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Andrew Saul

The Effectiveness of High Dose Vitamin C and Other Supplementation

Andrew W. Saul, the “Megavitamin Man,” has 38 years of experience in natural health education. His world famous, free-access educational website,, is peer reviewed and the largest non-commercial natural health resource on the internet.
Saul’s books have been very popular with the public, translated into many languages, and have been used as reference works for health practitioners. In South America, a number of rainforest Indian tribes are now megadosing with vitamin C due to his guidance. The result is that these natives’ miscarriage and infant mortality rates have plummeted. DOCTOR YOURSELF: Natural Healing that Works, is in its second edition. His politely (ahem) titled FIRE YOUR DOCTOR!, in its eighth printing, is, interestingly enough, foreworded one of the world’s most distinguished physicians: Abram Hoffer, M.D.
Alternately considered by his students to be either the worst or the best professor they’ve ever had, Andrew Saul is easily the most unusual. Critics might say that whether this man is brilliant and insightful, or just a health nut leading fools down the garden path, is a matter of some controversy. Indeed, there are health professionals who would like Saul silenced along with the horse he rode in on. Saul is the scourge of scientists, because he is a biologist himself. He is anathema to many a food-groups dietitian, perhaps because he taught graduate-level clinical nutrition for years. Medical doctors will no longer debate him, probably because of his three decades of experience helping their problem patients get better. And while he gave far too many quizzes for his college students to like him, his experience as an insider in higher education takes the pomposity out of many a pharmaphilic academian.
Perhaps what really makes this man dangerous is that he won’t shut up and go away.
Saul says, “Medical doctors ignore vitamin research, claiming it isn’t science. They also typically ignore case histories, saying it isn’t research. So why not take the information directly to the people, and let them decide for themselves?”

Show Highlights:

-Low doses of vitamin C were shown to reverse polio years ago

-For every negative report against vitamins, there are 20 which show their effectiveness

-The set RDA of nutrients are terribly low

-The USDA standard for the RDA of vitamins c are 15 times more for guinea pigs than for humans

–What are the long term consequences of not getting enough nutrition?

-America spends $180 billion a year on disease care

-People who take vitamin C are less likely to die of viral pneumonia

-The medical profession is for sale; they’ve sold out to the pharmaceutical companies

-Very few people know that the company Kodak, has a patent for vitamin E

-Synthetic vitamins vs. natural vitamins: Which are best; are they the same?

-The research shows that laboratory vitamins are effective

-The fact of the matter is, the cheapest vitamin c, is 800 times cheaper than oranges

-Food stamps will not pay for vitamins, but they will pay for garbage foods

-GMOs are a bad idea; go organic!

-The most common misconception about vitamin C

-Cabbage juice for healing the GI tract; the healing powers are so great with 4 glasses of fresh raw cabbage juice per day

-Why does the stomach acid decrease with with age?

-Is there evidence that vitamin C causes kidney stones?

-How to prevent kidney stones?

-Vitamin C: Antibiotic, antiviral and antihistamine effects are only achieved at bowel tolerance doses

-A word about liquid vitamins: You may want to infuse them a little every day with vitamin C

-Does vitamin C suck the minerals out of the body?

-If you want to be healthy, you have to do it all. Vitamin C is an answer, but not THE answer, Andrew Saul explains why just taking supplements is not enough

-A listener wants to know how to lower blood pressure naturally

-How do large doses of Vitamin C affect intestinal bacteria?

-Mr. Saul gives his opinion of lipo-spheric vitamin C

-Does vitamin C have an expiration date?

-Ascorbic acid is clinically the most effective vitamin C

-Healing gum disease with sodium ascorbate

-A good doctor wants you well; the best doctor wants you on the least amount of medicine

-Got anxiety? First, cut sugar out completely, second, add niacin. What’s happening when the body flushes when taking niacin?

-Taking vitamin C will not make all your problems go away; Andrew explains why educating yourself about vitamin C and other health remedies is so very important

-If you’re sick of sickness, you need to change your life; You’ve got to do it all!

-A protocol for MS

-3 great foods for digestive enzymes

-Why colon cancer is extremely rare among native people

-Dissolving gallstones with a juice fast

-Topical vitamin C for poison ivy; making a paste with the crystals

-Building a better immune system to fight candida

-The best prevention for eye disease

and so much more!



Andrew Saul


andrew saul on vitamin C and mega dose vitamin therapy , may 22, 2014, hour one

'FROM THE ARCHIVES: Andrew Saul – The Effectiveness of High Dose Vitamin C and Other Supplements – May 22, 2014' have 5 comments

  1. May 22, 2014 @ 4:24 pm David

    Mixing vitamin C powder with Emergen-C Electro Mix, (Lemon-Lime)
    Buffers the ascorbic acid.


  2. May 23, 2014 @ 10:00 am James

    With all due respect I disagree with the comment that we have cleaner Air and Water today. There where no Chemical and Petro Chemical Industries in the 1860″s and there where no Persistent Com-trail’s.( Chem-trails ) Nano sized compounds are being released in these trails. Have you noticed that American’s now have a chronic cough that will not go away ? These are the effects of nano- particles in your lungs and they are not leaving as you are getting a constant dose . James


    • May 25, 2014 @ 9:02 am Trevor

      Yes, most guests here are one-trick ponies who espouse a single therapy but ignore the depopulationist (chemtrail) elephant in the room.

      Andrew Saul is a good speaker but gave no tips about where, in practice, to buy vitamin C in bulk cheaply.


  3. May 24, 2014 @ 9:15 am RadioGuGu

    “Super Juice Me” (movie dot com)- an experiment with a Jason Vale – the King of Juicing. /Yes, the Father of Juicing is featured therein too ;)
    Thank you & there is still so much more to talk with Andrew Saul about!!!
    Hugs :D


  4. June 3, 2014 @ 10:11 am CAB

    Regarding high dose vitamin C “sucking out the minerals” … even the orthomolecular advocates freely admit the vitamin C pulls the minerals from the body, and here’s one example right here. This article is written by an orthomolecular proponent.

    [I excerpted parts from the article that talk about vitamin C being a powerful chelator. There’s much more information that can be found online about vitamin C
    C chelating minerals out of the body. Dr. Wilson and Dr. Berg also talk about C being a chelator.]

    Here’s the excerpts I pulled from the linked article that concern vitamin C pulling out minerals:

    “Vitamin C and Chelation: This brings us to one of most important uses of vitamin C – chelation of minerals, particularly the heavy metals which are toxic in very small quantities….

    “While vitamin C isn’t a true chelator, it works the same magic of removing minerals from the bloodstream. It does it by combining with all minerals (good and bad) and making a new chemical out of the combination that is water soluble. This means that it can be filtered out by the kidneys and excreted by the urine pathway.
    Remember that it takes out ALL minerals, so you MUST supplement with needed minerals while chelating out all. …

    “Since I was not an MD, I couldn’t prescribe EDTA or other chelators. So, I learned that vitamin C works just as well as any chelator. It also has several advantages over the commercial chelation therapies as well. …

    “Remember that vitamin C takes out all minerals, so while chelating in any way, you have to put back in the “good” minerals your body needs. (This is why you take any mineral supplements at least 4 hours after taking vitamin C.)…

    “most MD’s don’t even know about vitamin C as a chelator.
    Dr Bate was a pioneer in Orthomolecular/Alternative Therapy, and the inventor of Neuroliminal Training, an inexpensive alternate to the very expensive Neurofeedback (EEG Biofeedback).


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