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Andrew Gause may just be the top man anywhere for the highest quality analysis into the world of money we all live in. Andrew is a currency historian, an internationally recognized expert on the United States monetary system. He’s written two books, “The Secret World of Money” and “Uncle Sam Cooks the Books”. You can order these books as well as speak to Andrew personally. As a One Radio Network listener, you’ll have highest priority in his phone time. His # is 800.468.2646

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Who decided what gold was worth back in the Wild West days

Do you realize “money” has gone from gold and silver coin to little digits, not even on paper, simply on our computer screen

What would happen if an EMP attack and the internet went down, where are our digits on the computer screen that is now blank

Andrew gives a few insights on how Hitler really captured the passion and confidence of the people talking to them about money and banking

A whole lot of corporate welfare was given to Amazon just to set up shop in the New York area

Fed has been doing some magical and creative book entries to keep inflation at bay

The United Nations is the juggernaut for World Government, World Banking and World law enforcement.  Is it any wonder the globalist dis like President Trump and his opinions on the mere validity of the United Nations

A listener asks about The Q Alternative monetary system being proposed by private individuals

Andy explains what is going on in Italy and why it is such a big deal to global finance

One year ago Bit Coin was at  “value”  $20,000, today it is $4,500

Texas legislatures are changing the text books to teach slavery was the primary “cause” of the Civil War, which in Andrew’s opinion is simply not true.  It was tariffs and states rights.

On this 55th. anniversary of the murder of John F. Kennedy, Andy Gause, who is very well educated in this event answers a few questions on the assassination

The United States now as about 800 bases around the World

Bernie says, “We’re gonna pass a law. If Drug Prices don’t come down, we’re gonna start yankin’ patents!!!”

Socialism–ya gotta love that stuff.

LOL, the gov we love says don’t eat the lettuce because it may have E. Coli, but yet they insist you get injected with vaccines that list E. Coli in the ingredients.

I just checked my 401K…have a vested balance over 17.000$ my employer matches me 7% of what i put in any sugestions.great show today

Does Andy see gold finally blasting through $1300 any time in the next 6 months, and potentially staying above that level? Thanks, Mike

Andy is it true the banks started choking off Hitlers money so that is just one reason he got mad–

Speaking of trust and trust in money, Andrew mentioned “In God We Trust” written on money –
WHEN was it – “In God We Trust” – first engraved in coin money and when was it first printed on paper money?
Have you and Andrew talked about Initiative Q. If so, approximately what date in your archives?

Andrew Gause and The Real World of Money, November 21, 2018 The Full Show in One File (+ two hours)

'Andrew Gause and The Real World of Money – Not Calling a Crash, But It’s Not Going to Be Pretty for the Under Prepared – November 21, 2018' has 1 comment

  1. November 21, 2018 @ 4:37 pm Nancy

    I always think of the EMP scenario when anyone talks about cryptocurrency. How little it would take for everything you own to go “poof”. As if the current situation wasn’t already sketchy!


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