Here’s Swami Nitty-Gritty (Adano Ley) on Diamond Body Lifestyles …

“The Diamond Man is the resurrected man, just as Christ was resurrected. Christ knew how to turn energy back into matter. We can turn matter into energy simply by digestion of food, and scientists can duplicate this by releasing atomic energy from physical matter. However, we cannot as yet turn energy back into matter – akin to putting the atomic explosion back in the bomb, or vomiting a sandwich up whole. But resurrection, turning energy back into matter, means just that.”

“We are atomic energy that is immortal and won’t quit.”

“If you’re ‘absolved in Christ,’ you rot. If you’re ‘made in Christ,’ you don’t rot.”

“Conscious immortality is to ‘live and die daily in the Lord.'”

“The ‘Superior Man’ of the I Ching refers to the Diamond Body.”

“There’s only one opportunity that is greater than being born in a human body on Earth – sticking around in a human body forever. My DNAs and RNAs are set up to give me butterflyhood. Instead of Living to Die, I prefer Living to Live, and I can only LIVE NOW.”

“EAT to live in order NOT TO EAT. This is the principle of initiation or baptism. It is an encapsulation of time in order to satisfy an urgency in the mechanism. But man does not live by bread alone, by indirect input of 144 minerals via a mouth process, but directly through the Mouth of God [medulla oblongata], where sperm and ovum bonded through an electromagnetic process. Male or female is how to accentuate the commitment. Interlocking waves of sonics are constantly maintaining it:immortality, nondecomposition. What you say, live it. Otherwise you gotta do it a second time.”

“The body is living dust – 144 elements. We’re only as old as we think. The secret of health and life and ever-newness is ‘I am so many revolutions around the sun’ – momentum. It may not work if the child is fed incorrectly. It may work if the child is fed correctly.”

“The terminal sound of ‘age’ breaks the cells down. ‘Revolution’ indicates ‘momentum’ indicates ‘vibrancy’ indicates ‘life’ indicates ‘self-rejuvenation.'”

“The reason we grow old is because we see other people aging and dying.”

“Above all things, get understanding – the ability to function in the now as happening. I don’t have years – I have REVOLUTIONS because I’m happening. How can happening age?”

“‘I’ generates the sense of ever-beingness – continuity. In that ever-beingness lies the Fountain of Youth, which is acceptance.”

“This is an ATOM-sphere, not an atmosphere. Your will to live holds the atoms together. Your will to die demagnetizes the atoms. It’s the kinetic action of your muscle to your voice – kinesiology. Death is in your mouth. Life is in your mouth.”

“Synchronous timing is nonbreakdown moment-to-moment living.”

“Have you ever seen a rotten butterfly? Butterflies don’t rot. The butterfly is the actualness of man. Immortality is a conscious allergenic reaction through identification with the timing.”

“I am physically immortal here and now. I am eating my way to Butterflyhood. I am a winner in time all the time. I make enough money to pay my bills ahead of time with some to spare and some to share. I obtain prosperity through service in motion. I am always looking forward to a better model. I live the life of the exception to the rule. The positive polarity is ‘I am a winner.’ The negative polarity is to pay your bills ahead of time with some to spare and some to share. The neutral polarity is physical immortality here and now – no Ifs or Buts or a Maybe. Let’s live it.”

“The caterpillar eats its way through life, and spins its own suspended animation state – a cocoon. After 72 hours, out comes a butterfly, Kent Clark to Superman. God is locked up in our cells as accelerator.”

“How many have seen a rotten butterfly? They don’t rot. But you’ve seen a rotten caterpillar. They do rot. I’ve stomped on many of them to prove it. You see, nondecomposition of the butterfly is the nondecomposition mentioned in the scriptures. It’s resurrection, mentioned in the scriptures. It’s called metamorphosis. This is not a new rule. It’s not a new religious idea. It is one of the evidences of the Creator already shut up in the soul [soil] for man to demonstrate to himself the true perfection of what is intended for man. Man is an IMMORTAL BEING as long as he reaches back to where consciousness is acting on consciousness. When he gets back to that point then he becomes an immortal being. It is in death that we find the highest manifestation.”

“We came here to realize our CELLS, not our selves. The butterfly and the caterpillar is the reminder.”

“The caterpillar spins a cocoon as a self-imposed shroud. After 72 hours, the caterpillar emerges totally transformed.”

“The opportunity for permanency is offered as a reward for cleaning up. Angels are the other nonpermanent forms – glass, made of silicon, is
long lasting but fragile. The other forms have longevity but are not permanent. It’s easy to become a MOTH, but very difficult to become a BUTTERFLY.”

“Our body is a nondecomposing mechanism. This cellular mechanism is designed for total freedom. When you get on to more specific applications, religion becomes a science of living. To believe and not to know can lead to superstition. To believe and know can lead to wisdom. To know and do is freedom.”

“The regulatory control of the retention and dissipation of carbon dioxide is for the physical immortality of the cells.”

“The art of surviving is spiritual kung fu, gaining immunity by being put through the paces. The immortality of the cell is the continuance of the utmost war.”

“There is no such thing as nonexistence. There is no way to get rid of the 144 elements. The actual fact of your enlightenment is that you are immortal.”

“The actual fact of your enlightenment is that you are immortal. The true purpose of your life is cellular transformation. You are 144 elements in a state of SELF-IGNITION – your atoms are lit up in the confinement of the tissue membrane. See the phosphorescence come through your skin directly in proportion to how long you sat and watched the phosphorescence.”

“Oxygen is consciousness. Hydrogen is craving for geometry. Nitrogen holds the geometry together. Carbon dioxide creates the Diamond Body.”

“Resurrection is instant immortality.”

“Gold is positive, frankincense is negative, and myrrh is neutral. Gold represents the scorpion becoming a lobster – transformation. Frankincense represents smell – death. Myrrh regulates carbon dioxide – it represents resurrection.”

“Cosmic consciousness loves to produce movies in order to grant Oscars to merit the Cosmic Spacesuit. Resurrection is the Oscar. Ascension is the Oscar awards. You’re now a star. Man ascends to his highest merit.”

“The body is increasing in size and age. Meditation seems frivolous compared to this. […] Aging comes from thinking that you have a soul. Thinking sets the degenerative action. You don’t HAVE a soul. You ARE soul. If the immortal soul is taken care of by a mortal body, I think you got a lousy deal.”

“Your highest self is self-acceptance. Which is more important to you? Staying alive to appreciate the God in you or eating to die to look for the God outside of you?”

“Hell is where matter is HELD in its manifestation. You descend down to ‘held’ with your mouth, and if you stay there, you rot. Or you can create the Diamond Body. Diamond is a type of carbon that passes light. A diamond will cut through everything. Only in the carbon-based body do you achieve the final realization with God, its highest integrity of nondecomposition in the human body. Christ, Krishna, and crystal are related. Work through a carbon-based body to its ultimate quality. The hardest challenge is the carbon-based body.”

“The Crystal Skull is the Diamond Body. The skull is a cavity resonator to the medulla oblongata.”

“Omega waves give us mastery over death.” [Alpha, beta, theta, or delta brain waves don’t give us mastery over death.]

“If you were a God, would you sit down and wait for a dead person? The creative principle is a God of the living, not of the dead.”

“My God is a God of the living, not of the dead. When you live, you got God the Devil chasing you up the nose.”

“Man can be chronologically 100 and biologically 25, or chronologically 25 and biologically 100. God is the youngest person there is, and he became us.”

“We are the Society of Regenerative People. When we retire, we get new tires.”

“The intrinsic experience of youthfulness is physical immortality, Living to Live. ‘My God is a God of the living, not of the dead.’ When you live you got God chasing you up the nose. The ‘last enemy’ is whatever you eat lacking vitamin D. Air has vitamin D.”

“144,000 are to be saved, according to the Bible. There are 72,000 polarized nerves in the body. ‘Saved’ means liberated from decomposition.”

“You see, breathfree is not an accomplishment to God because he’s already in a breathfree state himself. So he needs to make a what? A manifestation. The moment he’s going to make a manifestation, he’s got to give it breath to live. So he doesn’t enjoy breathfree organisms. He’ll enjoy breathing organisms, and he’ll enjoy breathless organisms more. There’s a big difference between breathless and breathfree. Breathfree, you didn’t make it. If you breathe and you master breathless, you’re hanging around for quite a long time.”

“Breathfree is put into the ground. Breathless we live until Midnight Eternity.”

“Man is a breatharian organism, but he has to work through the oral processes.”

“At 3 score and 10, you quit eating with your mouth and start living with your nose. Elderly people don’t eat much, but they’re going there by illness, not by commitment.”

“3 score and 10 is the end of the eating cycle and the beginning of the breathing cycle – you become a breatharian. Then comes the optic cycle, then sonics, then induction osmosis.”

“Survival is the basic process which you call health. You can’t OWN health. Nobody hurts you but yourself. That’s Living to Die. What you say to your cells makes all the difference in staying alive or being dead.”

“You know, Living to Die offers no future. So you might as well start shifting gears, and start Living to Live.”

“Above all, my dear brothers and sisters, don’t practice suicide.”




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  1. August 28, 2011 @ 9:05 am chefandre24

    Best one yet!
    What did Adano mean by score 3 and 10?


    • August 29, 2011 @ 3:21 am atomb

      Thanks, Andre! :)

      Read my next blog entry – A Survivalist Smells the Air – for the answer.

      I’ll probably be in the Dallas[Fort Worth Metroplex in October.

      Ever New Highways!


  2. August 29, 2011 @ 3:35 pm atomb

    Paramahansa Yogananda (The Divine Romance, 1986) wrote …

    “Once in India a very old yogi came to the cremation grounds. Upon a funeral pyre was a young man’s body, ready to be cremated. The old man cried out, ‘Stop! I need that body.’ And even as he said it, the young man’s form, enlivened by the spirit of the yogi, jumped up from the pyre and the saint’s old body fell dead. Wearing his new physical habitat, the yogi ran off and soon disappeared in the crowd. The astonished mourners cremated his old body.”


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