The Yin & Yang Of Water




By Atom Bergstrom

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Over-hydration is excess alkalinity.

Under-hydration is excess acidity.


It takes one hour to alkalize by drinking liquids.

It takes three days to acidify by avoiding liquids.


What if you drink acidic liquids?

You get the same results (maybe a fraction less alkaline).


Diluted urine is rich in ammonia.

Concentrated urine is rich in uric acid.


Fish are ammonioselic.

Birds are uricoselic.

Mammals are in-between.


Acidity correlates with GELATION, an anabolic condition.

Liquid is converted to gel.

Alkalinity correlates with SOLATION, a catabolic condition.

Gel is converted to liquid.

In between is the Fourth State of Water.


How can you tell if water is in its Fourth Stage?

You can’t drink it. You have to eat it.

A head of lettuce is comprised of 96 percent water, but I never saw anyone drink lettuce.

Ditto a cucumber, also comprised of 96 percent water.

Ditto a radish, comprised of 95 percent water.

That crunching sound comes courtesy of the Fourth Stage of Water.


People don’t drink babies either.

The body water can reach as high as 93 percent of the body weight of a newborn baby.

Tomatoes are slightly wetter — 93.5 percent.

The average newborn baby is 75 percent water.

Some obese people are as little as 15 percent by weight.


Under-hydration coils DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid).

Over-hydration uncoils DNA.

DNA’s double helix is always surrounded by water molecules.

When this water sheath swells, the hydrogen bonds stop varying in bond strength.


“The fish is the last one to know it lives in water.”

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