Jack and Margy Flynn

Authors of Bypass the Banks

Everything is contrived through what the banks want.  All the same pack of wolves.

Authors of Bypass the Banks book.  Available worldwide.  Go around that big obstacle course.  Take some control back by using our Constitution.

The courts don’t recognize the Constitution.  Can we become more free people without going through the courts?

Article 6 of Constitution asserts the supremacy of the Constitution in establishing laws.

Initiate action by writing a constitutional affidavit against a government official. 

Use principal to principal to structure a deal for transactions like selling/buying a home.

Borrowing from the bank is a ticket to slavery.  We used to barter instead of dealing with an institution.

They’re liars and cheats and you have to pin them down.  Private banks are the head of the snake.  Communism has infiltrated everything.  We need to wake up to all the tyrannical things happening to us and attack the fraud.

Those that create money with a computer are behind all the wars and military actions.

What have the people done to stop the banks?  They don’t know what is going on.  But we can win against the system, as the Flynn’s have done.

They wrote and spread an affidavit against the jab.  2 airlines withdrew mandatory vax requirement 2 weeks later.

Listener asks for advice on how to purchase a family home in a trust.

Flynn’s method works when there is equity in the transaction on both sides.  Shares examples of how to make a house sale/purchase without involving banks.  Book gives solutions in more depth. 

Send an email to takebackourrights@yahoo.com to find their methods for fighting property tax.

Government doesn’t have legitimate authority to act if it violates the constitution.  Officials are on their own if they violate the constitution.

Gov. DeSantis is on solid ground in dismissing a Florida state attorney.

Good people that go into government usually don’t stay because they can’t stand the corruption.

Alex Jones may be in on the current court deal.  It’s theater.  Raid on Mar-a-Lago was theater.

Do the globalists want to destroy us?  Our system is communist and has been for some time.  Every communist country has followed the same plan being orchestrated now in this country.  Taking down a country from the inside. 

If you knew the election was a total sham, would you ever leave the White House?  Trump didn’t use his authority to declare the election as fraudulent.  Be wary of those we declare to be gods.

If the entire society does nothing, we are screwed.  Fortunately some are us are fighting to win.  The only way is via the Constitution through economic power.  Emphasize the power of the Constitution.

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