The formation of your TOOTH ENAMEL follows a 7-day (circaseptan) rhythm.

The neonatal line in enamel is an exception to the rule – it will only follow a 7-day rhythm if BIRTH TRAUMA is resolved.

Wilson lines in enamel also “break stride,” caused by such stressors as infection, disease, malnutrition, and severe emotional trauma.

The 7-day rhythm “can even be seen in fossil hominids (Bromage and Dean 1985) indicating that there was already a biological week long before there was a social week,” according to The Autonomic Nervous System, Volume 79, Part 1, of the Handbook of Clinical Neurology, 1999.

Swami Nitty-Gritty (Adano Ley) said, “The chronotherapist works with acute time and chronic time. He encounters sequential behavior in a relative existence of a unified field.”

He defined “acute time” as any time within the first 7 days following a trauma or injury, whereas “chronic time” begins 7 days AFTER the trauma or injury.

Emanuel Revici, M.D., referred to “acute time” as the time for the “intervention” of “hydrolytic enzymes.”

He discovered that this “digestive defense mechanism,” or “enzyme phase,” occurs NO LATER than 3-and-a-half days.

Dr. Revici referred to “chronic time” as the time of “lipidic intervention.”

This “lipidic phase” occurs in the first 6 to 9 days, with 7 days as the OPTIMUM DEFENSE RESPONSE.

The fast reacting person is vulnerable to death if this defense mechanism occurs faster than 6 days, and the slow reactor is vulnerable to the same if the defense reaction occurs after 9 days.

Dr. Revici went on to discover a third defense mechanism that occurs in about 28 days, which he called a “lipido-proteic antigenic” defense mechanism, or “coagulated antibody phase.”

Transplant surgeons are familiar with both the 7-day and 28-day rhythms as time periods when the body is most likely to reject a donor organ.

Dr. Revici also found a fourth and final defense mechanism that occurs in about 6 months, which he called a “proteic antigenic” and “protective” rhythm.

4 circaseptan cycles total 28 days, known to biological advocates as the “sensitivity” or “emotional” rhythm.

As a special or occasional therapy, Swami Nitty-Gritty suggested eating RED-pigmented foods on Monday, ORANGE foods on Tuesday, YELLOW foods on Wednesday, GREEN foods on Thursday, BLUE foods on Friday, INDIGO, PURPLE, VIOLET, and BLACK foods on Saturday, and WHITE foods on Sunday.

Coordinating the color to the day of the week boosts the 7-day lipid immune response by calibrating the biological circaseptan rhythm to the “social” circaseptan rhythm.

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    Can we schedule an in person consultation if you are still doing these? I am very ill and at a loss with doctors helping me 6/2 110lbs. I feel like whatever deep seeded emotional or belief system that manifested in my present state I am no longer attached to yet the body is slow to coming around. I have no need to blame or be angry at myself anymore and any thought that is not yummy is no longer part of my agenda. I would love to come see you and see if you can assist whatever part of the body is resisting to wakeup and trigger accelerate the healing process. Please reply to or or call.

    I live close to ojai and would love to come asap if possible.

    Thank you infinitely….



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