Anton Chaitkin

Historian Anton Chaitkin is the author of Who We Are: America’s Fight for Universal Progress, from Franklin to Kennedy

The U.S. Betrays Its Heritage by Threatening World War III Against Russia and China

Americans who cherish our country’s legacy are horrified by our headlong rush to war. America at its best was the very motor of world progress, higher living standards and peace.

That is our true national identity. We betray “the better angels of our nature” by making military threats against those who are advancing world powers, as we once were. We commit suicide when we dishonor historic agreements that keep the world safe from nuclear annihilation.

When the Soviet Union collapsed in 1991, the U.S. promised Russian leaders that the U.S.-led military alliance known as NATO would not be extended eastward toward Russia. The transatlantic Globalist war-making faction broke this promise. NATO has moved eastward with eight new members, heavily armed and hostile to Russia. The U.S. installed a far-right anti-Russian regime in Ukraine on Russia’s border, and armed them for conflict.

China has been similarly ringed by threatening U.S. fleets and military bases.

Russia and China have made it plain they find this intolerable, and cannot permit it to go further.

The world is hurtling toward the unimaginable horror of nuclear war.

We must look soberly and deeply into U.S. history to see how our nation changed from a force for peace into an aggressive provocateur.

We were industrialized by progressive patriots. They won out against Southern slave-owners and imperial financiers who blocked American progress. The U.S. at its best boosted other nations to technological prowess.

Abraham Lincoln and his allies organized the greatest advances ever made in technology and living standards, and a long era of peace with the world. Franklin Roosevelt and John Kennedy sought a partnership with Russia to bring peace and a humane existence to all mankind.

America changed course after Kennedy’s murder. We gave up our industries and lost our skills. We gave power to unaccountable Globalist financiers. Their speculation and deindustrialization have bankrupted the Western world. Other powers are now rising who won’t follow Globalist rules into poverty and national suicide. (Continue reading)

What’s going on with Russia?

US experiencing a war drive since President Kennedy was assassinated.  Constant drive for more military bases around the world.

China and Russia are improving their technology.  Anglo-Americans are attacking them for what we used to do in the world.

Insane US woke phenomenon is not about uplifting the black population. 

We used to have an industrial power way of life.  Provided a foundation for the family.  A value on labor.   

Anglo-American “intelligence community” is pushing the new agenda, including war.

George Washington’s Farewell Address: A country that bases its foreign policy on hatred against a particular country is a slave to that country.

Abraham Lincoln:  When it’s okay to rob, murder, and enslave foreigners, it would be the great task of civilization to correct the lack of sympathy for other countries.

Being made in the image of the Creator puts a value on labor.

Franklin Roosevelt:  Believed in national sovereignty.  We should work with partner countries.

Martin Luther King:  Broke with the Anglo-American crowd.  Said US is destroying its soul to make wars.  Had a poor people’s campaign.  Anti-war.

What happened to the anti-war movement in the US?  Got off track and attacked the US during Vietnam War instead of being anti-war.

Are Anglo-Americans the globalists of today?

Their idea of economics is to enrich the people that have the money.  Vs. improving the life of the people in the country.

We need to respect those we put into power, and they need to respect us.  Our rulers today don’t know how.

Our leaders need to talk about what happened after JFK died.

We need to get out of what is dividing the country.  Focus on what unites the population.  Support the family.

What would happen if Mexico became an industrial power?

It’s not about controlling who is getting elected.  No one is addressing the deepest problems of the country.

The US is now based on stopping the progress of this and other countries. 

Instead of war against them, we could have given the Indians an opportunity to participate in the US way of life.

Is this really a deep spiritual issue? 

Need sympathy for strangers.  See the world through their eyes.

China feels they are helping the world thrive.  They look at the US with puzzlement.

Why is the US hostile to Russia?  We have been historic allies.

We’ve sanctioned most of the world.  That drives their people against us.

Supporting globalization isn’t necessarily pushing a war agenda.  Look at the ones pushing war as dangerous to US society.

Many in US don’t support or value civilization.  Don’t like cities, public schools, vaccines.  Get civilization back and don’t just be a jerk.  Discuss how to restore trust.

They lie about everything.  Send the people to war.  You can’t blame the people for not trusting them. 

Anton wants respect for the USA.  We can’t bully others.  Provide for our own people a good standard of living and restore the value of labor. 

What will Biden do with NATO, Russia, and Ukraine?

Russia went into Afghanistan to stop Muslim power.  The US hired terrorists to stop the Russians.  Neither country fared well.  What if they had tried to help the Afghans?

To get over too powerful governments, establish trust and confidence between countries.  Defend our interests by pursuing our interests. 

No US leaders are telling the truth about our infrastructure.

Is nuclear energy safe enough to use?  Are passive energy sources adequate for the vast need for energy?  How much energy do we need for maintenance and progress of human needs?  How much does it cost?

Valuing human beings is worth preserving. 

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  1. February 4, 2022 @ 4:44 pm Photomaineac

    This guy actually thinks that Government has the ability to not be evil?

    Can he show me a government that is not corrupt and based on consumerism?


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