. He’s written several books including “The Amazing Liver and Gall Bladder Flush”. And your Web site is it

Andreas: That’s correct.

Patrick: Ener-Chi. And someone asked and called your last is Moritz.

Andreas: Yes.

Patrick: M-O-R-I-T-Z, Andreas Moritz. So there is a way and your book goes into it in great detail, and we won’t go through it now because we’re going to take a call or two, that you can flush your liver and gall bladder and get rid of these stones and do this very safely and people do this quite often.

Andreas: Oh yes.

Patrick: And we’ll talk a little bit about it throughout the evening between now and 8:00 of how you do it and what the basic idea is, and then someone can get more information. Let’s go ahead and talk to Rocko who’s been holding. Hi Rocko you’re on KLBJ. Rocko:

Hello Patrick. How are you doing Paisan?

Patrick: Okay I’m a good, how’s about you? Rocko:

I’m doing all right. Listen I was wondering if your guest had any knowledge he could pass along about rejuvenation of the cells in the pancreas or how that relates to diabetes. I’ve been diagnosed with diabetes and I’m wondering if you consider that a disease and if you know anything about this…

Patrick: Rocko could you hold on one sec. Rocko:


Patrick: You want to try him on that other thing Chris? Yoi want me to try it down there? Okay Rocko you there? Rocko:


Patrick: Okay Rocko you there? Rocko:


Patrick: Okay that’s better. Can you hear him Andreas now?

Andreas: Yes.

Patrick: Okay go ahead. And so you’re looking for some way to rejuvenate the cells of the pancreas you’ve had diabetes for awhile.

Andreas: Yeah.

Patrick: Are you having diabetes Type 1 or Type 2?

Andreas: Type 2. I was diagnosed about three years ago and I was able to control it with diet and exercise for a couple of years. But now they have me on a drug called Metformin and I’m taking about 1000 milligrams of that a day, and of course I’d rather not. And I was wondering if you had any insight to…

Andreas: Okay the pancreas very much depends on the liver again because when your liver is producing bile it’s basically passed into the gall bladder and whenever you eat a meal that requires your bile for secretion and fat is the trigger for bile to digest carbohydrates your body has to have fat in order to digest those carbohydrates and if you have protein in your diet your body has to have to have fat in order to digest the proteins. So in order to digest the fat your body has to have bile secretion.

Now when you’re done making up bile anymore and there’s enough bile to sufficient enough of bile to activate digestive enzymes that come out of your pancreas. Then many of these inactivated digestive enzymes really remain or go backwards into the pancreas or pancreatic duct and when that happens your cells become inflamed, the cells of the pancreas become inflamed and become what they would call pancreatic. In fact they start getting destroyed. You can destroy the cells of the pancreas that are responsible for producing insulin.

So the liver plays a huge role in this respect. The other problem that usually rises with diabetes is that people over the years they eat far too much protein. To process a steak, for example, a medium steak your body has to come up with the amount of insulin that is required for about a pound of white sugar to completely remove all the proteins and to process the proteins in the body. So that can create insulin resistance eventually because too much insulin is causing cancer in the body. The body will try to reduce the insulin production in some way or another and as your insulin production is curved then obviously your sugar will rise in the bloodstream and you have diabetes.

Patrick: Andreas do you think everybody’s so unique – and we have to end this and get into a break – but Andreas everybody’s so unique with blood type and metabolic type and body type and diet and what we think and believe. But do you think we work as a species in general made to eat to any kind of flesh from the animals that swim and fly and two-legged and four legged?

Andreas: Very difficult. You can only on average digest about one fifth of the amount of meat that a cannibal animal like a cat could digest, simply because we have only very small and very low concentrated hydrochloride acid in our stomach. So if you eat a steak you can only digest up to 10%, 15%, 20% of it, what do you do with the rest of it? Now that has to be putrefied that has to be decomposed. And when you do that when you decompose flesh foods you produce amines and amines are carcinogens and cadaver and some putrescine which are the most severe poisons that a human body can process.

And that is the source of many illnesses and diabetes is definitely one of them.

Patrick: Interesting. All right it’s 49 after the hour. His name is Andreas Moritz. My name is Patrick Timpone and we are having a good conversation. I hope you’re enjoying it he’ll be here to 8:00. He’s got three books “The Amazing Liver and Gall Bladder Flush”, “Cancer is Not a Disease” and “Timeless Secrets of Health and Rejuvenation”. If you’d like to be on this show 836-0590 or outside the area listening on 590 (877) 590-5525.

Okay it’s 54 after the hour. In a move that autism family advocates call unprecedented federal health officials have concluded that childhood vaccines contributed to symptoms of the autism in a nine-year-old Georgia girl. When I heard that we put the article on our Web site under Articles and underneath Health. And I also called Don Richardson who’s head of And Doctor yesterday from our One Radio Networks Studio and that interview of 15 minutes and Don’s reaction to this unprecedented conclusion that federal officials made. And you can hear that interview on the front page of And if you were on our email list I would have sent you an email telling you about that audio link so you can hear it. So that’s a good reason to get on the email list so when these things come up we’re going to be right there, things about money, things about government and really spooky things or health. I’ll interview somebody, put them right on the Web site that day and then you can get that email link right in your computer.

We’re with Andreas Moritz he’s an integrated medicine man. Aruyveda, meditation, really has been doing some great work over 30 years. Right after the news at 7:00 we’re going to kind of dive into just give you the basic structure of how to do a liver, gall bladder flush. Because I know he’s probably fascinated you in the last 45 minutes with the importance of this and the 21st Century and how critical it is that the liver is functioning at 100% and how much of a challenge that is in the environment that we live in but there are always a way to take care of ourselves. As we say on this show “There is always a way.”

Andreas you say that cancer is not a disease. We only have a couple of minutes before the top of the break because we ran long last segment. What is your opinion of what are the major causes of all these different cancers we see?

Andreas: Oh there are so many. There are causes such as lack of sunlight exposure. We now know that 67% of all cancers can be reversed according to the latest studies simply by exposing a person to sunlight. Now you would not have such a high significant…

Patrick: Wow!

Andreas: …thought if you had any number of chemotherapy radiations or surgery treatment.

Patrick: Now repeat that. Repeat what you just said about 67% of cancers could actually be reversed by what?

Andreas: Sunlight.

Patrick: That’s amazing.

Andreas: Sunlight induces, you know, it triggers the release of Vitamin D. Vitamin D is actually not a vitamin it’s a hormone that the body is producing and if you make very little, if you have very little exposure to sunlight you make so little Vitamin D that the immune system is so depleted and weak that it cannot defend itself or balance itself. The body is not able to remove toxins, waste products, carcinogens, harmful substances that otherwise can trigger cancer.

Patrick: My goodness. So it would leave, then can we say then, that the lifestyles of many of us lead getting up and going to work, climbing in the car and doing eight hour coming home…

Andreas: Always protected against…

Patrick: Yeah wow.

Andreas: …the sun. There is no plant that grows without proper sunlight. The body does not grow, every person has to grow. You turn over 30 billion cells per day that means you have to grow 30 billion new cells. Now if you don’t get the adequate amount of sunlight and sun exposure and trigger the release of enough of the Vitamin D in your body then your body cannot grow. Vitamin D is responsible for bone growth, for bone health, people with osteoporosis they need to be out in the sun…

Patrick: Okay.

Andreas: …otherwise there’s no way that they get strong bones.

Patrick: That’s amazing. All right we’re going to take a break here for the news here. We have about five minutes and we’ll be back with you and then right after the news, that’s amazing about sunlight isn’t it, we’re going to be talking about how to do this liver gall bladder flush.

Okay we’re going to flush out your liver gall bladder now. This is great stuff. Isn’t radio great man we get to do whatever we want? Yeah this is really, really great stuff. “The Amazing Liver and Gall Bladder Flush” is just one of the books that our guys Andreas Moritz has written in his 35 years of this game, or over 30 years. He also has another book called “Cancer is Not a Disease”, “Timeless Secrets of Health and Rejuvenation”. And Andreas Moritz’ Web site is And this interview because we’ll also be available on it’s a podcast very soon and then we will launch our subscription site, our premium site which is going to have over 125 interviews and we’re in the process of getting all those ready. So we have a lot of work to do.

Andreas Moritz for those of you’ve just joined us Andreas have painted a very, very interesting picture the first hour about how critically important this large organ the liver is. So virtually every disease and every means of staying healthy in this world is just huge. And he told us how by eating foods that are just not natural and good for us chemicals and preservatives and too much meat with not enough hydrochloride acid and all kinds of standard American and diet kind of foods, fried foods and processed foods and packaged foods and boxed foods that so much of America eats that causes the stones in the actual bio ducts of the liver. And then the bile can’t flow and it just goes downhill from there. It always keyed in with this digestion.

So over the years you developed, Andreas Moritz, different programs. And there’s lots of programs one can get on the internet and we’ve had people on this show like Annie Jubb who we interviewed last night on our One Radio Network Show at 7:00. And is the basic idea with yours as similar to many where one takes a generous amount of olive oil to get these stones out?

Andreas: Yes that’s correct. There has to be a good amount of preparation before you start off.

Patrick: What kind of things do we have to do before we dive in so to speak?

Andreas: Yeah you want to prepare as profoundly as possible. For example, in my system a person drinks malic acid solution or apple chews, a fair amount of apple chews for about six days. That means you drink about a liter that’s more than a quart of that chews throughout the day to soften up the stones because you use malic acid from apple chews or apple cider vinegar or cranberry juice or the malic acid itself to soften up the stones so that you get the maximum amount of stones out as possible. Or to liquefy them you make them so soft and so mushy that they come out very easily and in large quantities.

And when you do the actual slush you prepare by using some Epsom Salt to keep the bile ducts relaxed so that when the stones come out they are just literally moving down the pipe without any problems. I personally had 40 gall stone attacks before I did my first liver flush. I never had a gall stone attack…

Patrick: Wow!

Andreas: …before I did my liver flush.

Patrick: And you had great success with getting many stones out.

Andreas: I passed about three and a half thousand stones.

Patrick: Three and a half.

Andreas: Yes. Now I…

Patrick: Thousands

Andreas: …had my first stones when I was six-years-old.

Patrick: My gosh.

Andreas: And I used to think I had a tremendous amount of pain in my body, especially right shoulder problems, neck problems, joint problems, arthritic condition.

Patrick: Yeah.

Andreas: And they all vanished completely once my liver was completely clean. And the secret here is that you don’t want to just do one flush or two or three you want to flush until all the stones are gone.

Patrick: How often do you do that?

Andreas: Yes.

Patrick: How often do you do the flushes?

Andreas: Until all the stones are gone.

Patrick: I mean like you do it like once a week or once a month.

Andreas: You can do it once a month comfortably and it’s done over a weekend where you take, let’s say on a Saturday you do the actual flush, which starts at around 6:00 in the afternoon, in the evening, where you drink some Epsom salt and then at 8:00 you drink some more Epsom salt. Then at 10:00 you take the oil mixture, which would be olive oil and some lemon juice or orange juice or grapefruit juice. And you would drink that lie down immediately and already that will be enough to trigger the gall bladder and squeeze out a lot of bile. And so all that bile is starting to come out of the liver and gall bladder at that time and brings along with it the stones that were trapped in the common bile duct and then in the gall bladder.

Patrick: And in average or just a general idea how, I’m sure it depends on the individual, but how many stones come out in one flush?

Andreas: In my case it usually was between 300 to 500 stones. There are some individuals that pass a 1000 stones in one setting but mostly people pass between 1 to 100 to 500 stones.

Patrick: And how big are these stones?

Andreas: They can be anything from peanut to pea size and chick pea size and almond size and even larger. My wife passed a calcified stone, from the gall bladder believe it or not, that was two and a half inches.

Patrick: Two and a half inches.

Andreas: It was an enormous thing.

Patrick: So some of them are very, very old so they get hard.

Andreas: Well these are the ones that are found only in the gall bladder and these are the ones that when you go to have an ultrasound done you can see them. You cannot see the other ones, you cannot see the green ones the inotropic gallstones that Johns Hopkins University has a diagram on their Web site. You cannot see them because they’re made of bile and bile is invisible to ultrasound.

Patrick: I see. So some of these stones have calcified so the doctor, the traditional conventional medicine people can see them.

Andreas: Right.

Patrick: But the other ones are actually…

Andreas: Invisible.

Patrick: They’re bile but they’re still problems because they’re blocking the…

Andreas: They’re hard bile. They’re hardened bile.

Patrick: Hardened bile.

Andreas: They’re clumps of bile. It’s like blood clots.

Patrick: Yeah.

Andreas: So it’s like the blood it’s liquid normally but if it becomes had it’s a clout and you know what blood clots can do they can cause strokes and heart attacks. And they can do something similar to liver that can congest the liver so much that the liver becomes eventually fatty and can no longer get rid of the cholesterol that it uses to make bile. And so the bile gets trapped and it’s building up and it’s starting to penetrate the tissues of the liver and the liver becomes fatty. And the liver eventually can go down to 36% of its capacity where…

Patrick: My goodness.

Andreas: …you still don’t find anything wrong with the liver. All the blood test will give you a clean bill of health and you are basically 1% down at 35% capacity your liver is dead.

Patrick: So is there a difference between flushing the liver and the gall bladder or is this all done in the same time.

Andreas: No it’s done in the same.

Patrick: And they both have bile ducts that are in stones or just the gall bladder?

Andreas: The gall bladder has stones just the same kinds of stones as the liver but it can also have the codified gallstones which only occur on the gall bladder and never in the liver.

Patrick: Ah yeah I see. Boy that’s ooh man. So that’s pretty exciting. Is it uncomfortable? I’m asking questions like I’ve never done it folks but I’ve done a lot of these but I know these are the questions you’re asking.

Andreas: Right.

Patrick: Is it uncomfortable?

Andreas: No absolutely not. You don’t feel it until you’ve passed the stones that literally you end up in the toilet bowl all you pass is water and stones the way the cleanse is designed. So you literally see them floating in the toilet because these stones the green ones or beige or whitish stones, the cholesterol stones, they are made of cholesterol mostly and therefore they float they’re lighter than water so you can literally fish them out and you can count them. But it’s very fascinating when people send me their pictures and…

Patrick: I bet they do too.

Andreas: Yeah.

Patrick: I bet they do. I know my friend David Woolf this raw foodist he was telling me one day, he said “You know people send me pictures of the weirdest things that come out of their body when they start eating raw foods.” And he said “I don’t know what they think I want these pictures for.” It’s so funny when he says that people send him pictures of all this stuff. Oh man.

Andreas: I have pictures from all over the world.

Patrick: I bet you do.

Andreas: From Russia, from China, from India, from everywhere.

Patrick: Isn’t that funny.

Andreas: And yet the same stones everywhere.

Patrick: They’re the same stones right.

Andreas: Right.

Patrick: Let me ask you before the break because I’m still fascinating about the sunlight. What you were saying about the sunlight is just amazing to me that the huge percentage of cancers can actually be cured because of just getting out in the sun and getting the Vitamin D.

Andreas: Absolutely.

Patrick: My goodness.

Andreas: And not just cancer at John Hopkins University the other day they said “If you are using sunlight you can prevent so many other illnesses.” We now know that heart disease is reversible simply by exposing yourself to regular sunshine.

Patrick: Well is there a lot less cancer and these kinds of things in like California or Florida where people get out more?

Andreas: People have less cancer the closer you are to the equator. There were studies out American Study and Norwegian Study to actually show that if you have cancer, any kind of cancer, and if you’re living in the northern part you are recovering much more slowly and you have a higher incident of cancer. You have the lowest incident of cancer and multiple sclerosis and heart disease closer to the equator because people are exposed to more sunlight. And you have the lowest skin cancer rates close to the equator. You have hardly any skin cancers in high altitudes where ultraviolet radiation is…

Patrick: That’s fascinating.

Andreas: …the strongest. The people that have the most skin cancers are people who don’t get exposed to the sun that live indoors, that use artificial lighting to work within or under during the day even.

Patrick: That’s fascinating. All right we need a break here Andreas. Andreas Moritz. As you can tell he’s done a lot of research and really has been at this a long time. I think you’d enjoy this book if’ you’d like to give this a go. Certainly we recommend getting the book first, make sure you really read through it and get a good understanding. One of his books “The Amazing Liver and Gall Bladder Flush”, Andreas A-N-D-R-E-A-S Moritz, German M-O-R-I-T-Z; his Web site My name is Patrick Timpone. We’re going to have a whole years worth of Andrew Gause on One Radio Network very soon. We have one right now on our front page. He’s a monthly guest here Andrew Gause on the Real World of Money the last Saturday of the month. And if you’ve been listening, you were listening in 2004 when Andrew was on this show recommended buying some gold coins. Gold was about $300 dollars now its $980 dollars, $980 dollars an ounce. Yeah. And there is just no way that the government is not going to continue to borrow more money because if a Democrat is elected you’ll get socialism and more wars. If a Republican is elected you are going to get more wars and socialism. They’re going to keep borrowing money. This money is created out of thin air by the Federal Reserve, the dollar is going to continue to go down to pay for Social Security for Medicare, for Medicaid, for all these other things that all these politicians are telling you right now they’re going to save you from world and disaster and fascism, and all this crappo that they’re trying to feed you with. And that’s going to cost billions of dollars which is weakening the dollar as we speak. The price of oil is now $105 dollars a barrel, not because there’s not enough oil it’s because the dollar sucks because they keep printing money. So there’s no way that gold isn’t going to go down at this point. Call Andrew (800) 468-2646. All right 26 minutes after that. Is this call for us Chris, because we’d like to take a call if we can 836-0590 (877) 590-5525 with Andreas Moritz. Some cool stuff “Cancer is Not a Disease” is one book. “Timeless Secrets of Health and Rejuvenation” and “The Amazing Liver and Gall Bladder Flush”. Andreas let me ask you another question about allergies. There’s so many allergies to gluten, to this, to that, so many different allergies, test you can take with blood and all that. Why do we become allergic to some foods?

Andreas: Basically certain kinds of foods, there again as I mentioned before, they are not really physiological. So if there are ingredients in these kinds of foods that are added like MSG or aspartame artificial sweeteners or some preservatives then the body will react to those. So the immune system has a reaction to try to get rid of that which can eventually produce antibodies and then those kinds of foods, the whole food that the entire food are protected. And so a lot of people now are in tolerant to those. Many are overexposed to chemicals that are not just part of the food but the pesticides in food.

Patrick: Right.

Andreas: But also airborne substances and emotional factors which would never be underestimated.

Patrick: Sure.

Andreas: Many, many people where eating, let’s say certain things that at a dinner table when they grow up and the parents are fighting over certain things, and every time that person would then later in life eat the same kind of food he would have an allergic reaction…

Patrick: Right.

Andreas: …basically to the memory of having eaten that food 20 years before.

Patrick: Sure.

Andreas: And being the very unhappy during that time.

Patrick: But now some of these tests that are out there, I don’t know about their accuracy, but why would a person who’s relatively healthy for example come back and say “Well you’re allergic to almonds or oranges or broccoli or milk, how can that be?”

Andreas: Well again if generally food is not digested well the food becomes very toxic. And the immune system will be engaged in trying to get rid of that undigested food.

Patrick: These antibodies that it produces.

Andreas: The body will react. Very few have already developed problems with the bile ducts of your liver. Now you will not be able to digest your food properly and then your immune system will react to the undigested.

Patrick: I see so it’s a digestive issue. For all these…

Andreas: Yes.

Patrick: …pretty much…

Andreas: In 90% of the cases it’s purely digestive.

Patrick: What their allergic…

Andreas: Yeah.

Patrick: …things yes.

Andreas: And then there are many, many other reasons why you can produce [inaudible 45:11] are simply you don’t sleep well during the night time. The next day you’re not able to digest your food properly because your liver works between 10:00 and 2:00 more than at any other time of the night and if you don’t sleep during those four hours your liver will not be able to make enough bile to digest your food the next day.

Patrick: Very interesting.

Andreas: So then you eat a big meal most of it remaining undigested and your body have to react trying to get rid of the undigested food. And when the body is constantly engaged in having to do that then you will become intolerant to those kinds of foods and eventually develop severe allergies.

Patrick: That’s very fascinating. So folks a lot of the kids take these allergy tests and they take a lot of the prick tests and they stay off the foods and they go through this whole rigmarole. So you’re suggesting that if one can clean up the liver and the gall bladder but why would a young child of 15 or something could they already be producing…

Andreas: Absolutely.

Patrick: Really.

Andreas: Yes.

Patrick: Really.

Andreas: A five-year-old Chinese girl and her seven-year-old sister do liver flushes and they passed a lot of stones.

Patrick: At five-years-old.

Andreas: Had so many allergies…

Patrick: Right.

Andreas: …asthma and after they kill the stones the asthma and the allergies completely disappeared. So you can see in my own case I had stones when I was six-years-old and my mother had Hepatitis three times before I was even born and so my liver wasn’t very strong to begin with. The kinds of foods that people eat and they think they’re healthy just give a kid milk cow’s milk to drink it will produce a lot of stones…

Patrick: Yes.

Andreas: …as a product of their liver. And it’s now known to cause diabetes. So if it can cause diabetes what else can it do?

Patrick: Very fascinating. Okay we are going to break. Good stuff Andreas I’m really pleased that you’re here. Andreas Moritz and my name is Patrick Timpone.

We have an amazing conversation with Andreas Moritz about his book and other books “The Amazing Liver and Gall Bladder Flush”. If you’ve just you want to make sure you get on and when we launch our premium Web site you’re going to be able to get podcast of 100 different interviews, and this will be one of them and this will be worth 10 months of subscriptions just learning how to flush your gall bladder. And Andreas thank you for all your help tonight. I’m on your Web site and we’ll put a link on our site. You’ve got a great site and you do consultations over the phone right.

Andreas: Yes correct.

Patrick: And you have all your books on the Web site and you have a lot of books here.

Andreas: Yeah.

Patrick: Wow you are – “Cancer is Not a Disease”, “Simple Steps to Total Health”, “Lifting the Veil of Duality”, I like that one, “It’s Time to Come Alive”¸ “Heart Disease No More”, “Diabetes No More”, “Ending the AIDS Myth”. Wow! “Heal Yourself with Sunlight”. You were talking about that.

Andreas: Right.

Patrick: And if you’ve just tuned in Andreas was saying some amazing things about how powerful sunlight is.

Andreas: Oh absolutely. And sleep I mentioned sleep. One of the most powerful things recent that showed that nurses has a 50 times higher cancer rate because they are not getting enough sleep and they’re not producing enough melatonin and melatonin gets secreted at around 9:30 and it peaks at midnight, 1:00. And if you don’t sleep during that time then you will become melatonin deficient and melatonin deficiency is now related with a high risk of developing cancer because melatonin controls a gene that controls the life cycles of cells. So it tells the cells when to die and not to continue living and going on and on and on which would mean they would develop into cancer cells.

Patrick: Yeah.

Andreas: So the sleep is so important just the other day again John Hopkins came out with a piece of news proving that if you are not sleeping enough hours and that a typical American only sleeps six to seven hours, so there’s actually five to seven hours. And they’re found to have a 45% higher heart attack rate if you don’t get enough sleep and you have a higher risk of developing strokes at a rate of 67 cents. So 67% higher percent risk of developing a stroke because you’re not sleeping enough. Now these are huge figures. Hypertension for example…

Patrick: Yeah.

Andreas: …again in the 40% range you’re doing good enough sleep. If you added the sleep we would have much less cancers that we now know that there are much less heart disease, much less diabetes. Now diabetes is very much related to sleep deprivation or not getting enough sleep. So it’s virtually every kind of disease.

Patrick: But what are some of your…

Andreas: Yeah.

Patrick: …top reasons what causes sleeplessness and insomnia?

Andreas: Well it’s not sleeplessness it’s just people are going to…

Patrick: Or they’re just going to bed late and waking up early.

Andreas: They actually go to bed every day at midnight they are missing out on the two hours before midnight sleep which is the most important time of the night. It is now known according to many research studies that it makes the immune system very weak. So gradually you become defenseless against estrogen disease causing germs.

Patrick: So getting to bed at 10:00 is important.

Andreas: Oh it’s absolutely vital. And it used to keep people healthy 100 years ago only 10% of the people had chronic illness today it’s 90% of the people have chronic illness.

Patrick: Ninety percent.

Andreas: Ninety percent.

Patrick: My goodness.

Andreas: So people develop chronic illnesses because they no longer live in harmony with their natural cycle. They have like chronic jetlag it’s as if they’re traveling to Europe or to another country every single day and never recover from jetlag. And that’s basically out of touch with caladium risk which controls plants, controls animals and it controls humans. And we are defining that actually live against the cycles of nature then we are obviously going to eventually get tired or we get fatigued we get over fatigued we’re going to a stress hormone response that you after awhile you can no longer relax. You’re constantly adrenaline no adrenaline, cholesterol and other stress hormones your body can no longer be able to relax and be stress free. It will constantly be agitated…

Patrick: Yes.

Andreas: …and nervous and anxious and that itself is not conducive to healing whatsoever. In fact you cannot heal if you’re under stress.

Patrick: All right it’s 7:42 with Andreas Moritz. His Web site is We will put a link on our site. And let’s go to Doug in downtown Austin. Doug you had a question about your gall bladder. Doug:

Yes I was diagnosed through an ultrasound with two gallstones that are too large to pass and I’m wondering how that would be affected by the flush which sounds very interesting?

Andreas: Well a lot of people, including myself, had a lot of codified stones. In fact my gall bladder was completely packed full.

Patrick: Wow!

Andreas: So that’s a difficult situation because you need some bile to actually expel stones but miraculously I did. Having had so many involuntary gallstone attacks these stones just started coming out on their own after eating some fat, any fatty food and they were triggered by that. Now in your situation if you have only two stones it’s not a big problem. If you do liver flushes eventually they will come out. Sometimes people pass them right away for the first flush and others after the sixth or seventh flush but eventually they do come out and they come out painlessly, you don’t notice them. Usually they’re codified stones they will sink to the bottom of the toilet so you will see them sort of sitting at the very bottom.

Patrick: How did you know Doug that you had the stones? Doug:

Well I’ve had a tremendous number of instances, not recently but I had 70 during the first three months of last year.

Patrick: Seventy what? Doug:

Gallstone attacks.

Patrick: Wow!

Andreas: Yeah. Doug:

And then one lasted several days so I went into the ER and they did an ultrasound and determined that these two are too large to go through the bile duct.

Patrick: What do they want to do? Doug:

Well they’re saying the only thing that will work is surgery.

Patrick: Surgery.

Andreas: Well it’s not quite true that they cannot grow through the bile duct it’s just under normal conditions they don’t and they get stuck and they cause a gallstone attack, and that’s what you and I have experienced many, many times. Now when you do a liver flush it’s very different. What you do is actually you push an enormous amount of bile out of your liver and gall bladder and bile is very oily. And the oily part is like when you want to get rid of a person you get a ring from your finger and it doesn’t come off and you put some oil on it, it will start moving. And like that if you have a lot of bile and the bile ducts are relaxed that means they’re not contracting, which happens if you have an involuntary release of gallstones they will basically make the bile ducts very tight and then the gallstones cannot go through. Whereas during a liver flush it’s exactly the opposite your bile duct is extremely relaxed because of the Epsom salt that you take and also because of the triggering of a large amount of bile that just moves the stones along with the bile and the bile is so oily there’s nothing that can hold the stones somewhere in a common bile.

Patrick: And you trigger the bile by taking about, what is it five ounces or eight ounces of olive oil.

Andreas: And four ounces of liver oil.

Patrick: Four ounces of olive oil.

Andreas: The citrus fruit that both of them are triggers for the gall bladder.

Patrick: Do you recommend taking enzymes with the oil so that you don’t get nauseas?

Andreas: No during that you want to keep it as simple as possible so that you literally just release stones without interfering with…

Patrick: Do you take the oil on an empty stomach or full?

Andreas: If you take it on a full stomach you will get violently nauseas.

Patrick: Okay.

Andreas: You will throw up.

Patrick: That’s why some people they recommend doing the enemas before.

Andreas: Yes and also.

Patrick: Fasting that day maybe.

Andreas: You can eat until lunchtime and you don’t eat anything after 2:00. So that makes sure that stomach is empty when you take the oil mixture.

Patrick: And you take the oil mixture at what time?

Andreas: At 10:00 in the evening.

Patrick: Now do you do that because that’s the liver gall bladder time on the Chinese medicine?

Andreas: Actually when the liver starts working that’s when you have the maximum release of stones. And therefore you don’t want to do it later or too early.

Patrick: Doug let me ask you I’m just interested are you a regular listener to this show? Doug:


Patrick: You are. This must sound kind of wild to you kind of out there or not. Doug:

Well no.

Patrick: No. Doug:

It sounds like something I’m interesting in trying and it certainly sounds preferable to surgery.

Andreas: I had a 90-year-old man they wanted to take his gall bladder out and he said “You’re not going to get my gall bladder.” And so they did the liver flush and right with his first flush he passed out all his codified stones.

Patrick: I’ll be darn.

Andreas: And the guy was so happy to keep his gall bladder at that age.

Patrick: At 90-years-old.

Andreas: Yeah.

Patrick: My goodness. Doug:

I’d like to keep the gall bladder but let’s get rid of the stones.

Patrick: Yeah, yeah, you don’t want.

Andreas: You definitely want to keep the gall bladder it’s not necessary to get it cut out because once you have your gall bladder removed you end up having a lot of problems, your risk of cancer goes up, you become more likely to – you’re going to accumulate a lot more weight. There’s only a trickle of bile like drops of bile constantly leaking out of your liver instead of being collected by the gall bladder and the control and the release in order to digest your food. So you will always develop major digestive problems more so than you may have now.

Patrick: Okay gentlemen we need to break here so. Doug:

Thank you I’ll give that a try.

Patrick: Thanks for the call. It’s 48 after 7:00, 48 after the hour, 48 minutes after 7:00. Andreas Moritz. Lots of books this one we’re talking about a lot tonight it’s called “The Amazing Liver and Gall Bladder Flush” that you can get on Andreas’ Web site. His Web site It’s a great little Web site and he’s got all his books and he’s a very prolific man. I don’t know how he has time to flush his gall bladder with writing all these books but you know you do that.

Andreas thanks so much for being here tonight.

Andreas: It’s my pleasure.

Patrick: That’s great good job. We hope you’ll come back again sometime.

Andreas: Oh yes.

Patrick: And you do phone consultations and people can contact you through your Web site…

Andreas: Right.

Patrick: … we’ll put a link up. Now we only have a couple of minutes left but in the time well maybe list for us some of your favorite foods, some of the best foods that we can kinds of eat and just two or three or four of those, and some of the worse foods just for fun.

Andreas: Well the best foods are really they are of the vegetable origin. Now I eat plenty of fresh vegetables I cook them with some spices and some fat like olive oil or coconut oil or butter and some unrefined sea salt and eat them with some grain foods at lunchtime and preceded by a fresh salad with lettuce, cucumber, avocado, olive oil, lemon juice and so on. And then sunbeams have as well or some nuts and seeds. And so I love those kinds of food. In the evening I have a vegetable soup with some toasted bread with butter on it and it’s all freshly done. And in the morning I’ll have some oatmeal I never get bored with it.

Patrick: Now oatmeal you’ve got to have oatmeal man right.

Andreas: Rice milk or almond milk or hence milk and some butter in it and some maple syrup or some alaga syrup or solid or sugar and it’s delicious with some nuts in it. Mid-morning I have some fruit. So I eat all those kinds of foods and it’s the typical Mediterranean type foods. I lived in Cyprus for 15 years in the Mediterranean and I was amazed how healthy these people are in those villages eating exactly those types of foods…

Patrick: So you don’t indulge in any type of flesh food at all?

Andreas: No I stop eating any kind of protein foods since I was very ill and they gave me a year to live.

Patrick: And you get plenty of protein.

Andreas: You don’t need to eat protein in order to make protein. Why would nature not put protein in breast milk for the first 16 months of a baby that triples its size in the first 16 months? Why would nature only put 1.4% protein in it?

Patrick: Andreas we have to go.

Andreas: Okay.

Patrick: Thank you so much sir.

Andreas: You’re most welcome.

Patrick: It’s been a pleasure. Please have a good night sir.

Andreas: You too.

Patrick: Andreas Moritz, A-N-D-R-E-A-S M-O-R-I-T-Z, Kenny Romire is next. My name is Patrick Timpone take care.

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