Air Is Pushed Into Us




By Atom Bergstrom

Atom’s Blog

According to Adano Ley (Swami Nitty-Gritty) …

“Acceleration is at the nose.”

“You’re going nowhere but the tip of your nose. The wonderful whos and hues are beyond the breath, but the what is not.”

“Mr. Fresh Air takes many forms in many noses.”

“My God is a God of the living, not of the dead. When you live, you got God the Devil chasing you up the nose.”

“The Great Spirit is the Great Breath. A body gains three ounces at birth and loses three ounces at death. Walk the wind — Paul was talking fundamental biological physics.”

“A drunk and a Saint have this in common — reaching for oblivion with the next breath.”

“God is in the next breath. God is rest, God is air.”

“The last enemy is whatever you eat lacking vitamin D. Air has vitamin D.”

“The lungs control life. We don’t breathe in — we are forced to inhale.”

“‘I need air to live’ is erroneous. God exists as atomic physics.”

“We are pressurized by the environment. We don’t breathe — God breathes into us. Air is pushed into us. We survive by biological dilation feedback until breath.”

“Gourmet on oxygen. Stick it up your nose and eat. Breathe!”

“Hong Saw is the sound of the breath as it passes in and out of the nose.”

“The electron is a negative particle ruled by manganese. If ‘man’ can’t ‘sneeze,’ he’s got a frozen brain. Sneezing gives you a brain boost.”

“Your right brain is your friend. Your left brain is your enemy. Without your nose, there’s no partnership between the right and left brain.”

“The nose is a gas pump, and the diaphragm is an oil pump.”

“Helium is nasal, neon is neutral, and argon is guttural.”

“Bumping your nose trying to push something through before its time. ‘Nose, nose, leader of the race, tries to get ahead of the face.'”

“A sneeze is a burp that gets stuck in the nose.”

“A sneeze is a manifestation of the Upward Air.”

“God is the sneeze, Christ is the yawn, the Devil is the fart, and the Joker is the hiccough.”

“You always sneeze at the truth.”

“Eve is the eyes and nose. Adam is the forehead, butting your head against the wall.”

“Adam is reason, the inductive nature of yourself, the rational damming up of forces to use flow. It can become combustible. Eve is emotion and combustion.”

“The epileptic point is under the nose. It can also be used for autism.”

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  1. October 26, 2017 @ 10:15 am Atom

    The world’s largest producer of fish oils boasts, “Omega-3s from Menhaden Oil Can Save Billions in Healthcare Costs.”

    There’s a better way — Fill all the world’s industrial incinerators with all the world’s fish oil supplements, then we really can save billions in healthcare costs.

    Government guidelines advise eating fish only 2–3 times a week so we don’t get overburdened with mercury and other toxins.

    What if this warning is a sham? What if it’s for a more underhanded reason?

    What if it’s to keep human Yellow Fat Disease at a subclinical, “idiopathic” level so mega-corporations can keep banking billions of dollars selling us fish oil supplements and fish products that are dangerous to our health?

    What if many diseases of “unknown cause” really do have a cause — known only to certain corporate and government insiders?

    What if fish isn’t the ideal food we’re told it is?

    What if fish oil — just-made or completely rancid — is a poison for most of us?

    Can cod liver oil kill your dog? Your cat? Your horse? Your chickens?

    Can cod liver oil kill a human being?–e-books.php


  2. November 3, 2017 @ 4:43 am Matt

    What do you think ‘glassy eyes’ mean?!


    • November 4, 2017 @ 8:31 pm Atom

      It can mean various things, including shock, hypoglycemia, pink eye, lack of blinking, etc.


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