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Atom Bergstrom, born Gosta Ingvar Bergstrom, Jr, is credited as the founder of Sun Sync and the leading expert on a Sun-Centric lifestyle. Atom’s journey towards health, nutrition, longevity, and meditation goes back to 1955, when he first started reading books by D.C. Jarvis, J.I. Rodale, Carlton Fredericks, Adelle Davis, Aldous Huxley, Paramahansa Yogananda, Swami Prabhavananda, and numerous others. His exposure to the above mentioned authors instigated a deep desire and passion to understand and unlock the secrets to optimal human wellness and longevity. Atom was inspired by the words of Thomas Jefferson: “School teaches all of the branches, but none of the roots.” He sought the answers to his questions, not in classrooms, but in books, relationships, and life experiences. His quest for true knowledge and wisdom began by studying in hundreds of libraries across the country and evolved by studying with teachers and masters including Swami Adano Ley, Sufi Adnan Sarhan, Rabbi Michael Shapiro, Taoist Master Yun Xiang Tseng, and Fitness Icon Gypsy Boots. His most significant teacher was Swami Adano Ley with whom he spent 14 years. During this time, he studied a variety of sciences extensively, including the sun centric lifestyle, and ultimately graduated from Adano Ley’s Texas Institute of Reflex Sciences. The knowledge and wisdom he gained studying under a highly evolved swami combined with his emphasis on scientific research & personal experience would soon become the heartbeat of Sun Sync Nutrition. For the past 40 years, Atom has dedicated his life to the continuous learning and teaching of Sun Sync Nutrition, Time Conscious Eating, Cosmo-Chemistry, Reflexology, Muscle Response Testing, Body Language Analysis, Iris Analysis, Lucid Dreaming, Meditation and many other sciences.

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Show highlights:

Patrick and Atom discuss the Great Reset and the COVID hoax.

Some Californians are starting to wake up. People are protesting and marching in Santa Barbara — flags are waving, horns are honking.

Atom names five or so leaders in the Great Resistance against the Great Reset.

One site was so accurate it was de-platformed from both YouTube and Facebook way back in March, 2020.

“We’re at war,” says Atom, “And we all need to do our part. According to him, “Globalism started in the U.S. It’s not coming from some faraway place like Europe, China, or Russia. It’s an inside job. The Rockefellers and George Soros are not foreigners. They’re Americans.”

Atom discusses the Harvard Kennedy School in Boston, and how this center of globalism has taken John F. Kennedy’s words in vain — “Ask not what your global government (instead of ‘your country’) can do for you,” etc.

What does Atom think about Wikipedia? Can it be a valuable tool if you know how to use it?

How can we use Facebook instead of Facebook using us?

Atom and Patrick discuss Michael Jackson and “Leaving Neverland,” the documentary.

What does Atom think about dry fasting?

Patrick is experimenting with dry fasting, and he discusses his good results.

Atom explains the difference between German New Medicine and Santa Barbara New Medicine (a.k.a. Mind Hacking).

Why is vitamin C for COVID “fake news” on YouTube, but vitamin D isn’t?

Why is YouTube promoting vitamin D for COVID? Why is YouTube so hot to shove it in your face?

Can you survive without sunlight? Can you survive without taking vitamin D?

If not vitamin D, what is it in sunlight that is beneficial?

Listeners send in their questions …

What does Atom think about diatomaceous earth?

What does he think about CBD oil?

Do you know a good replacement for ranch dressing?

Can you describe the five exercises you’ve talked about to replace the Tibetan exercises?

Are oats good for health? What about mushrooms? Corn? Bamboo shoots?

What about dextrinization? What about nixtamalization?

What are the benefits of sugar?

Why is belly fat (central obesity) dangerous?

What can be done for a herniated disc?

Atom discusses Dr. John Sarno and his treatment for back pain, shoulder pain, neck pain, etc.

What’s so special about Spinedex in Phoenix, Arizona?


Atom Bergstrom, time conscious eating and much more for his monthly visit, January 4, 2021. Part One

Atom Bergstrom, time conscious eating and much more for his monthly visit, January 4, 2021. Part Two

'Atom Bergstrom – Is Humanity Finally Waking Up? – January 4, 2021' have 2 comments

  1. January 6, 2021 @ 5:47 pm Hank

    Interesting but as a youtube user I have not noticed Vit D being shoved in my face. Dr. Chris Martenson, PH.D (Pathologist) has been monitoring this covid1984 since it began. He has shown the studies that show Vit. D (much more than the 400 mg the British government advocates) does have a preventive effect, that Hydroxychloroquine given early does have a benefit, but that Ivermectin seems to be most effective. He slams the Industrial Medical Complex for ignoring these. BTW if the Brits who are to get 400 mg of Vit D daily (much less than a therapeutic dose) get covid1984, then the MIC can say: hey Vit D does Not work, much like they did with hydroxychloroquine by giving it to dying patients.


  2. January 9, 2021 @ 10:15 am Rob Young
    Marie-Louise von Franz – Number and Time


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