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Brandon Amalani

Brandon Amalani

Chinese Medicine advocate, founder and owner of Shen Blossom Herbs


Brandon has sourced a unique System called Blushield out of New Zealand that is performing amazing well in neutralizing  EMF’s.  He’ll introduce us to this technology.

We will also chat about some cool new and existing products offered by Brandon and Shen Blossom Herbs.

It has been my dream to create a small scale line of therapeutic grade extracts that are crafted using traditional techniques in small batches. It is important to me to have a relationship with the plants, taking the time to allow them to go through several layers of transformation, making them bio-available and absorbable  in a gentle way as to preserve their living quality and make them whole and full spectrum once more.

Everything we produce at Shen Blossom, from the premium grade fermented alcohol to the hand selected herbs, are sourced with their healing properties and energetic qualities in mind. They are prepared in a way that honors the herbs and their natural vibrancy.


Show highlights:

-Tai chi practice of standing meditation – standing there on one leg doing nothing.  Learning to keep the structure under immense pressure.  Finding root, creating a still point.

-Mind, body, relaxation opens up the channels, relieves stress.

-Acupuncture and Chinese herbalism retrain patterns of the body to work in a different way.

-The rise in electromagnetic fields is a recent phenomenon.  Produces stress in the short term, disruptive at the cellular level.  Unknown long term effects on the population.

Shen Blossom Rice Sprouts Powder is made by fermenting heirloom rice.  Process makes B vitamins bioavailable.  Nutrient dense product.

Unique Shen Blossom Tooth Care System.

-Pulsed Schumann resonance devices stop working after a short time.  Only send a limited range of frequencies and the body will eventually block out.

-Blushield is a pure scalar device using light that shields at the cellular level.  Communicates with the energy body.  Omnidirectional.  Cleans imprints from the cells by using photon fields.  Uses Fibonacci sequence to generate random frequencies.

-Proven success at poultry farm facilities.  Also positive changes seen in live blood analysis, urine analysis.  See Testing at the Blushield website.

   -3 Blushield products available.  The largest field is produced by the Cube, which creates a 90 meter field.  All devices send a 3 second pulse every 30 seconds.  Wipes the RF imprint out.  Devices don’t wear out.

-Incorporate Blushield into a total program of EMF minimization.

-Global customers can email Brandon via Contact Us at the website.

-The device has a favorable effect on pets.

-Use coupon code ONERADIO for 10% off the Blushield device, available here.


Brandon Amalani on unique EMF Protection device and Shen Blossom Products, August 15, 2017

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  1. August 17, 2017 @ 12:24 pm Suzy

    Very informative show. I’m considering buying one or more of these devices. How is yours going, Patrick, and which one is it, the Tesla cube or the Ultra?
    I’m also wondering how these devices compare with Ken Rhola’s Rest Shield Pyramid device, which I have had in my bedroom for a couple of years. I believe it emits a continuous wave, vs. Brandon’s pulsed wave technology. Perhaps you could ask Ken what he thinks next time he is on.


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