October 25, 2017


Andrew Gause


Andrew Gause may just be the top man anywhere for the highest quality analysis into the world of money we all live in. Andrew is a currency historian, an internationally recognized expert on the United States monetary system. He’s written two books, “The Secret World of Money” and “Uncle Sam Cooks the Books”. You can order these books as well as speak to Andrew personally. As a One Radio Network listener, you’ll have highest priority in his phone time. His # is 800.468.2646


Show highlights:

-Is another 2008 Lehman event coming?  Andy predicts a disorganized fall.  Gov spent $588 billion in the last month, $12 billion since last week.  Professor Lawrence Kotlikoff said 2017 debt will come in at $6 trillion.  US total debt is more than $200 trillion.  US is in worse shape than China, Russia, or any other developed nation.  Gov officials are well aware that America’s debts and accruing liabilities are being carried off the books.

-What is the Resolution Trust Corporation and why is it impacting us today?

-The people paid in $800 billion this year in Social Security taxes, but the gov borrowed it all and spent it.

-$4 trillion budget passed last week.  $3 trillion to come from tax collections.  How about the $1 trillion difference?

-We need fiscal gap accounting, showing all assets, all liabilities.

-President Bill Clinton lied about how much money we owed.  He didn’t pay down the national debt.

-Mexico launched a foreign exchange intervention to support the peso after it’s fall to six-month lows against the dollar.  Selling currency hedges.  200 million ounces in gold involved.  Someone shorted and sold it, to keep the gold price down.  Market manipulation.

-Assistant Attorney General Katzenbach wrote a memo within hours of Lee Harvey Oswald being gunned down.  “The public must be satisfied that Oswald was the assassin.”

-25 years ago Texas law enforcement said there was evidence that Oswald was a FBI agent and possibly CIA.

-On 10/26/17, the 50th anniversary, all records of the JFK assassination are supposed to be released.  1% of the 5 million pieces of info about the JFK assassination is extremely sensitive.  Will it ever be released?  Oswald was a patsy, but the supporting documentation stays hidden.  Oswald was the only US defector to Russia at that time.  He was forgiven and given a paid airline ticket back to the US.  Andy predicts just enough will be released to make Oswald look guilty, but not the full story.

-All presidential assassinations, Lincoln, Garfield, McKinley, and JFK were supposedly killed by “lone nuts”, who were all “dealt with” before the truth could come out.  Andy says all the assassinations were conspiracies.

-DNC and Clinton paid for the Trump dossier on Russian involvement.

-Hillary Clinton’s involvement in the 2010 sale of 20% of the US uranium reserves to Russia.  $150 million went to the Clinton Foundation.  Clinton Foundation paid for many personal expenses of the Clinton’s.

-In 1975 the Church Senate Committee determined the US is run by a shadow government.

Hour 2

-The Senate Judiciary Chair is calling for a special prosecutor to investigate the uranium deal.

-Steve asks if the uranium deal is still standing?  It has not been rescinded.

-The defecation impinges on the rotary oscillator.

-Jason bought bitcoins and will be using those profits to buy gold semi-numismatic coins.  What does And think of that?

-Jimmy Rogers says we’re in for the worse bear market of our lifetime, probably next year.  Debt is much higher than in 2008.  Chinese could spend money for bailout then, now they’re in debt too.   FANG stocks – Facebook, Apple, Netflix, Google -are the tech titans in the market.

-Safer to be on the sidelines until the stock market settles down.  Stock market overdue for a correction.

-Dollar index was 102 in January 2017.  Now it’s 94.  Needed to make 6% on your money to even break even.  With any investment yielding 6% today, need to worry about return on principal rather than return of principal.

-Bitcoin is like Enron in the making.

-Charles Hugh Smith argues the US won’t stop buying bitcoins because the people who control the USG are all in.  Top 10% of all assets in the country are investing in bitcoin.  50% of all bitcoin income is in the top 10%.

-Lincoln created greenbacks to finance the Civil War.    Eisenhower created notes to finance interstate construction.  Kennedy created notes and silver certificates to come up with $500 million.  The boys didn’t like that.

-Gary Hart chaired the subcommittee that revealed how the CIA and FBI had their hands in the cookie jar and were involved in the JFK assassination.  His reward for revealing that was getting caught on the yacht with a girl – they followed him with a camera.

-Richard Schweiker, PA congressman, said the Warren Commission collapsed like a house of cards.

-Watergate linked to JFK.  The same Cuban exiles were involved in both the Bay of Pigs coverup and in Watergate.

-The Czechs and Austria elected their own Trumps.

-Andy says we are the best.  American culture is superior.  The view from the left – anyone holding those beliefs are considered to be nationalists today, a bigot, having flawed thinking.    NYC mayor wanted US flags removed from NYC firetrucks.

-Mike notes that stamp collecting has declined with the decline in personal mail.  With increasing use of electronic money, will coins be valued for their metal content or as antiquities?

-Stamp collecting declined because once the UN was given franking privileges, paid for by the Postal Service, they started making collector stamps and flooded the market.  Killed the marketplace for stamp collecting.  Stamps up to FDR’s time are still collectible and appreciate in value.  But supplies of UN stamps are so enormous, that marketplace is dead.

-Listener asks for investment opportunities other than gold and silver coins.  Andy will not comment; he’s not comfortable investing in any stock.  Any investment suggestion is for physical tangibles in fixed supply, and he’s not familiar with anything other than gold and silver coins.

-Any tax deal this year?  No.  Some legislators would rather burn Washington to the ground than let Trump succeed.

-Sylvia asks how many gallons of gas are sold in the US each day and the amount of taxes collected on it?  Taxes are supposed to be dedicated to infrastructure repair, but they’re not.  $143 billion a year of taxes come in.

-Telephone call between LBJ and Hoover the day after JFK’s assassination.  Phone call somehow got erased, but there is a transcript of the call, which was about  Oswald supposedly being in Mexico City claiming he wanted to kill JFK, but the image doesn’t match.

-Photographer of JFK’s corpse testified he didn’t take the photos shown of JFK’s body.

-Operation Northwoods was planned to be a simulated attack on the US and blame placed for it on Cuba.  This was the beginning of the revelations of false flag operations.

Hour 3

-Why did the the pushback on Cuba start?  During the Cold War, US gov didn’t want anyone talking to Stalin to find out the dirt he had on the US.  They also didn’t want anyone talking to Castro and finding out CIA dirty tricks, so they made him persona non grata.

-Were the Cuban missiles real? Withdrawal of the missiles was presented to us as a US victory, presented to Russia as a Russian victory because we agreed to withdraw missiles from Turkey.

-Plot to assassinate Castro by injecting him with cancer.  See the ORN show about Mary’s Monkey. 

-75% of people don’t believe Oswald was the lone assassin.

-Jack Ruby begged to be taken out of Dallas, knowing he would die if he was kept there.  He died of cancer.  A Mary’s Monkey thing?

-Bruce says UN stamps are being sold at concession stands in US National Parks.

-The UN is in control of what was Great Smoky Mountains National Park.  Now a UN World Heritage Site and International Biosphere Reserve, not a national park.  Other national monuments like Statute of Liberty are now under UN control.

-Steve says in support of nationalism, we could use more of Archie Bunker’s wit and wisdom arguing against his “Meathead” son-in-law.  The show tried to make Archie look like an anachronism with old fashioned beliefs.

-Amazon may be the best FANG stock.  It and Google are the only ones with a chance to grow.  Apple is meeting growth resistance.

-Amazon HQ2 will need 50,000 workers.  Looking for bids of what cities will offer them to move there.

-In NJ, 1 person in 8 is working for the government or on a government pension.

-NJ spends $41,000 per pupil.  Poor schools can’t afford that, so the state is taking state tax money to subsidize poor schools.  Corruption has permeated politics and school systems.

-Listener asks about cutting taxes and having the shortfall paid for by more economic growth.  Do the numbers work?  Andy shows they do.

-When initiated in 1913, the federal income tax affected only those making over $200,000, which was very few people.  Labor wages were not considered income and were not taxed.  1894 Pollack case said income tax was unconstitutional, that income was profit severed from capital.  If you want to fight it in court, administrative remedies such as arguing in IRS court must be exhausted before your case can be taken up by a real court of law.

-Kevin asks how can we be taxed by multiple entities?  Study the Clearfield doctrine.  The government becomes a corporation, and you declare yourself to be a part of the corporation.  The corporation is extra-governmental with all the powers they can assume.

-Don’t think you can succeed in court in fighting the need to pay taxes.

-Government can’t assign more than legal tender value to US currency.

-Read AndyGause.com for education on the United States money system.

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